Natural Handmade Soap Bars

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While we specialise in DIY skincare ingredients so that you can make your own at N-essentials, we also have some pre-made products for you to try out at home and perhaps inspire you to create your own eventually as well. One of these available pre-made products are soap bars. 

Soap bars are a great way to get clean, and they can also be a source of moisture for your skin. Our soap bars are made with natural ingredients and essential oils, so they are good for your skin and they smell wonderful too! We have different soap bar varieties available for you to choose from, so that you can explore the different types of soap bars you can purchase and make on your own too!


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Each soap bar  is made with different ingredients and offers different benefits to your skin. For example, our African black soap is a known for its multi-tasking abilities for the skin, and it has a base of shea butter. 

Shea butter is a great ingredient for soap bars because it is a natural moisturiser that helps to keep your skin hydrated. The saponified coconut oil in our soap bars is also great for your skin, and is suitable for most skin types

Soap bars are a great way to get clean and take care of your skin at the same time! Great for cleansing and exfoliating, our soap bars are all natural and fragrance-free so it's great for skin with particular sensitivities too. Shop our range of soap bars today!