About Us



In recent times, there have been increasing numbers of people who are more conscious of the environment and of what they put on their skin and hair as well as the substances that they are exposed to in their surroundings. Increasingly, people are looking for natural alternatives in beauty and household products.

Ever since 2012, N-essentials has been providing solutions for the skincare and personal care needs of consumers as well as SMEs in the industry. When you as a consumer make your own end-use products, you have the benefit of knowing exactly what ingredients are contained in the product and how the product was made.

We source our products from all over the world in bulk for cost-savings and downpack for our customers. Our raw materials range from essential oils, plant oils, cosmetic butters, cosmetic powders that can be used as is or blended together with other ingredients to produce an end-use product.


Our key value proposition is to source and supply quality raw ingredients that meet the needs of consumers and businesses in the niche industry segments of natural skincare, aromatherapy and eco-household. With competitive pricing, our offerings are transparent and fit for purpose.




Our operations are in a purpose-built warehouse in Keysborough Melbourne Australia. Check out our warehouse team at work in our Melbourne warehouse on a typical day in the video below.



With our natural raw ingredients, we empower you to create your own skincare, personal care and many household products. You’re only limited by your imagination!

We offer a good variety of multiple products in the one store to help you save time and shipping costs.

Our proven track record from the many positive product reviews and external reviews online speak volumes about the quality products and service that we offer.

We’re passionate about what we do and the types of products that we offer. We don’t offer products that we wouldn’t use ourselves!


Last Updated: 1 October 2019