Coconut Oil (Fractionated)

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  • Botanical Name: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, palm-derived from sustainable sources
  • Method of Extraction: Fractionated

At N-essentials, we’re passionate about helping you discover the secret of healthier looking and feeling skin. Which is why we stock one of the best selections of 100% natural essential oils and aromatherapy oils available anywhere online.

What is Fractionated Coconut Oil and how will it benefit me?

Coconut oil can be used for a number of purposes, including hair care products, soaps, lotions and cosmetics, as a carrier oil in aromatherapy and in massage therapy.

Fractionated Coconut Oil is so-called because long-chain triglycerides are extracted from a small fraction of the coconut oil, leaving it with mostly medium-chain triglycerides. This makes it an oil with a heavy saturation level, which is what gives coconut oil its lengthy shelf life and stability.

The heavy concentration of capric and caprylic acids also gives Fractionated Coconut Oil its strong disinfectant and anti-oxidant characteristics.

Why buy Fractionated Coconut Oil from N-essentials?

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the aromatherapy industry means N-essentials is able to source and supply the highest quality products from the most reputable suppliers. We know that anything used on the skin must be as pure as possible, which is why we stock a huge range of natural products.

All of our suppliers conform to criteria set down by international bodies such as The British Pharmacopoeia (B.P.) and International Organisation for Standardisation, and those in Australia are accredited by the Australian Certified Organics Association. This ensures that everything we sell meets the highest possible standards and you receive only the best that nature has to offer.

And at N-essentials, we make buying online a breeze, with our easy-to-use shopping cart and checkout facility and a range of easy payment options including credit card, bank deposit or pickup from our Melbourne warehouse.

Have a question about our products?

If you have a question about our Fractionated Coconut Oil or any of our other items, or if you need to talk to someone about ordering in bulk for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Just give us a call during business hours on 03 9077 7796 or send us an email at and one of our friendly team will get back to you straight away. At N-essentials, we’re here to help, so feel free to contact us any time.

Once you’ve selected the Fractionated Coconut Oil you need, make sure you check out our Carrier Oils section for more of the finest products nature has to offer.

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54 Reviews

  • 5
    So versatile

    Published by Jacqueline Thomas on 15th Oct 2019

    I love love love this product. I used to use organic coconut oil but it would go rock hard in the cooler weather. I use this on my skin and to make my own toothpaste - my oral health has never been better.

  • 5
    Raeleen Semmens

    Published by Raeleen Semmens on 2nd Oct 2018

    I purchase a number of products from N-essentials one of my favourites is Aloe Vera mixed with equal parts fractionated coconut oil makes a great eye serum and also removes that stubborn eye makeup. Both of these products are great quality and value for money.
    I use their essential oils also.
    Love the fact I can order on line with an easy pick up just up the road.
    I highly recommend try N-essentials great products at great prices

  • 5
    Gina Scarcella

    Published by Gina Scarcella on 24th Sep 2018

    I have been purchasing the 5L container and it is excellent! I currently use it for my perfumes, and I love that you can see how much you have left in the container with the clear strip down the side. I've purchased this kind of coconut oil from other suppliers before I discovered N-Essentials, and the quality and price is better and cheaper compared to other suppliers I've used, including the addition of shipping on top.

  • 5
    Kerry Bonney

    Published by Kerry Bonney on 16th Sep 2018

    I purchased the 5 litre fractionated coconut oil to use with essential oils at a folk festival. I was really impressed with the quality of the oil. The clear marker on the side of the bottle was very helpful for judging the amount we were using. Thank you!

  • 5
    Sarah Brydon

    Published by Sarah Brydon on 30th Aug 2018

    Im really loving this oil. Well priced and highly absorbable and moisturising. Mixes well with other oils and holds fragrance well.

  • 5
    Sarah Brydon

    Published by Sarah Brydon on 30th Aug 2018

    Really love this oil. Have been trying to find a non greasy natural oil for my essential oils for moisturizing and healing. Its user friendly and mixes well with other oils too.

  • 5
    Jenny Willis

    Published by Jenny Willis on 24th Aug 2018

    Super quick delivery of this brilliant product!! I use this oil everyday and found this to be great value for money especially for the quality.

  • 5

    Published by Jav on 20th Aug 2018

    The best Coconut Oil I've ever used. Light in texture with absolutely no unpleasant smell which makes it perfect for application all over the body. I mainly use it for hair and face though. Will definitely order again!

  • 5
    Lucy Paplinska

    Published by Lucy Paplinska on 13th Aug 2018

    I've used it on my skin but also as a carrier oil for my own perfume blend and it's just perfect for both and great value

  • 5

    Published by Erica on 25th Jul 2018

    Omg I’m in love with ur FCO I used it as a carrier oils for my Essential oils n lots more

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