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DIY Body Butter with Essential Oil and Coconut Oil

DIY Body Butter with Essential Oil and Coconut Oil

Published by N-Essentials Team on 13th Apr 2023

DIY Body Butter for Gorgeous-Looking Skin

Moisturising is one of the greatest skincare treats you can give to your skin this spring season. Whether you are in for lightweight or heavier moisturiser, one cannot negate from the fact that moisturisers are great at keeping the skin looking young and gorgeous.

One of the many types of moisturisers is body butter.

What are body butters?

Body butters are the thickest formulation of all the body moisturisers. It is richer and more concentrated as it is deeply packed with oils and other energising ingredients. Loved by many, body butters works especially well for people with very dry, cracked skin.

Why use body butters?

Because body butters contain less water, it may take a little while to moisten the skin but you can be confident enough that your skin will receive quality hydration even in driest spots like knees, hands, elbows, and feet.

Not only do body butters soften the many areas of the skin but they also help improve the appearance of your hair and nails. Yes, you heard that right! Body butters can be used for dry, frizzy hair. Simply take a small amount of the butter and let it melt by rubbing it in your hands before applying to your hair. Then, rinse it off with slightly warm water.

When should you be using body butters?

Body butters can be best applied after shower. Leave a little moisture on your skin by not rubbing or drying your skin completely. Doing this will help ensure that you keep your skin hydrated all day.

You can also apply it before bedtime for a nourishing overnight treatment. Lightly massage the body butter into the skin and just let it naturally soak until it is done working its magic.

DIY Body Butter with Essential Oil & Coconut Oil 



  • Mix all ingredients, except the essential oil, in a double boiler
  • Melt over medium-low heat and stir until the mixture is fully liquid
  • Remove from the heat and set in the freezer to solidify for 15-20 minutes
  • Once the mixture turns slightly opaque but not completely solid, add the lavender essential oil and whip using a stand mixer until fluffy
  • Add the body butter into a sealable jar

What makes our DIY body butter great?

Our DIY body butter is made up of shea butter, coconut oil, lavender essential oil, and sweet almond oil. Shea butter is known to keep the skin in good condition. It is mainly used to nourish the skin and improve its suppleness. Coconut oil is an exceptional moisturiser as well and is mostly added in lotions, creams, and body butters.

On top of that, our DIY body butter has lavender essential oil which works to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections that is best paired with almond oil which also works to moisturise the skin.

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