Natural Cleaning Supplies

Eco-friendly cleaning has become a lifestyle choice that is gaining more and more popularity and with good reason. Many people are looking to be more environmentally conscious and practise sustainable methods of cleaning their homes. 

At N-Essentials, we believe in empowering our customers with the natural ingredients they need to make their own DIY cleaning products. With a range of cleaning supply ingredients that mostly come from plant-extracted oils and powders, you can keep your household spotless without any toxic chemicals.

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What Are Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products?

At N-Essentials, many products we sell are naturally derived from plants – such as our tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils. These essential oils are made to be safe for the environment with non-toxic elements. Just remember that they are for external use only and cannot be ingested. 

Regular household cleaning agents, like bleach, can release harmful fumes in unventilated areas. By using our natural extracts, you can stay safer when cleaning your household. 

How to Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies

Here is our guide on how to use our cleaning products effectively for your home: 

Essential Oils

Dilute the essential oils into warm water for deep cleaning of hard surfaces in your home. This could be for wooden floors, tabletops and kitchen counters. Essential oils are great for cleaning since their strong scents can get rid of bad odours in the house and freshen up your space.

You can use a bucket and mop or a spray bottle. The amount of essential oil you add depends on how much water you tend to use when cleaning. A good rule for spraying is to use about 4-5 drops of essential oil in about 250 ml of water.

When cleaning the house, we recommend adding a few drops of lemon tea tree essential oil or any of your other favourite scents to give your home a pleasant aroma after a deep clean. 

Borax Powder

One of the most versatile cleaning ingredients in our range is Borax powder. You can use it to clean carpets, remove rust, deodorise linen and unblock kitchen drains.

Read our blog on how to use borax powder to clean your home. 

Just remember to take the proper precautions of wearing goggles and gloves when using this powerful cleaning agent. 

Washing Powder

In laundry care, a powder like sodium bicarbonate dissolves in washing machines and can be used as a pre-soaking agent for tough, hard-to-remove grease and stains. Simply add it to your laundry machine or place it in warm water to let dirty clothes or linen soak.  

High-Quality Ingredients from N-Essentials

At N-Essentials, we only use the highest-quality ingredients and raw materials for your household. Our range empowers you to create your own household products. You’re only limited by your imagination. 

We sell wholesale quantities so you can bulk-buy ingredients for your eco-cleaning supplies. This means you can get what you need for a long time and save money in the process. 

For any other information, don’t hesitate to contact us to speak to our helpful customer service team.

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