Natural Skincare

The movement towards DIY natural skincare is more than just a trend; it's a conscious choice to embrace authenticity in self-care. Crafting your own homemade skincare products empowers you to know exactly what goes into your products, ensuring transparency and alignment with your skin goals and personal care values. 

By utilising high-quality, natural ingredients, you can create personalised products that resonate with your skincare needs. Whether you're a DIY novice or a seasoned creator, our selection of ingredients offers a gateway to explore, experiment, and enjoy the art of homemade skincare.

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Create Your Own Skincare Products at Home

Creating DIY skincare products at home is an exciting journey that lets you blend technicality with creativity. It's about harnessing the natural properties of ingredients and customising them to your goals. Here's a look at some of the essentials you can use:

Organic Unrefined Shea Butter

Our Organic Unrefined Shea Butter is a luxurious emollient that adds richness to creams and balms.

Sweet Almond Oil & Jojoba Oil 

Both Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil are excellent base carrier oils that provide the base for many skincare and haircare products.

Natural Vitamin E Oil

Natural Vitamin E Oil is a rich addition to serums and lotions. Just a few drops can elevate your skincare routine. 

Activated Charcoal

No longer a skincare secret, Activated Charcoal is renowned for its role in deep cleansing masks and exfoliators.

Bentonite Clay Powder

Bentonite Clay Powder is a versatile clay used in various skin treatments.

With these ingredients and more, the possibilities for homemade skincare creations are vast. Whether it's a face mask that wraps up your nighttime skincare routine or rich body butter, the art of DIY skincare offers a satisfying way to bring the spa experience into your home.

Top Quality Ingredients for Your Skin

Of course, quality is key when it comes to creating your own skincare products. Our selection of top-grade ingredients is carefully curated to ensure that your DIY skincare creations are not only indulgent but also kind to your skin. Here are some highlights:

Witch Hazel Extract

Known for its toning properties, Witch Hazel Extract is a staple in DIY toners and astringents.

Rosehip Oil

Rosehip Oil is a lovely addition to serums and moisturisers as it helps the skin appear soft and subtle. 

Avocado & Grapeseed Oils

Light and easy to use, Avocado and Grapeseed Oils are ideal for daily skincare routines.

Mango Butter & Kaolin White Clay Powder

For those looking to craft face masks or body balms, look no further than Mango Butter and Kaolin White Clay Powder

Arrowroot Powder

Arrowroot Powder is very useful, acting as a natural thickener for creams and lotions.

Each ingredient, along with every other featured in our range at N-Essentials, embodies the spirit of natural DIY skincare and offers many options for crafting your own skin routine.

By embarking on this DIY adventure, you're choosing a path of exploration, creativity, and connection with the very essence of nature. As a wholesale supplier and distributor specialising in oils and natural materials, N-Essentials brings together a diverse collection of raw ingredients tailored to your DIY skincare needs.

Please note that all products are intended for external application only and should not be ingested.

Explore our range today, and let the journey of homemade beauty unfold. For further questions or information, contact us today.

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