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Hydrosol Floral Water

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When essential oils are made through the process of distilling the plants the oils come from, a nice little by-product is also created called a hydrosol. This by-product of the essential oil distillation process is essentially a weaker or ‘gentle’ water-based version of essential oils as they carry the same properties as the essential oils but are mild enough to be used on your skin without dilution.

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Hydrosols are more commonly known as floral waters because of the similar properties they carry to their respective essential oils, fragrance in particular, but in a water-based form. They are a refreshing ingredient popularly used as a tonic for their subtle yet beautiful fragrances, whether that’s in a typical skincare routine or as a refresher throughout the day. They can also be used in household essential products to add a subtle fragrance when cleaning or as a simple natural air freshener. 

N-Essentials stocks a quality selection of floral waters and hydrosols for sale, including LavenderNeroli/Orange BlossomRoman ChamomileRoseCucumber and Watermelon.

Where do our floral waters come from?

Floral waters are also known as floral water, hydroflorates, flower waters or distillates, and you can find a great range of floral waters from N-essentials for you to use in your skincare routine and other recipes. The highest quality hydrosols typically come from specialist distillers who specifically steam flowers and plant materials to produce hydrosols, rather than the usual essential oil distillers who sell their hydrosol by-products on the side. We source our floral waters from said specialist distillers to ensure that you get the highest quality floral water available to purchase online in Australia.

Explore the range of floral waters available for sale at N-essentials today. We ship across Australia and throughout the world, so buy online today.