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Disposable Pipettes for DIY Recipes at N-Essentials

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A key component to adding the correct amount of ingredients into any DIY recipe is using disposable pipettes! N-essentials isn't just your own for all the ingredients you need for DIY skincare, aromatherapy and more, but we also stock the small scale product manufacturing components you need to do it too.

Pipettes are frequently used in small scale product manufacturing, as they provide an accurate and easy way to measure and dispense small amounts of liquid. They are also perfect for adding essential oils or other liquids to your DIY recipes, as you can easily control the amount you add.

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We stock disposable plastic pipettes in packs of 5 so that you have enough to use for any recipe you're following. These disposable pipettes can hold a total of 3ml and can dispense liquid in increments of 0.5ml to as much as accuracy and control over how you dispense your ingredients. Our essential oils don't come with pipettes so if you're ordering some from us, make sure to stock up on these pipettes to use them as soon as you get them in your order!

The pipettes are conveniently packaged in resealable ziplock bags so you can keep them on hand with convenient and economical storage as well! From essential oils to perfume ingredients, you can easily use these pipettes to put together your ideal DIY product with ease. 

Make sure you have all the ingredients and tools you need to make your perfect DIY skincare products with N-essentials! Shop our pipettes now.