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Buy Avocado Oil for Hair, Skin and Face Online in Australia

  • Botanical Name: Persea Gratissima
  • Colour: Green
  • Method of extraction: Cold pressed from the fruit and seed of the avocado

Avocado oil has a mild vegetable smell and is dark green in colour. Extracted from the avocado fruit pulp, the oil has a thick texture and is rich in fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

Uses of Avocado Oil:

With its ability to deeply penetrate the skin, there are incredible benefits of avocado oil for skin. Avocado carrier oil is widely used in products for dry and sensitive skin. Rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E, Avocado Oil is a versatile base for a range of products including soap, hair products, baby products and much more. Personalising this product to suit your needs is easy and it makes a beneficial addition with its light weight and ability to sink into your skin. This rich oil leaves your skin looking soft and supple promoting a radiant glowing complexion. Pure Avocado oil makes the perfect remedy for making dry, dull-looking skin radiant and hydrated during the day and night.

Carrier Oils such as avocado are used to aid the absorption of essential oils into the body. Avocado is a popular carrier oil for aromatherapy and massage products. Apply the mixture to your skin after cleansing in the morning or night and your skin will fully benefit from the essential ingredients. It will be able to sink in faster to clean, fresh skin. Light-weight enough to sleep in, it will absorb fast and won’t clog pores while you sleep. Rub on your legs for a beautiful radiant glow, or simply to combat dryer skin types.

This easy-to-use, hydrating oil set at a low price so all can use is widely beneficial for all skin types. Buy it online today to enjoy these benefits!

Buy Avocado Oil online:

If you wish to buy Avocado Oil in Australia, N-Essentials is your one-stop destination. We bring to you a broad range of pure, natural and organic cosmetic and skin care products. Whether you are looking for avocado oil for hair or any other raw ingredient, we have the purest in store for you. If you wish to know more, you can get in touch with us. You can also email us at Buy online today for delivery within Australia or worldwide.

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11 Reviews

  • 5
    Avocado oil

    Published by Elizabeth on 17th Apr 2020

    Beautiful oil. Wonderful texture. Absorbs well.

  • 5
    Kay T

    Published by Kay T on 12th Sep 2018

    Great quality oils for our face and hair care products.

  • 5
    Kay T

    Published by Kay T on 12th Sep 2018

    We love using N-essentials to purchase all our home made products, and Avocado oils is no different. Great quality.

  • 5

    Published by Jess on 29th Dec 2017

    Received this oil during your promo for free when I purchased other oils, but funny.. this is my favourite. I use it at night before bed and it is so moisturising, however doesn't make my skin extra oily (I have particularly oily skin). I was so surprised at how light it was.

  • 5
    Jennifer Eaton

    Published by Jennifer Eaton on 21st Aug 2017

    Beautiful oil that cleared up my sunburn fast! I'm a red-head so that doesn't happen easily :)

  • 5

    Published by Rose on 12th Aug 2017

    Great for moisturizing skin! A little goes a long way. I like this for my face and hands. It's a very light oil with a nice feel. It doesn't feel slimy or greasy. Avocado oil is comprised of a variety of fats which can absorb into the membranes of epidermal cells, and there is evidence to suggest that this integration is beneficial to the skin.

  • 5
    Leah Cooke

    Published by Leah Cooke on 11th Aug 2017

    I love this product, I've been using with my rollerball essential oil face serums and added benefit to my body butters. Its not overly oily and has a lovely texture.

  • 5
    Janet Spoel

    Published by Janet Spoel on 1st Aug 2017

    I love using Avocado Oil as one of the base oils for my soaps. N-Essential's base carrier oils are pure and very reliable to use on handmade soaps.

  • 5
    Rita Curmi

    Published by Rita Curmi on 22nd Jun 2017

    this oil is so smooth use on my body after shower and it levers it so soft to touch not oily either good price and post was super fast too

  • 5

    Published by Zoe on 5th Mar 2017

    This oil is just amazing. Out of the other oils I've used (olive, jojoba, sweet almond, coconut, argan) this oil seems to absorb into the skin the best and makes my skin feel soft and supple. It is suitable to put on your face and neck. I use it all over, right after showering - it's the best.

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