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  • Botanical name: Mentha Piperita
  • Plant part: Flowering herb
  • Status: 100% pure essential oil


Peppermint, or Mentha Piperita, is a perennial herb that thrives near streams or in rainy, moist areas. It is a naturally occurring combination of Spearmint and Water Mint. It is distinguished by its conical flowers and serrated leaves that vary in colour from light pink to mauve. The plant is native to the Middle East and Europe, but it is now widely grown and distributed throughout the world. The peppermint essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the plant which goes through a steam distillation process.


Peppermint oil is famous for its refreshing, invigorating scent. But did you know that it also has a number of benefits for your skin, hair, and general well-being? Here are just a few of the ways peppermint oil can improve your life. Along with an invigorating effect on your skin, peppermint oil can clean and nourish your hair. 

Peppermint oil is also a popular oil for aromatherapy. Its fresh yet sharp aroma can change the vibe of any room and can be a refreshing addition to your home. Along with this, you can add a few drops of peppermint oil to the liquid you use to mop your floors. Your home will have a minty fresh scent throughout the day. So next time you reach for peppermint oil, remember all the ways it can benefit your well-being and home!


Peppermint oil essential has a plethora of benefits and can be applied in various applications. The organic compound menthol is present in peppermint essential oil which gives its distinct flavour and smell. When it is applied to the skin, peppermint oil has a mild cooling and soothing feeling. It is also a natural antimicrobial and antibacterial cleanser. Therefore, it tightens the skin and purifies it by removing dirt.


Using peppermint essential oil does wonders for your hair! It is capable of volumising,, nourishing and cleaning the hair. Plus, it provides a lovely aroma if you are into sweet, minty and fresh scents. Peppermint oil is ideal for people with oily hair as it cleanses and revitalises the tresses. Peppermint essential oil also balances oil production on your scalp.


With its minty aroma, peppermint oil can also be used as a room freshener or a diffuser. Other uses of peppermint essential oil include the following:


Peppermint oil has a refreshing, invigorating scent that can help change the mood of a room. It can inspire feelings of relaxation and invigoration. When used in aromatherapy, peppermint oil can help to refresh and rejuvenate the space around you, which may have a positive effect on you. As a result, peppermint oil is an essential ingredient in many aromatherapy blends. Whether you're feeling fatigued or stressed out, add a few drops of peppermint oil to your diffuser and sink into a refreshing and rejuvenating scent.


Peppermint oil has a fresh, clean, invigorating scent that is refreshing and uplifting. It is also known to be cooling and soothing when applied topically, making it a great choice for use in lotions. Whether used for its refreshing scent or its beneficial properties, peppermint oil is sure to add an extra element of enjoyment to any lotion or cream. 

Natural Insect Repellent

Peppermint oil is a popular insect repellant for a number of reasons. Its refreshing scent is pleasant for people, but it deters many common insects, including mosquitoes, flies, and ants. In addition, peppermint oil is a natural, non-toxic substance that is safe to use around children and pets. It is also relatively inexpensive and easy to find. When used properly, peppermint oil can be an effective way to keep insects away from your home.

Shampoos and Soaps

Peppermint essential oil has several benefits that you can tap into when you add it to your shampoos and soaps. When you use it in a shampoo, it can clean, hydrate, nourish, and give the hair more volume. Additionally, if you want a sweet, minty and fresh aroma, it has a great fragrance. Since peppermint oil purifies and revitalises the hair, it is perfect for people with oily hair since it balances oil production on your scalp.

When used in soaps, you can harness the fragrances and properties of peppermint essential oil. The chemical component menthol, which gives peppermint essential oil its distinctive flavour and fragrance, is present in it. Peppermint oil produces a light relaxing and cooling sensation when it is applied to the skin. It also functions as a natural disinfectant and has antibacterial properties. As a result, it can tone the skin and clean it by removing impurities.


Peppermint essential oil blends well with Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, and Spearmint Essential Oil.

Other ingredients to blend with peppermint oil:


Peppermint oil is a popular essential oil that has a wide range of uses. Its refreshing scent and cooling sensation make it a popular choice for many people. However, peppermint oil can also be toxic if used in large amounts. Peppermint oil contains menthol, which can be poisonous if ingested in large quantities. You should not drink peppermint essential oil since it is only for external use. The peppermint oil is often confused with edible peppermint plant leaves. Make sure you understand the distinction.

Inhaling peppermint oil directly can also be harmful, as it can irritate the lungs and cause difficulty breathing. It has a much higher potency and concentration level than most other steam extracted essential oils. For these reasons, it is important to use dilute peppermint oil or use it in a diffuser. It's best to dilute it with a carrier oil like or sweet almond oil. 

How to dilute peppermint oil?

We recommend diluting peppermint oil in a 1:4 ratio with a carrier oil. If you want to dilute it in water for a diffuser or for cleaning the house, we recommend adding a few drops of peppermint oil into 500ml of water. This should be enough to give off a fresh aroma. 

Use peppermint oil with caution and only in small amounts. When used safely, peppermint oil can be a valuable addition to your health and beauty routine.


Here, at N-essentials Australia, you can make bulk peppermint essential oil orders online with ease. It comes in a variety of bottle sizes, from 30ml bottles to larger bulk-purchase packs. You may simply choose the bottle size and number of bottles you need, then press "Update price." Then, to validate your pick, click "Add to Cart."

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24 Reviews

  • 5
    Really refreshing

    Published by Sepi N on 7th Feb 2023

    I use this in clay face masks, cooling scalp treatments and on skin (both in carrier oils) and it is so refreshing and cooling. Really great quality oil.

  • 4
    The best

    Published by Ovie okagbare on 6th May 2020

    This peppermint oil is the best I've purchased so far. The smell provides a calming environment, helps me sleep better and it helps with itchy scalp.

  • 5

    Published by James on 8th Feb 2020

    Purchased this as a cheaper alternative to a pharmacy bought oil. Im very impressed with both the quality and price. Will be buying again when I run out.

  • 5
    So fresh

    Published by Jacqueline Thomas on 15th Oct 2019

    I bought this to add to my homemade toothpaste and now every time I open my 'potions' cupboard the aroma wafts out and makes me take a big deep delicious breath that enlivens my mind and brings me back to the moment.

  • 5
    Nice and strong peppery minty....

    Published by Jane on 13th Oct 2019

    I bought a 250ml bottle of this oil which I use frequently when making body wash. It sure has a kick and the zing is just the thing wake you up in the morning. I’ve tried changing my body wash recipes but my husband always asks for peppermint..

  • 5

    Published by Jack. on 23rd May 2018

    What a difference it makes to have REAL essential oil!!! Unbeknownst to me prior to discovering N-Essentials, I had been buying and using what is clearly fake essentials oils online. Be careful!! Many disreputable companies will just put a fragrance into a non-essential oil, but I now know there is a HUGE difference! The kicker? N-Essential is actually cheaper too. Wish I'd found them sooner!

  • 5
    Mari Sakamaki

    Published by Mari Sakamaki on 5th Mar 2018

    I purchased a 100ml bottle. The fragrance of this oil is so relaxing. I take this to work and use a diffuser at my desk, especially in summer time it helps me to cool down and clear my head. I also mix with other oils to make my own blend and share with my family. Love it.

  • 5
    Sharon Chandler

    Published by Sharon Chandler on 25th Feb 2018

    Love the frangrance of this peppermint essential oil added to some castle and water in a spray bottle using as a bench cleaner for kitchen smell fresh and clean

  • 5

    Published by Yuen on 23rd Feb 2018

    I purchased a 30ml bottle of peppermint amongst other things, absolutely gorgeous, and half the price of retail. I used the oils to make bath bomb and room spray! Very fresh. I highly recommend switching to bulk buying from N-essential. Staff were helpful and website was easy to use. Definitely a repeat customer when my supply finishes!

  • 5
    Rachael Lacy

    Published by Rachael Lacy on 9th Feb 2018

    LOVE Peppermint! I made a blend up for when I have migraines and absolutely love it. Have now made more up for friends and family. Such a great smell. Works great with Lavendar in my diffuser. Can smell it all through my house. LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!!

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