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There is nothing quite diverse than the usability of coarse pumice powder. Its uses go far beyond the cosmetic industry. This is because pumice powder is one of the softest abrasive component or tool used today. No wonder! In this read, we will concentrate on the marvellous advantages of pumice powder to the cosmetic industry. Keep reading to know why your skincare regime needs a jolt of coarse pumice powder!


Pumice powder is a versatile powder derived from an igneous rock — a rock that is formed when a volcano erupts. The abrasive properties of the pumice powder make it distinct and instrumental across many industries.

Furthermore, there are four (4) types of grade for pumice powder: 1) coarse, 2) medium, 3) fine, and 4) extra-fine sizes. Here at N-essentials, the fine and coarse pumice powder are readily available. They differ in size particles that the texture is intended for a certain purpose. However, these grades function similarly as an exfoliant and a heavy-duty cleaner. For this article, let us focus more on the myriad of benefits and uses of coarse pumice powder.


As hinted above, coarse pumice powder is utilised for a variety of instances across many industries. Its advantages are utilised in dentistry as a polishing media. It is also being used as an additive in cement for construction purposes. And, it is sprinkled on spills (like oil, tar or any other type of residue) to let it absorb — preparatory for clean-up.

With that said, those very same properties found in coarse pumice powder are being utilised in the skincare industry. For instance, you will find coarse pumice powder in hand soaps because of its intense cleaning power. It can also be found in body gels, hand cleansers, foot scrubs, and other skincare products. Moreover, coarse pumice powder has many valuable features which will be discussed briefly. This makes it an in-demand raw ingredient for skincare and other personal care formulations.


Scientifically proven to be effective: Many kinds of researches have been conducted on the usability of coarse pumice powder. In the skincare industry, several manufacturers have been incorporating this raw ingredient in exfoliating products.

Eco-friendly to our planet: Nowadays, it is kind of rare to find raw materials that are not only beneficial to mankind but are also good for our planet. Fortunately, coarse pumice powder is not harmful to the environment when used for industrial purposes. Furthermore, it does not contribute as a carbon source. As a result, it does not add up to the potential unbalance of the ecosystem.

Sustainable to our environment: Because of business and industrial purposes, many raw ingredients nowadays are depleting in their natural resources. To maintain an ecological balance, we must be mindful of the sustainability of our supplies. Thankfully, coarse pumice powder is considered sustainable as it is abundant coming from an ancient sea bed.

Cost-effective for skincare purposes: This is also undoubtedly one of the best features of coarse pumice powder. The chemical and physical properties of this raw material already give away extraordinary benefits. With that said, there is no need for an added component to enhance a skincare formulation.

Pure and naturally white: This is one of the physical attributes of coarse pumice powder that many manufacturers take advantage of. In fact, this attribute of the pumice is in demand all over the world.


Excellent exfoliant for the skin: Pumice powder is an excellent natural exfoliant when added to skincare formulations. It has cleansing and polishing abilities ideal for those wanting to have clear and smooth skin. It works efficiently in scrubbing the skin, particularly on the heels of the feet where skin can be dry and flaky, thereby removing dead skin cells. This property found in coarse pumice powder is especially advantageous for those wanting to use only sustainable ingredients and, simultaneously, avoid harsh chemicals.

Rejuvenates and refreshes the skin: Because pumice powder assists in removing any blackheads forming in the skin, it is great to have in homemade facial or body scrubs. Consequently, it will help your skin maintain that smooth, silky skin. This is particularly advantageous for those who have calluses and corns as scrubbing gently using a pumice powder skincare product will help soften the skin.



One of the best features of pumice is its friability. This means that it can be easily crushed and processed to a coarse pumice powder. The good thing about this is that it retains its gentleness in its abrasive quality — a perfect texture needed for an ideal scrub. More importantly, this raw ingredient is sustainable and eco-friendly. There is unlikely any need for chemical help. Just with a simple scrubbing, the microscopic surfaces of the coarse pumice powder will efficiently do their job.


Looking drained with exhausted skin? We know how it is almost impossible to achieve a natural glow the entire 365 days a year. However, we have a quick fix. One can easily revive one’s skin from its dullness and tired look by exfoliating your skin with coarse pumice powder. Once moistened, damp a small amount to your face and gently massage onto your skin in small circular motions. Apply this method at least once a week as an exfoliating treatment. Eventually, visible results will manifest.


There is so much coarse pumice can do when it comes to our household. And even better, it is non-polluting and environmentally safe! For instance, cleaning the oven is at the very least our favourite chore. However, with coarse pumice powder, cleaning is made easy. For application, layout the powder in the grease and grime. Leave it for a while and allow the powder to soak up the dirt before wiping it off.

Furthermore, use coarse pumice powder to clean even the dirtiest toilets at home. This raw ingredient can clean and remove mineral deposits from your toilet bowl. Scrubbing this powder against the dirt will clear away the stains. You can use it alongside your favourite bathroom cleaner to have an improved cleaning agent. Even better, make your room sparkle!


The coarse pumice powder is a life hack when it comes to laundry care. This material is useful as it can be utilised for textile softening and conditioning. Additionally, the colour of the powder is originally chalk-white. This is a good physical attribute to have in laundry care as we avoid possible staining on the fabrics. Moreover, the gentle abrasion of the coarse pumice powder causes no damage to the fabrics or garments — particularly to lighter weight garments.


The coarse pumice powder can be utilised as a simple, makeshift means of an essential oil diffuser. Blend in about 20 to 30 drops of your favourite essential oil. Jumble the mixture into a small container until the aroma of the essential oil is slowly dispersed. This method will lock in the oil and as it is kept, the aroma slowly evaporates within its closest area. Make several blends and place them in different corners of your home to set an ambience that is homey and pleasant.

For more information, check on these quick reads to have an idea of what essential oils to place in your home: Best Essential Oils for Meditation and Essential oils for Oil Diffusers.


Peppermint essential oil: The invigorating aroma of peppermint oil has always been an edge. Blend this oil into your coarse pumice powder body scrub. This blend is preferably used during the mornings to start the day clean and refreshed.

Tea tree essential oil: Another option for an invigorating aroma is our Tea tree oil. One feature that stands out of this oil when blended with coarse pumice powder is its antibacterial properties. Hence, when incorporated in blends, this oil will cleanse the skin efficiently and consequently prevent breakouts.

Lavender essential oil: For a more calm and laidback pampering session using floral scents, blend a few drops of lavender oil into your coarse pumice powder.

Sweet Orange essential oil: There will always be those people who prefer citrusy scents over florals. On that note, we do recommend sweet orange oil. Having this oil blended with coarse pumice powder.

Lemon essential oil: Contrary to sweet orange oil that has an invigorating citrusy scent, lemon oil is rather a very calm and warming oil to have and blend in your coarse pumice powder. Use this advantage to brighten up dull and tired-looking skin.

Patchouli essential oil: Nothing quite homey than having woodsy scents in your skincare formulations. For those who wish to incorporate a woodsy scent in their coarse pumice powder, we recommend the Patchouli essential oil. Other than its woodsy scent, its skin-friendly properties are dominating when added to a blend.

Sage essential oil: With sage oil incorporated into a coarse pumice powder skincare formulation, callouses and rough spots are easily softened. This is particularly true for your feet — leaving them soft and pampered after a gentle massage.


A simple rub for a light massage of any of these carrier oils blended with coarse pumice powder already gives away the best pampering session for your skin.

Coconut carrier oil RBD: Coconut oil is one of the most popular skincare ingredients added to skin-softening treatments. This includes light massages and scrubs. Use coconut oil as the base oil of your skincare formulations that will rehydrate your skin once topically applied.

Moroccan Argan carrier oil: In line with coconut oil, argan oil is also considered one of the most popular base oils used for massages. This is because its nourishing properties have already been recognised by manufacturers and familiarised by almost all beauty and skincare enthusiasts.

Jojoba carrier oil: There are already personal care products made by manufacturers incorporating jojoba oil and pumice powder. This is particularly true for products intended for foot massage scrubs. The granules of the pumice are very small but are very advantageous in helping the skin be softer and supple after every massage. Additionally, with jojoba oil blended in, intense moisturising certainly takes place.

Rosehip carrier oil: For dry and cracked heels, applying rosehip oil can prove wonders. Blended together with this beneficent powder that we have, we can bring back our lovely, smooth heels after a few weeks.


An exfoliant is simply a skincare and personal care ingredient that functions by removing dead cells from the top layers of the skin. In the natural process, the human skin sheds dead skin cells once in a month or so to make room for new cells. However, as the skin ages over time, dead cells don’t shed entirely. As a result, skin appears to be dry — having flaky patches and clogged pores. With the assistance of exfoliating products, skin is renewed and thereby giving back a renewed and fresh look.

For this reason, we must exfoliate our skin every once in a while. Preferably once a week or depending on the skin type that you have. And what better way to optimise this skincare routine than to use only the best ingredient there is. There is none other than our pumice powder!


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