Natural Gardening Supplies

Gardening can be a fulfilling pastime, especially if you’ve got a green thumb. But sometimes, it's difficult to know how chemicals like store-bought pesticides can affect your plants. It's even harder to find gardening supplies that are environmentally friendly, as many contain toxic substances that can do more harm to your garden than good. 

That's why at N-Essentials, we empower you to make your own natural garden supplies with our range of high-quality, raw ingredients. These are ingredients that can be mixed with other gardening supplies. This makes for a more environmentally friendly way to keep your garden pristine. 

Everyone deserves to have a beautiful garden. Now, with our range of garden supplies, you can make your own pest repellents that don’t harm your plants, veggies or flowers.

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Different plants will react differently to eco-friendly garden supplies. Your best bet is to consult a gardening or botanical expert at a local gardening centre to really put your best foot forward. 

Shop our full range of gardening supplies now to make your garden look its best. 

What Are Gardening Supplies Used For?

Keeping your garden vibrant takes a lot of hard work, and that's where having your own eco-friendly garden supplies made from essential oils gives you the helping hand you need. 

Here's how it works. 

  1. Put on protective gloves before working mixing any of the raw ingredients. 
  2. Mix a few drops of essential oil, like Rosemary essential oil, in water to dilute its potency. 
  3. Spray the mixture on the leaves, stalks, and undersides of your plants. If you are using it on vegetables, only spray the leaves and not the vegetable itself. 
  4. Repeat the process, and change the potency after some trial and error. 

Gardening Supplies You Can Create at Home

Making your own garden supplies gives you the freedom to apply them to different parts of your garden. With the right mixtures of oils, one spray bottle might be all you need! Here are some gardening supplies you can create at home to get you started: 

  1. Pest Deterrent

    • Peppermint Oil: Known to help repel spiders, ants, and even mice. A few drops of this essential oil can be applied to cotton balls and placed around your garden to deter pests. 
    • Cedarwood and Pine Oil: These two essential oils can help deter slugs and snails when sprinkled around the garden.
    • Rosemary and Thyme Oil: Rosemary and thyme essential oils are effective against certain beetles and can also deter cabbage worms.
  2. Insect Repellent Spray

    • Tea Tree Oil: Mix a few drops with water in a spray bottle and mist over plants to protect them from mildew and other fungal issues.
    • Clove Bud Oil: Effective against fungi and can be used to treat black spots that appear on plant leaves. 
  3. Beneficial Insect Attraction Spray

    • Lavender Oil: While this oil can repel certain unwanted pests, it can also attract beneficial insects that will pollinate your flowers, such as ladybugs and bees.

Gardening is about looking after nature, so using ingredients that are naturally sourced helps protect mother earth. Make your own eco-friendly gardening supplies with our collection at N-Essentials! 

For any other information, don’t hesitate to contact us and chat with our friendly customer service team. 

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