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Browse through the expansive list of essential oils that Australia loves at N-Essentials. Sourced from within Australia and overseas, our range of essential oils is perfect for your home skin and hair care routines. They can also make for great gifts. Our DIY enthusiasts can buy essential oils in bulk quantities for their products and gifts. 

Whether you’re looking to add something to your skincare and hair care routine, or looking to elevate your massage experience, or looking for new scents for your home or office diffuser, let essential oils guide the way!

Our Essential Oils Are 100% Natural

In a time where it is hard to find products that are all-natural, N-Essentials focuses on curating a range that can help you move towards a chemical-free home. Using natural products like essential oils means that you know exactly which ingredients are going into your home, whether it’s for skin and hair care or for home maintenance and cleanliness. 

Elevate the environment of your home or office by using natural essential oils in your diffusers. Find that scent you can use to create a bespoke blend such as Australian tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil and sandalwood oil, to name a few. 


Thanks to the numerous benefits and pleasant fragrances, these natural oils have various applications. They are appreciated and widely used in diffusers, skin care, and hair care routines, among others. They can also be incorporated in a massage blend, added to soap and candle making, and used along with household cleaning products. 

But something to keep in mind with essential oils is that while they are diverse and have many uses, they are quite potent. They are not meant to be ingested and are meant for topical application only. Due to their potent nature, it is important to use essential oils after diluting them with carrier oils. Carrier oils make them safe to use on your skin and hair.  


The century-old tradition of using these oils for skincare routines has a lasting impact for a good reason. Today, skin care enthusiasts have the liberty to choose from the hundreds of oils available. 

For instance, those who want to improve the appearance of dry skin can use German chamomile and Sandalwood oil. Similarly, those who struggle with oily skin can use clary sage, rosemary, geranium and neroli oil along with their cleansing and moisturising products. We also have all-rounders like rose geranium, carrot seed, myrrh and frankincense oil.


These highly concentrated oils also prove to be sought after for diffusers, whether it is at home or in workplaces. Using a diffuser is the most effective way to unleash the scents of the oil into the air. Another easy way if you don’t have a diffuser is to drip a few drops into a bowl of steaming hot water. Some popular oils used in diffusers are bergamot, lemongrass and ylang ylang oil.

Wholesale Australian Made Essential Oils For Cleaning

Commercial household cleaners can contain chemicals that are harmful to our family and home. We want to remove the dirt and bacteria lying around the house, but we do not want these products to slime the area if they are disadvantageous to our household. Eco essential oils are your safe, natural, non-toxic alternative to tidying up your home. Despite what others think, they are inexpensive and, more importantly, a sustainable approach. Some of the best cleansing oils are lemon oil, peppermint oil, pine oil, sweet orange oil and thyme oil. Ingredients to make up wholesale essential oil kits are available here at N-essentials.

The Best Essential Oils for Soap-Making

In addition to the above uses, these natural oils can be blended in soaps for their stunning scents. Essential oils have natural floral and herbaceous aromas in high concentrations as they are plant-based products. They need to be carefully dealt with when added to soaps to avoid skin irritations. When used with caution, they are more beneficial than you can imagine. At N-Essentials, we have a great range of essential oils you can utilise in soap making as well!

Other Uses For Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used for a variety of purposes. Many people use them to freshen up items like washing or add a pleasant smell to their homes with diffusers. They're also utilised in DIY cosmetics and other home products because of the lovely aromas they have. 

Not to mention that essential oils can be a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to man-made mosquito repellents like DEET. It’s an option that’s often suggested if you don’t have other repellants on hand, or would prefer some nicer-smelling alternatives. They can also be used in your gardening supplies! 

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FAQs About Essential Oil 2024

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts obtained through distillation or mechanical pressing. These oils capture the plant's scent. Each essential oil has a unique composition of compounds, giving it characteristic fragrances and properties. Common sources include herbs, flowers, and tree parts like bark, roots, leaves, and peels. Due to their concentrated nature, essential oils are potent and embody the essence of their source plants, offering various aromatic benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Essential Oils?

The benefits of essential oils are diverse and can include skin care, hair care, massage oil blends and foot care. Some essential oils are used in air diffusers to freshen up a space. Others find their way into natural household cleaning products and personal care items.

Are Essential Oils Safe?

Essential oils are generally safe when used properly, but they can cause side effects, especially if used incorrectly. Due to their potency, they should be diluted with carrier before application to the skin to avoid irritation or allergic reactions. Ingestion of essential oils can be harmful and you should never ingest any essential oils. They are for topical use only. Before using an essential oil in your skincare or hair care routine, make sure you do a patch test.

How Can I Use Essential Oils?

Essential oils can be used in various ways, including in diffusers, diluted in carrier oils for massage or topical application, and added to baths or skin care products. When diffusing oils, it's important to use them in well-ventilated areas. For topical applications, essential oils should be mixed with a carrier oil to dilute their strength and prevent skin irritation. It's crucial to follow safety guidelines and recommended dilution ratios to ensure safe and effective use.

Why Buy Australia Oils From N-Essentials?

N-essentials is an Australian-registered company that offers the best natural essential oils online. Our pure essential oils (some of which are also organic) have been sourced locally from suppliers accredited by the Australian Certified Organics Association. They have been tested to a grade that assures the highest quality standards. Most of our shop essential oils were steam-distilled while a few are solvent-extracted. We also sell natural commercial grades of these aromatic oils that are manufacturer's blends. They are free from synthetic materials and offer a wide range of benefits for skincare routines.

Where To Buy Bulk Essential Oil At Wholesale Prices Near Me?

You can buy essential oils right here at N-Essentials. We sell at wholesale prices so you can buy as many essential oil packs as you need. Here’s how: Click through each product in our online store to get more information about its properties and see what different bottle options are available. Bottle options range from 15ml to bulk-buy packs, and all items are priced at wholesale AUD prices. We provide shipping within Australia and all over the world. The purchasing experience online is smooth and straightforward. Shop our range of first-rate oils now and place an order online today! Do you also have a dynamic online presence with a decent following? If you are interested in commission rates whilst being an influencer in the natural skin care industry, we can offer you the N-essentials Affiliate Program!