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Grapeseed Oil - Pure Natural Base Carrier Oil

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Renowned for its range of popular cosmetic benefits, grapeseed oil is a beloved component of many people’s beauty regimens. From its ability to create a deeply moisturised look to its lightweight feel, grapeseed oil is the best addition to any skin and hair routine – and for good reason!

N-Essentials stocks high-quality, pure grapeseed oil that will naturally elevate your skincare and hair routine in an eco-friendly way. Read on to learn more about grapeseed oil and the natural cosmetic benefits it can provide for you!

Buy Grapeseed Oil For Skin, Hair And Face Online In Australia

Botanical name: Vitis vinifera

Colour: Light green

Method of extraction: Refined, cold-pressed and hexane free

What is Grapeseed Oil?

Grapeseed oil is exactly what it sounds like! Once grapes are grown and pressed to make wine, oil is extracted from the tiny, leftover grapeseeds. This happens through a cold pressing method that retains all of the fruit seed’s beneficial properties, such as omega fatty acids. So, while grapeseed oil is initially cultivated for its role in wine-making, one can’t devalue its many uses in skincare!

Benefits of Grapeseed Oil for Hair

Grapeseed oil offers the hair benefits that everyone is after: silky, smooth locks. To use grapeseed oil in your hair effectively, massage it into your roots and hair and allow it to be absorbed for a softer, fuller look. After an hour, wash it out with your regular shampoo.

To get the most out of grapeseed oil in hair care, consider combining it with an aromatic essential oil. A few drops of lavender or rosemary essential oil make lovely additions to grapeseed oil in hair care, adding a fragrant touch to the subtle oil.

Benefits of Grapeseed Oil for Skin

As a carrier oil, grapeseed oil can be used directly on the skin and does not need to be mixed with an essential oil. Considered one of the lightest oils used in skincare, grapeseed carrier oil contains natural properties that make it a popular choice among those who want to improve the appearance of their skin. It holds many antioxidants that provide plentiful cosmetic benefits, such as: 


  • Making the skin appear more soft and subtle
  • Helping to reduce signs of ageing
  • Reducing the appearance of redness caused by acne
  • Improving the appearance of skin tightness

Additionally, grapeseed oil is great for all skin types, including those with oily or sensitive skin. Grapeseed oil can also act as a surprisingly effective cleanser. Use it to cleanse the skin after a long day, or remove makeup by massaging it onto the face and rinsing it off with warm water. The soft texture of the oil improves the appearance of dehydrated, tired skin. It’s also often added to lotions and hand creams, creating great moisturisers. 

While grapeseed oil is known to have wonderful benefits for the appearance and feel of skin, it is always advised to patch test prior to use. Never ingest any of these oils.

How to Use Grapeseed Oil for Massage

Grapeseed oil is versatile and offers many skin benefits that extend beyond the face. It’s favoured for use in massages, as it can be used as a lightweight lubricant.

Additionally, grapeseed oil has a subtle smell that isn’t too overpowering during a massage. Since it is a carrier oil, other essential oils that require dilution before use can be added to it. This creates a lovely scent during massages, further setting the mood.

Essential Oil Blends to Make With Grapeseed Oil

Since many essential oils need to be diluted prior to use, grapeseed oil makes for a great vessel as a carrier oil. Because of grapeseed oil's nearly odourless scent and lightweight feel, essential oils like lemon and sweet orange make lovely duos with the skincare favourite. 

As a provider of only pure and natural oils, N-Essentials is your go-to place for high-quality grapeseed oil. We offer wholesale quantities for all of our products, with size options ranging from 15ml to bulk sizes, and Australia-wide service and delivery. For more information on N-Essential’s natural grapeseed oil, get in touch with our team!

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