Online Store


 Our online store showcases natural raw ingredients at wholesale prices that can empower you to create your own skincare and personal care products for the hair, face and body as well as many uses in household applications. Feel free to browse at your leisure. Our goods are ready to be dispatched soon after you place an order online.

If you are placing an order for the first time in this online store, please read the following pages before proceeding:

1. Terms and Conditions
2. Terms of Purchase
3. How To Order
4. Shipping Information
5. FAQs
6. Instructions to Whitelist Our Email Address

Note the following:

1. We currently do not have a showroom for customer browsing
2. We generally accept orders placed in our online store and do not take orders over the phone
3. We make to order and as such, do not have any pre-packaged goods, or samples, that can be bought off the shelf
4. Products MUST be pre-ordered before they can be picked up
5. If you’d like to pick up pre-ordered goods, please wait to receive an email from us advising when goods are ready for collection
6. Our website is able to calculate shipping costs for both domestic and international orders



Last updated: 27 August 2020