Fragrance Oil - Lavender Clean

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Appearance: Clear, mobile liquid

Odour: Lavender, fresh

Colour: Colourless to almost colourless

Specific gravity at 20°C: 0.855 to 0.885

Fresh and charming – these are the two words that usually come out of our minds whenever we hear someone using lavender fragrance oil to their products. It is assumed that lavender has the ability to change the ambiance of a room, thus making it the most-used fragrance in hundreds of applications.

Our lavender clean fragrance oil is a blend of synthetic lavender fragrance ingredient and natural pine oil. It is free of phthalate and offers manufacturers who are seeking a fresh, clean, and delightful scent to add to their products an economic alternative to lavender essential oil. Perfect for household cleaning products. To maximise its scent, it is advised to mix it along with fresh top notes and musky base notes such as pine and fir.

Suggested dosage:

  • Lip products of all types – 0%
  • Body sprays, body mist – 12.8%
  • Eye products of all types – 40%
  • Face makeup products including makeup remover – 40%
  • Fragrancing creams, perfume, cologne – 100%
  • Leave-on face and body products – 60%
  • Body creams, oils, lotions of all types – 60%
  • Foot care products – 60%
  • Facial moisturisers, facial creams, and facial toners – 60%
  • Hand cream, hand sanitisers – 60%
  • Nail care products including cuticle creams – 60%
  • Baby oil, baby creams and lotions, baby powders and talc – 20.4%
  • Mouthwash including breath sprays – 0%
  • Rinse-off hair conditioners including hair products with some hand contact – 80%
  • Leave-on hair sprays, leave-on hair conditioners, styling gels – 80%
  • Wet toilet paper, tampons, baby wipes – 20.4%
  • Shampoo of all type, soaps, rinse-off face cleanser, liquid soap – 100%
  • Body wash, shower gels, bath foams, and shaving creams – 100%
  • Hand wash laundry detergent and fabric conditioners – 100%
  • Hand dishwashing detergent and household cleaning products – 100%
  • Air freshener sprays – 100%
  • Dry toilet paper, feminine hygiene pads – 20.4%
  • Scented gloves, socks, dry facial tissues, napkins, wheat bags – 20.4%
  • Candles of all types – 100%

Allergens: Citral, Limonene

Flashpoint: >100°C

Solubility: Not soluble in water

Solvent: Isopropyl Myristate

Scent notes:

  • Top notes: Fresh
  • Middle notes: Fruity, Lavender
  • Base notes: Pine and Fir

N-essentials suggests that when producing huge quantities, small test batches should be done to prevent unwanted complications. Also, discolouration may happen to your products as a result of either being exposed to open air or is still curing. This outcome is entirely natural and is nothing to worry about.

Ingredients for this fragrance oil are not available as its composition is the IP of the manufacturer.

CAUTION: Lavender clean fragrance oil should not be used internally.

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