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Pure essential oils are commonly sourced from leaves, stems, flowers and other parts of various plants. Oil is extracted from the native grown botanical material, usually via steam-distillation. This process creates a typically clear oil that is highly concentrated but still retains the properties of the plant, often with a strong aromatic scent.

Using Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

At N-essentials, an Australian-registered company, we stock Australia's best online selection of natural essential oils. Our pure essential oils (some of which are also organic) have been sourced locally from suppliers accredited by the Australian Certified Organics Association and as such, have been tested to a grade that assures the highest quality standards. Many of our natural essential oil products have mainly been steam distilled with a select few solvents extracted. We also sell commercial grades of aromatic essential oils that are manufacturer's blends and are free from synthetic materials and that offer a wide range of benefits for the skin and body.

Why Buy your Essential Oils Online in Australia from N-essentials?

Thanks to their pleasant fragrances, essential oils can be used in home applications such as in aromatherapy, skin care, diffusers, the bath and the garden. They can also be used in a massage blend, in soap and candle-making and as household cleaners. Each essential oil has its own unique set of properties and uses. Search our expansive list of pure essential oils to find a fragrance that you can use to create your own blend such as Australian tea tree essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, lavender essential oil and sandalwood essential oil, to name a few. Click through to each product in our online store to get more information about its properties and to see what different bottle options are available. Bottle options range from 15ml to bulk-buy packs and all items are priced at wholesale AUD prices. We provide shipping within Australia as well as to all over the world. Shop our range of finest ingredients now and place an order online today!

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