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Nothing is more nourishing and comforting than adding a rich butter to your cosmetic formulation for healing dry, thirsty skin. Butters are suitable for creams, lotions, and balms since they are high in natural oils, proteins, and fatty acids.

Butters are sourced from nuts and vegetables to create a creamy, soft substance used in skin care and beauty products to replenish lost moisture in the skin. You can combine them with essential oils and other ingredients for a wide range of applications, known for their excellent moisturising properties. Some of the most common butters available are cocoa and shea butter.

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Butters are natural thickeners that may be used to make cosmetic emulsions and personal care items like skin balms and hair treatments. Butters boost the skin's hydrolipidic coating and increase its suppleness by hydrating, nourishing, healing, and calming it. They also protect the skin from external aggressors and slow down the ageing process.

Making butters for cosmetics has a specific and essential process. To extract the fat, the raw material from which the butter is made — pulp, nuts, seeds, and so on — is first crushed or macerated. In the fatty phase of making an emulsion, they add heated butter. 

Butters can be refined, just like vegetable oils, to increase product preservation and avoid oxidation, leading to rancidity. During the refining process, colour and odours that can affect product uniformity are also removed.


Cosmetic oils and butters provide similar hydration, protection, and nutrition characteristics for the skin. These active formulation elements can also act as natural thickeners, making them perfect for: 

* Emulsions for cosmetics 
* Balms for the skin and hair 
* Masks for hair and skin 

Butter's thick texture gives cosmetic products a smooth and supple feel, and it spreads readily on the skin for total application comfort. Different types of cosmetic butters can provide varied benefits to the skin (e.g., face, neck, lips, body), hair, and nails, depending on the raw materials utilised.


Shea butter has become a popular ingredient in different cosmetic products. From lip balm, body lotion and hand cream, why exactly is this such a must-have ingredient?

Shea butter is actually a fat produced from the shea tree's nuts. It has an off-white or ivory colour and is solid at warm temperatures. Shea trees are native to West Africa, and the majority of shea butter is still produced there. 

For ages, shea butter has been utilised as a cosmetic ingredient. It's a terrific product for smoothing, calming, and conditioning your skin because of its high content of fatty acids and vitamins, as well as its easy-to-spread consistency.


At N-essentials, we have an extensive range of butters to rehydrate and moisturise your skin, including shea butter, cocoa butter, cocoa butter (deodorised), olive butter and mango butter. With all of our butters, most of which are pure and natural, we ensure that you get the very best product at the best price. Available in various sizes, our butters are suitable both for home use and commercial use. 

Check out the different pack sizes within each product listing and their varying prices for our different butter items. Not sure where to buy shea or cocoa butter? Are you looking for something a little more specialised? For the best butter products in Australia, shop online at N-essentials today!