Wheatgerm Oil - Pure Natural Base Carrier Oil

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If you are looking for an oil that is truly distinct and will transform your everyday, meet wheat germ oil. This unique oil is packed with a whole range of benefits that suit everything ranging all the way from beauty regimens to arts and crafts.

N-Essentials stocks high-quality wheat germ oil that is versatile and great for many different purposes. Whether you’re wanting to integrate the rich benefits of this carrier oil into your skincare routine, diffuse it throughout your home or use it as a massage oil, you can rest assured knowing that you’re receiving the best.

Keep reading to learn more about the many uses and benefits of wheat germ oil, and get your hands on your very own bottle today.

What is Wheat Germ Oil?

Wheat germ oil, scientifically known as Triticum vulgare, is a rich carrier oil that is extracted from the kernels of wheat grains through the cold pressing method. The golden germs of the wheat plant are fully packed with natural goodness, which makes the oil such a wonder. 

Furthermore, for its physical properties, wheat germ oil has a thick and sticky consistency that is light orangey yellow. Its scent is characterised by a very pleasant, faint, cereal-like aroma composed of dried herbs, grains and a weak hint of pepper

What Are the Benefits of Wheat Germ Oil?

Finding a way to add wheat germ oil into your daily routine in one form or another has a vast range of benefits, ranging from cosmetic to even crafts. Some of these benefits include:

Wheat Germ Oil For Skin

Wheat germ oil can give you the appearance of minimised fine lines and wrinkles due to its abundance of vitamin E and antioxidants. You can integrate this carrier oil into your everyday skincare routine by adding a teaspoon to your cleanser or moisturiser. Alternatively, you can apply a few drops of wheat germ oil and rub it into your skin on top of your moisturiser if you’d rather not mix them together.

Wheat Germ Oil For Hair

Using wheat germ oil as part of a hair care routine can give the appearance of stronger, shinier, and more manageable hair.

You can apply wheat germ oil straight to your mid-lengths to ends of your hair, or mix it into your shampoo and conditioner. Either way, you will reap the benefits!

Wheat Germ Oil For Creating

One of the primary advantages of using wheat germ oil as a carrier oil in soap making and candle making is that it has a very mild, neutral scent. This makes it an ideal choice for adding other fragrances and essential oils to your products without overpowering or competing with their scents.

Wheat Germ Oil For Massage 

Wheat germ oil can also be used as a massage oil. The natural goodness of wheatgerm oil towards the skin is highly advantageous when applied for massages. Once the oil is absorbed by the skin through a massage, it can give the appearance of moisturised, glowing skin. For an enhanced and synergised twist, mix 5% wheat germ oil with other carrier oils and essential oils. Wheat germ oil is quite a thick oil, so it is best to add it with other, thinner carrier oils to get a nice feel on the skin. It sometimes can be used as a substitute for vitamin E oil, due to its high vitamin E content, where vitamin E is not readily available.

How to Apply Wheat Germ Oil on Face & Skin

Wheat germ oil is very versatile, there’s no right or wrong way to apply it to your skin. We recommend mixing it in with your current skincare products for easy incorporation into your morning and night routines. You can also use it as the final step in your nighttime skincare routine, applying a few drops to your face after using moisturiser.

Always do a patch test before applying to your entire face. Apply a small amount of product to a patch of skin and wait 24 hours before applying to the rest of your face or body.

Can I Use Wheat Germ Oil in My Essential Oil Blends?

Yes! Wheat germ oil is a carrier oil, meaning it can be used in conjunction with essential oils and other carrier oils. Essential oils are extremely concentrated and need to be diluted using carrier oils, as they can cause irritation if applied to the skin directly.

Other Oils to Blend Wheat Germ Oil With

If you’re looking to blend your wheat germ oil with other oils in your daily routine, use this list as a guide. Other oils you can use include:

CAUTION: For external use only. Do not use wheat germ oil if you have a wheat allergy.

At N-Essentials, we stock quality wheat germ oil in various sizes so you can get the perfect bottle to suit your needs. Shop the range today, or contact us if you need any assistance.

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3 Reviews

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    Wheatgerm oil

    Published by Winnie Wong on 26th Jan 2022

    Love the wheatgerm oil which I ordered a few weeks ago. Have been using it to moisturise my body and hands after having shower. It has been keeping my skin soft and moist for all day long! No wonder the wheatgerm oil is ranking one of the best products for moisturing skin!

  • 5

    Published by Susan on 25th Apr 2018

    A natural and very real scent to the oil and a texture that is superb for very dry and chaffed skin. It is very easy to smooth over the skin and glides on well but you can also feel the adherence. Excellent to use on a makeup pad to wipe away and clean skin when you need to retain moisture. A definite must for me in my oils cupboard.

  • 5

    Published by Tuppence on 23rd Feb 2017

    Has amazing properties. I am sensitive to synthetic chemicals and I use wheatgerm oil for personal purposes as I am unable to tolerate any other formulas. It is very good for chafing under the breasts which most women get and will help broken skin as well. I couldn't live without this wonderful oil.

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