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Mica Pearlescent Pigments - Glitter Gold

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Mica Pearlescent Pigments Glitter Gold Pigment to colour soaps and cosmetics

Particle size: 20-120 micron

Composition: mica 76-78%, titanium dioxide 12-16%, iron oxide 8-10%, tin dioxide 0-1%

Form: powder

Colour: glitter gold

Odour: odourless

Solubility: insoluble in water

Melting point: decomposes 

This gold pearlescent, glittering mica pigment primarily consists of mica and titanium dioxide. Micas are deemed as an acknowledged natural pigment that has been extracted. Each mica platelet is layered with approved pigments to derive the tint. The multi-sided tint contributes remarkable glitter and gleam.

It works best in clear products such as clear melt-and-pour soap as the glitter particles need light in order to irradiate. Although micas have a tendency not to clump, still, it inclines to remain unstable in cold process soap.

Moreover, titanium dioxide is a hardening, whitening, and lubricating element essentially added to this pigment to guard the skin. It is added to allow a level of firmness that cannot be sufficed by mica. The end result of the combination of mica and titanium dioxide is a pearlescent mica pigment that is justly sturdy and not clumpy.

This gold pearlescent glittery pigment can be used in body care applications or to improve other qualities in a number of applications. This product is commonly used in cosmetics for it provides a sense of extravagance and elegance.

The 15g option is packed in a clear vial whereas bigger options come packed in reclosable ziplock standup pouches.

Caution: A harmful reaction may occur when used together with a number of metals such as aluminum, magnesium, potassium, zinc, lithium, sodium etc, at high temperatures.

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