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  • Botanical name: Boswellia Serrata
  • Plant part: Resin
  • Status: 100% pure essential oil

Note: This is a Class 3 Flammable Liquid and is not applicable for international orders. It will be sent via domestic road freight within and across Australia.


Frankincense essential oil is extracted through steam distillation from the resinous sap of the frankincense tree. Characterised by having a fruity, spicy, and woody aroma, this essential oil has a thin consistency and is light yellow in colour.

Frankincense essential oil can be mostly found in dry areas including South Africa, Oman, India, and Yemen. The use of this essential oil can be traced back to ancient times where people coined it as the “liquid gold” for its valuable uses. It is no surprise, however, that many people still use frankincense essential oil in a multitude of applications.

It has been constantly reviewed that frankincense essential oil offers a wide range of benefits – from skincare and bodycare to massages and household applications. It can be used to create soaps, shower gels, facial wash, candles, and many others. With its refreshing aroma, the oil can be used in diffusers. Its many uses make it the true “King of Essential Oils”. When you buy frankincense oil in Australia, you will be showered with numerous beauty benefits!

The Uses of Frankincense Oil

Buy Frankincense Oil in Australia for Skin Benefits

Renowned for its many potential skin-enhancing properties, frankincense essential oil adds to your skincare routine. It can be used on all skin types. 


Containing properties similar to a facial toner, frankincense essential oil is great for improving the skin’s overall look. Simply add a couple of drops of frankincense oil to your regular toner and enjoy using it on a daily basis. 

Addition to Bath Bombs

Add a few drops to a warm bath or to your bath bomb recipe for a soothing, aromatic experience that can also help cleanse the skin.

Addition to Moisturisers 

You can add a few drops of frankincense oil to your daily moisturiser. Apart from adding a pleasant aroma, this essential oil can also help improve the appearance of redness associated with acne. 

Buy Frankincense Oil in Australia for Hair Benefits

In hair care, frankincense essential oil can be used alongside myrrh essential oil to improve the appearance of hair and restore its beauty. Mix about 5 drops of frankincense and myrrh essential oils with about 20 drops of coconut oil and apply this blend to your hair 30 minutes before your shampoo. Then, rinse it out with your regular shampoo. It’ll help add a bit of shine to your hair and remove any loose flakes. 

How is Frankincense Oil Extracted?

Frankincense essential oil is extracted through a meticulous steam distillation process from the resinous sap of the Frankincense tree. 

The process has to be careful, and begins by making incisions into the tree's bark, allowing the sap to ooze out and harden into resin tears. These resin tears are then collected and placed in a distillation apparatus. Steam passes through the resin, causing the volatile compounds to vaporise. The vapour then travels through a cooling system to condense back into liquid form, which is collected. The essential oil is then separated from the water, yielding pure Frankincense essential oil that has a range of uses.

Other Uses For Frankincense Oil

Aside from skin and hair benefits, frankincense oil can be used as an emulsifier with other essential and carrier oils to add a unique aroma for things such as: 

  • Massage oils
  • Diffusing and aroma scents 
  • DIY Products such as candles, perfumes and scented soaps

There is a range of benefits to frankincense oil that make it such a versatile essential oil. Make sure to pick yours up today.


  • Aromatherapy
  • Diffuser blend
  • Blended massage oil
  • Evening bath blend
  • Air spray
  • Natural surface cleaner
  • Face moisturiser
  • Shampoo


You can also include other essential oils and blend them together when buying frankincense oil in Australia. Here are some of the many oils you can select:

CAUTION: Frankincense essential oil may be non-toxic and non-irritant, but should not be taken internally.


N-essentials is Australia’s friendly supplier and distributor of skincare and personal care products that are suited for many purposes. We are your one-stop online shop that takes you to an extensive selection of pure, natural cosmetic raw ingredients.

Visit our online store today and browse through an extensive selection of essential oils. You can easily click through on each item to learn more about its benefits and properties, compare prices and bottle sizes, and place an order. Buy frankincense oil in Australia now!

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Frankincense Essential Oil FAQs

Can I Apply Frankincense Oil Directly On My Skin?

Yes, you can. But make sure you dilute it with a carrier oil. 

As with all essential oils, make sure you dilute them with a suitable carrier oil to make them safe for use. Essential oils are quite potent and should not be applied to the skin directly. Frankincense essential oil from N-Essentials is only meant for topical use. It should not be ingested.

Consult a medical professional if you are unsure about frankincense oil or if you’re using it while pregnant. 

To be absolutely sure, you can conduct a patch test with frankincense oil. Dilute a few drops in a carrier oil of your choice and apply a small amount to the inside of your elbow. Wait 24 hours. If there is no irritation, redness, or swelling, you can safely use frankincense oil in topical products.

How Can I Use Frankincense Oil On My Hair? 

The best way to use frankincense oil for your hair is for untangling. Simply mix a few drops with a carrier oil like coconut oil or jojoba oil

Apply to damp hair, focusing on tangled areas, to smooth and ease with gentle combing.

How to Use Frankincense Oil On Your Face?

Dilute a few drops of frankincense oil with a carrier oil from our range. You can apply this blend directly after a face wash. This will serve as a natural moisturiser. Make sure you use a lightweight carrier oil that suits your skin. 

Or you can choose to add a few drops of frankincense oil to your toner and moisturiser. 

Using Frankincense Oil as a Massage Oil

Frankincense oil can be used as a massage oil when blended with a carrier oil, which promotes viscosity. 

Adding a few drops of frankincense to your massage oil blend can enhance the overall experience by creating a pleasant aroma. 

Which Carrier Oils Go Well with Frankincense Oil? 

Coconut, sweet almond, and grapeseed oils are excellent choices as carrier oils for frankincense. 

Coconut oil is lightweight and great for hair application. Sweet almond oil is gentle and suitable for use on your body as an overall moisturiser. Grapeseed oil is lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin, making it great for facial use. 

Can I Use Frankincense Oil Around My Home?

Frankincense oil can be used in homemade cleaning products as it adds a pleasant aroma. Whether cleaning products at home or around the office, chemical cleaners can have a strong smell that can often make people and pets uncomfortable. Adding a few drops of frankincense oil gives your products a soothing smell. 

Is Frankincense Oil Safe Around Pets and Children? 

Frankincense oil is generally safe around children and pets when used properly and diluted. However, it's important to use it in moderation and avoid direct application on or near pets, especially cats, due to their heightened sensitivity to certain smells. It should never be ingested. Always consult a healthcare professional or veterinarian before using around young children and animals.

Where Can I Buy Frankincense Oil?

If you are eager to experience the many benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil, then N-Essentials has the collection for you.  

Order yours now for collection or fast delivery in Australia, and reach out to us if you wish to know more about our products and services.

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26 Reviews

  • 5

    Published by Riane on 30th Oct 2019

    I purchased this oil to add to some DIY hair and skin care. It has a soothing sweet, woody scent and the oil has also been helpful in reducing stress and clearing thoughts. Just lovely.

  • 5
    MaryAnne Hickmott

    Published by MaryAnne Hickmott on 30th Jun 2018

    Love the products

  • 5

    Published by Jen on 27th Apr 2018

    Lovely oil, great for your skin.

  • 5
    Em Lynch

    Published by Em Lynch on 1st Mar 2018

    Great quality oil! I blend this with my other N-Essential oils to create a soothing blend to help with anxiety.

  • 5
    Allison Lambert

    Published by Allison Lambert on 19th Feb 2018

    I'm a learner adding to my collection for my office oil defuser. Really happy with oil, and love learning from all the reviews what I can use it for. Sounds amazing!

  • 5
    Bee-utiful Balms

    Published by Bee-utiful Balms on 13th Feb 2018

    Excellent quality oil for great price.

  • 5
    Rachael Lacy

    Published by Rachael Lacy on 9th Feb 2018

    One of my favourite oils.... great price and quality! I always make sure i have this and so glad I found this website! This works great with Lavendar. I use it to soothe tired muscles

  • 5
    Arthur Mc Nally

    Published by Arthur Mc Nally on 8th Feb 2018

    I just love this oil,it helps with my breathing when burning in my vaporiser ,it's also provide relieve for my knees now I can get a goodnights sleep. It has many more uses but that's the 2 I use it for . I highly recommend this oil and at great price to with fast delivery ;)

  • 5

    Published by Ann on 3rd Feb 2018

    Wonderful product at a wonderful price. It works extremely well when used together with lavender to ease tension and anxiety.

  • 5

    Published by Suzy on 1st Feb 2018

    Excellent quality oil, brilliant price, I use frankincense for all my homemade facial creams. It is gorgeous mixed with lavender.

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