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Corn starch

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Buy Corn Starch Online

Status: 100% natural, cruelty-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, Kosher and Halal certified

INCI name: Zea Mays corn starch

Fat content: 0.09% m/m concentration

Solubility: Not soluble in water

Colour and texture: white or slightly buff shadowed fine powder

pH range: 4 to 7

Usage rate: Up to 2% in finished creams and lotions

Common uses in cosmetics: Used as a thickener in emulsion based products; as an oil-absorber, such as in dry shampoo and skin lotions, to remove excess oil in the hair and on the skin; and as an alternative to talc in baby powder. Not for internal use.


Corn starch is carbohydrate extract from the endosperm of corn. Since it is 100% starch, it is gluten-free and safe without any allergic reactions. Although it is not a great source for minerals and vitamins, it contains some incredible components that make it suitable for the skin.

Corn Starch For Skin

It comes with many health benefits, but we’re going to focus mainly on its cosmetic wonders. If you’re always battling some skin conditions like rashes or eczema, using corn starch can help treat such an ailment, while improving your skin quality and smoothness.

It can treat underarm rashes, which can be irritating to some. All you have to do is clean and pat the area with corn starch. You can also use it under the breast if there are some rashes underneath. To achieve glowing facial skin, you can make corn starch into a facial mask.

To do this, take two tablespoons of milk and cornstarch, then whisk it with one egg. Wash away after 15 minutes. Doing this once a week or more would cause you to have smooth and glowing skin.

When you apply corn starch mixed with lavender oil, it gives out a pleasant smell, serving as a deodorant. If you have burns, itching, or some other skin irritants, corn starch is always up to the rescue.

Corn Starch For Hair Care

If you’re battling with oily hair, corn starch is the remedy you need. Without brushing your hair, sprinkle some corn starch on your scalp and give it some time to settle. After some minutes, brush the hair as the corn starch would have absorbed the oil by then.

When your hair gets entangled excessively, you can make it easier to comb by putting some corn starch in your hair. The fact is, the overall benefits of corn starch are numerous.

Corn Starch For Soap Making

If you often make soap, corn starch can be an essential ingredient you would grow to love. The feel and overall benefit to the skin and hair are worth it. Aside from helping you achieve better-looking skin and hair, it would help combat skin irritation, bug bites, and more. It also serves as a dry shampoo for your hair.

Why Buy Corn Starch From N-Essentials?

For years, N-Essentials have been in the cosmetic business, helping its esteem customers choose the right products for their beauty needs. There are lots of inferior products in the market, and we aim to offer the highest possible standard of any product that are fit for your purposes. Not only do we care about your beauty, but your health too. When you go to our online store, you will come across various natural products that you would love. You can easily browse through the items, check the description, and then order it by using the checkout button. Shop online at N-essentials today!

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