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Dry Ingredients

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The perfect raw ingredients to include when formulating cleansing products such as soaps, bath gels, scrubs, masks and body exfoliants. Our selection of dry goods ensures we can offer you a product to suit most skin types and different needs including skin care and natural cleaning.

We carry a range of different dry goods including ingredients that are classified as humectants, exfoliants and cleaning agents. 

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Humectants, which are commonly used as a moisturising agent in cosmetic goods, are excellent at retaining the qualities of your skin care products. They can also assist to reduce the appearance of blemishes and slow down the ageing process of the skin. Citric acid anhydroushyaluronic acid and vegetarian liquid glycerine are some of the greatest humectants.


Exfoliation has become an underappreciated skin care technique in recent years. This is mostly due to our proclivity to utilise popular beauty products such as washing and moisturising without recognising the need for exfoliating.

Simply explained, exfoliation is the process of using an exfoliating instrument to remove dry and/or dead skin cells from the topmost layer of the skin. This can be any granular substances with skin-beneficial properties. Citric acid anhydrous, sodium bicarbonatepumice powderHimalayan pink salt, and Epsom salt are examples of exfoliants. 

Exfoliants are especially good for persons with oily skin since they help to clear pores that have become blocked with dirt and oil. With continued use, your skin may appear younger and smoother.


You can use dry goods such as citric acid anhydrous, pumice powder or zinc oxide powder to create different DIY skin and body care essentials like: 

* Bath bombs – Intended for single use, bath bombs are these spherical blends that add a little zest to a soothing self-care routine. 
* Facial serum – Create your own power serum using Hyaluronic Acid to help moisturise and help keep your skin looking young.
* Body scrubs – We live in an exfoliation nation, and you can make your own body scrubs using pumice powder to help exfoliate dead skin cells and keep your skin smooth and hydrated. 
* Masks – homemade masks are so much fun to make and our dry goods can be used in many different face mask recipes. 
* Body butters/lotions – the same goes for body butters and lotions. Try using citric acid anhydrous in your recipe. Citric acid is known for its skin-clearing and age-defying qualities in addition to its exfoliating properties. This is because it aids in the prevention of skin pollutants while also preserving the skin's natural radiance.

Our online store has raw ingredients that are designed to meet your skincare, aromatherapy, and eco-household demands as a wholesale distributor and supplier of oils and materials. 

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