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Our oil bottle sizes come in 12ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, and 500ml but they are also available in 1 litre and 5 litre bottles and larger bulk packs to ensure you do not run out of supply. Plus, you save more!


N-Essentials takes pride in supplying wholesale skincare, aromatherapy, haircare and eco-household raw materials that are suited to sustain your daily beauty needs.

Our raw skincare ingredients are sourced from all over the world in bulk for cost-savings and down-packed for our customers. These include wholesale oils (such as absolute oils and carrier oils), fragrance oils, plant oils, cosmetic powders, and cosmetic butters that can either be used as is or combined with other ingredients to produce and manufacture an end-use product. 


Your Premium Wholesaler of Natural Essential Oils & Skincare Products

N-Essentials stands as a leader in the market of natural wellness in Australia. The purity, quality and standard of our products set the benchmark among wholesaler retailers of natural essential oils and skincare products. Rooted in the belief that nature holds the key to beauty, N-Essentials harnesses the powers of essential oils,  carrier oils and natural ingredients. We offer an extensive range of products that cater to every aspect of your natural skincare and hair care needs.

We Offer Competitive Pricing for All Our Raw Ingredients

N-Essentials distinguishes itself within the natural products market by offering competitive pricing for all its raw ingredients, catering to a broad spectrum of customers. From hobbyists and small-scale producers to large businesses requiring wholesale quantities. Our pricing strategy showcases our commitment to making sure that natural products are accessible to everyone. By sourcing the finest raw materials globally, we ensure we provide our customers with only the best products to lead a more natural lifestyle.

Natural Soap and Bodycare Products Available

N-Essentials’ range of soap and body care products is unparalleled. We commit to sourcing only the highest-quality products, whether raw skincare ingredients for new creations or essential and carrier oils that can elevate your existing skincare routines. For those looking to opt for a more natural path to skincare, you’re in the right place!

DIY Collections

N-Essentials' DIY collections represent a path to creativity and natural living. We offer an extensive range of natural products, meticulously curated for enthusiasts of bath bombs, soap making, candle making, hair care supplies, home cleaning, perfume making, and much more. These collections are more than just supplies; they are an invitation to explore, experiment, and embrace the art of crafting personalised products. And our range of Australian-made essential oils brings the natural essence of our country to your home. Whether you are creating masterpieces for your own skin and hair care routines, setting up a DIY business or just creating gifts for loved ones, the DIY collections have something for everyone! 

Recipes and Blogs

Beyond just supplying products, N-Essentials is dedicated to educating our customers. Our website has a treasure trove of information, offering insights into the benefits and best uses of all our products. We believe in empowering all individuals to make informed choices about the ingredients in their skincare, hair care and household maintenance routines. 

Why Choose N-Essentials?

Choosing to buy from N-Essentials means working with a homegrown Australian brand that prioritises the quality and accessibility of natural products. 

Our extensive selection, from premium-quality natural oils to handcrafted soaps and DIY supplies, caters to a wide range of needs. We provide for DIY enthusiasts of every skill level, making sure anyone who wants to lead a chemical-free life has access to the right ingredients. And our wholesale and smaller-quantity prices make our products accessible to individuals and businesses of all sizes. 

The N-Essentials team goes above and beyond to provide you with advice, ensuring our customers find exactly what they need for their journey. Add to this, the wealth of information and resources that our blogs offer helps us in creating a community of natural product enthusiasts. Contact our team for more information. 

Shop wholesale with N-Essentials

Looking to buy natural oils and raw ingredients in bulk? N-Essentials is your go-to source for high-quality wholesale essential oils in Australia. Our extensive range of natural skin products, organic oils and aromatherapy supplies are perfect for businesses and enthusiasts alike. 

Explore our product offerings and take advantage of our competitive pricing. Shop wholesale with N-Essentials today and experience the difference in quality and service.


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