Natural Laundry Care Products

Embark on a journey towards a greener and more personalised laundry routine with N-Essentials' DIY laundry care and supplies. Gone are the days when the scent and efficacy of your laundry products were dictated by off-the-shelf brands. With our specially curated range, you now have the power to blend, mix, and create your own laundry solutions that are not only effective but also echo your ethos. 

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Whether you're driven by the desire to use chemical-free products, looking to reduce environmental impact, or simply wish to indulge in the satisfaction of making your own formulations, our collection has everything you need. Dive into the world of DIY and discover the transformative magic of personalising your laundry care routine, ensuring every wash reflects your choices and values.

Make Homemade Laundry Powders & Detergents

The magic of DIY lies in crafting tailored solutions suited to you, and laundry care is no exception. With a few core ingredients, your laundry room can transform into a laboratory of eco-friendly innovation.

Borax Powder provides more than just a cleanse; it's a boost to the brightness of your whites and a warrior against those stubborn stains. Partner it with Washing Soda (Soda Ash) - a known dirt-lifter and water softener, and you've got yourself a dynamic duo ready to tackle the toughest laundry challenges.

For those who appreciate the beauty of nature and its gentle touch, Soapnuts are a revelation. These all-natural wonders, when activated in warm water, deliver a mild yet effective cleansing action. Their gentle nature makes them suitable for even delicate fabrics.

Fuller’s Earth Clay Powder might sound like it belongs in a beauty routine, but in the realm of laundry, it's a secret weapon against oil-based stains, helping fabrics retain their pristine appearance.

And when the wash is done, don't just dry your clothes—pamper them. Wool Dryer Balls reduce drying time and help your clothes feel softer, minus the chemicals, offering a natural touch to your drying cycle.

Crafting your own powders and detergents is not just about clean clothes; it's about clean living, reducing environmental footprints, and taking charge of what touches your skin and fabrics.

Shop quality ingredients from N-Essentials

Step into a world where quality meets conscience. At N-Essentials, our curated range of laundry care ingredients is more than just products; they're a commitment—a commitment to the environment, to quality, and most importantly, to you.

Every item, from our Borax Powder to the sustainable Wool Dryer Balls, is chosen with care and foresight. We understand that making your own laundry solutions requires trust in the ingredients, trust in the process, and trust in the results. And we're here to support you every step of the way.

Why rely on generic store-bought solutions when you can craft bespoke detergents and powders tailored to you? With N-Essentials, you're not just buying ingredients; you're investing in a greener, personalised, and more conscious laundry experience.

For detailed insights into each product, their uses, and the myriad ways they can elevate your DIY laundry game, explore our range. If you have any questions, you can contact us here. Ready to make the switch and embrace the DIY spirit? Shop with N-Essentials today and revolutionise your laundry routine.

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Laundry care is important for your clothes to look good and last long. Moreover, you will receive extensive benefits when you add the right products to your laundry essentials.

  • Borax powder:This laundry care product serves as a pre-treating solution and a buffering agent. These characteristics help remove acidic stains, make white clothes brighter, soften hard water, neutralise musty odour, clear soap residues, and disinfect clothes. Borax powder is a great natural alternative to include in your laundry essentials.
  • Soapnuts: The beautiful thing about this laundry care supply is that it is all-natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe for pets! Soaking soapnuts in hot water activates their washing potential. Based on their rough appearances, you might think these nuts are tough on fabric. However, soapnuts are very gentle on clothes, even on delicate clothing! They are a great addition to your laundry essentials as they are hypoallergenic and safe for people with skin sensitivities. Aside from laundry care, there are other uses of soapnuts like cleaning tarnished metal and repelling insects.
  • Washing soda: Washing soda removes tough stains from clothes. It is a component of most laundry essentials like detergent powder, single pod formulations, and liquids. This laundry care product, mixed in commercial detergent formulations, also acts as a water softener. Furthermore, washing soda has powerful cleaning abilities that can remove dirt on range tops, burner pans, ovens, pots, toilets, smelly trashcans, and a lot more. With all things considered, this makes washing soda the perfect addition to your laundry essentials!
  • Wool dryer balls: There are plenty of reasons why you need to add wool dryer balls into your laundry essentials. You will receive advantages such as drying clothes faster, saving more money and energy, eliminating static build-up, and softening fabric naturally. This laundry care product also prevents many wrinkles from staying on clothes, and it produces less noise in the dryer. The best part, wool dryer balls are natural and free from chemicals.

Precaution: Just like any other laundry care supplies, always store these away from the reach of children. Never inhale nor take it orally.


Here are ways in using the following laundry essentials:

  • Borax powder: For laundry stripping, fill the tub or any big container with hot water. Then mix your laundry care products such as laundry soap, borax, and washing soda (adjust the amount based on your tub or container size). Stir to dissolve everything, and place your laundry into the mixture. Let it sit for a few hours, around 4-5, depending on the dirtiness and quantity of the laundry. After letting it sit, you can rinse it using your washing machine. Avoid laundry stripping delicate clothes.
  • Soapnuts: Placing 4 to 6 soapnuts in a muslin drawstring bag is the simplest way to use them. The bag is not a strict part of your laundry essentials, and many people toss soapnuts in with their clothing at the start of the wash cycle. However, it is better to use a bag to keep the soapnuts confined and prevent any small pieces from ruining your clothes. Add them to your laundry care supply and see their magic.
  • Washing soda: Add approximately ½ cup of this laundry care product to your washing machine or high efficiency washer alongside your preferred laundry detergent. Place in your clothes and let the washer do its job. Washing soda helps remove tough stains and softens hard water.
  • Wool dryer balls: If you want your clothes to dry faster, throw six wool dryer balls on top of your wet clothes inside the dryer. Turn the machine on and wait for your clothes to dry. Buy wool dryer balls now and let them complete your laundry care regimen.

Precaution: Always wear rubber gloves and goggles in handling borax and washing soda.


Aside from skincare and aromatherapy applications, N-Essentials also stocks eco-household materials that can be used for your laundry care needs. We believe that by using eco-friendly products, we can help preserve and clean our environment. Our Borax Powder and Soda Ash/Powder provides powerful benefits to your washing and cleaning needs.

Borax powder or Borax decahydrate, is known for its incredible cleansing properties. It can be used as a simple yet effective detergent and can even be used in making homemade soaps. Soda ash, similarly, can also be used as a simple detergent powder as it helps to lift dirt, hard-to-remove grease, and stains from your laundry. Buy from us now and start enhancing your laundry essentials.


Our laundry materials are naturally-sourced ingredients that give users alternatives for their laundry requirements.  N-Essentials is your ultimate provider of natural ingredients to be used in eco-household, aromatherapy, and cosmetic/skincare applications. We supply premium quality products across Australia and around the world. Just click through to each product and read its description for further information about their benefits. From there, you can also check what pricing and packaging options are available for your laundry essentials.