Melt and Pour Soap Bases

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Do you enjoy making your own soaps? 

Hand-pouring your own unique bars is a great way to create meaningful gifts for your friends and family. When using soap bases, you want them to be easy to work with and safe to use on the skin. That’s why you should try soap bases from N-Essentials next time you work on your bars. 

Our soap bases come in a variety of options, from crystal honey to smooth goat milk melts. All of them come with superior foaming abilities, making them the perfect choice for your homemade soaps. Explore our range of soap bases now!

What Is Soap Base Made Out of?

To create quality bars of soap, you need high-grade soap bases. The melt and pours from N-Essentials are primarily made with glycerine, water and oil. Depending on the percentages of those three key ingredients paired with the blend of other raw materials, you get varying transparencies.  

How to Choose a Soap Base?

When choosing a melt-and-pour soap base, it’s important to think about what level of transparency you want it to have. When making your soap, you can select a base that’s: 

  • opaque,

  • transparent, or 

  • translucent 

For example, if you’re planning on putting dried botanical flowers in the soaps, you’re better off choosing either a transparent or translucent base for it to look the best. If you want a solid bar of colour, we recommend using the opaque option.  

What Can You Mix in Your Soap Base?

To create a unique collection of soaps, you can customise your bars with these raw ingredients from N-Essentials. 


Set your homemade soaps apart from the rest with a pop of colour. Choose from fluorescent or subtle mica colour shades depending on your customisations and create unique bars for your friends and family.  

Dried Botanicals 

A simple way to elevate your homemade soaps is by adding dried flowers to the melt-and-pour base. Adding a handful of rose petals or lavender to a translucent base can turn a bland bar into a mystical winter-themed soap that’s great for gift-giving!


If you’re planning to sell your soaps, a good idea would be to add preservatives to your bars. Adding a small amount extends its shelf life and prevents wastage. Our high-quality preservatives are available on the website now. Read the instructions carefully before using preservatives and always wear gloves. 

How to Make Melt and Pour Soap Base?

Preparing your custom soap is as easy as pie! You will need the following ingredients: 

Simply follow the steps: 

  • Measure and cut up the soap base 

  • Melt it in a microwave-safe glass 

  • Add your colourant, fragrance oil and the dried chamomile flowers to your mix

  • Pour into your mould for setting

What Shouldn’t Be Added to My Soap Base?

While there are a lot of products you can use to customise your soaps, there are quite a few things you should avoid putting into your melt and pours. 

Fresh Raw Products

Avoid fresh ingredients unless they have been dehydrated, as they will rot or mould. The moisture from the plants or produce may also prevent the soap from setting properly. 

Food Colouring

There are specific pigments and colours that need to be applied to your soaps for the best results. Even though you might have some food colouring around the house, we strongly advise against using it in your soaps as the colour tends to wash away.  

Rancid Oil 

If you’ve had some out-of-date bottles of oil lying around that don’t smell or look quite right, then it’s best to avoid putting it in your melt-and-pour base. Your soap will not foam properly and might not set well during the process. 

Explore the range of melt-and-pour soap bases on the N-Essentials website today! For more information, check out our blog for informative articles and interesting recipes, or contact our team with questions.