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Make Premium Homemade Bathbombs Now

Make Premium Homemade Bathbombs Now

Published by N-essentials Team on 20th May 2021

Reviewed By: Kacie La

Be honest with yourself, when was the last time you had a taste of a luxurious warm bath, basking for a pampering session? We hope that wasn’t a long time ago.

Oftentimes, we bathe everyday practically for the sake of hygiene and that is it. Thanks to the invention of bathbombs, baths are now reimagined! Our bathing experience is recreated onto a whole new level. You will appreciate adding them in your bath as it will help you decompress after a long, hectic week.

Intended for single use, bath bombs are these spherical blends that add a little zest to a soothing self-care routine. Although we can be certain, more shapes are now available than just the usual sphere. The chemical reaction of these “bombs” become fizzy and will disintegrate once they are thrown into the water. They are scented and their irresistible pop of colours can give you those Insta-worthy bathtub selfies whilst holding a glass of wine or a good book. But other than that, can they really do anything other than stain your tub? (Hey, they don’t always stain.)

Behind the glamour of these colourful fizzy balls are actually great benefits and advantages we can put to use. Here we have enumerated few reasons why people choose bathbomb making and why the bathbombs are a part in their bathing routine.



The primary bathbomb ingredients responsible for the fizzing sensation are sodium bicarbonate (also known as baking soda) and citric acid. They get you remarkably cleaned whilst basking in a tub of softened, cloudy water. The emollients and softeners allow you to indulge your skin. On top of that, the essential oils in this blend tend to be satisfyingly moisturising and the bath salts help in soothing the muscles, hence the healthy and glowing skin you get after such indulgence.

As people start to explore changing the ratio of the ingredients, they soon realise how ratios affect the chemical reaction. With this, they can now craft something according to their personal preferences.


Since baking soda is known for its many detoxifying benefits and uses, indulging yourself with this luxurious bath allows the ingredients to detoxify your skin. This makes you feel renewed thereafter. The high alkaline content of the baking soda is responsible for why toxins are effectively removed.

That being said, not all people are okay with baking soda. As a consequence, purchasing a store bought product is not an option since it’s a given that this primary ingredient is present. With homemade bathbombs, however, it’s feasible. A little complicated, but all we need is possible.

The creative and interesting part of handmade bathbombs is you can tweak the ingredients. With a little chemistry research and basic proportioning in math, your experiment will work over time. This is why DIY bath bombs are great! We are able to optimise the recipe. For this reason, our finished product is even more functional and practical towards our uncompromising skin.


People are intentional with their scents as they settle in for a good soak. Some people prefer to use an energising scent like citrus or fruity aroma with an invigorating explosion of colours in the morning to pump up their day. Some consider a relaxing and subtle scent like lavender or chamomile in the evening to get that comfortable, calm vibe. Either way, people are very fond of these aromatherapy benefits as it lingers in the skin all day.


Getting yourself pampered doesn’t always have to mean going to the spa at the expense of squandering your hard-earned cash. Pampering one’s self doesn’t have to be expensive, you know? You can always have that luxurious pampering done at home – particularly, in your own tub! These effervescent balls will do that for you. Let it create for you an opulent ambiance as you do your bath time routine. Just drop the bomb and let it do its magic as it fizzes and release those delightful scents.

You will love the subtle transformation of a simple bath to the ultimate pampering session. No wonder it can be a joyful experience. Now, all you will need is some calm music playing in the background, and maybe some homemade scented candles to match.


So you don’t have a tub, or perhaps you are more of a shower person, what then? Actually, we have bath bombs for you in a shower. At least, they function in a similar way.

Shower bombs, or sometimes known as shower fizzies, are steamers designed to release the oils into the air. The mixes for both shower fizzies and bath bombs can start off the same with baking soda and citric acid as their main ingredient. From then onwards, the recipe varies with the level of addition. Because your skin is not immersed with water in a shower bomb, the essential oils have higher concentration. This will increase the aroma during your shower without having to damage your skin.


Fortunately, your home is conducive enough to craft your own bath bombs. Baking soda is a main staple in your kitchen after all. Bathbomb making is easy and fun to do. The process is simple that you can certainly make a hobby out of it. The procedure is repetitive and almost all recipes are proportionate in terms of ingredients and measurements with only a few occasional exceptions.

Here at N-essentials, we just love sharing simple yet premium DIY recipes. If you’re already a fan of DIY Bath bombs or just dipping your toes tickles your fancy, here’s how you can create an amazing bath in just a few easy steps.



  • In a large bowl, mix all the dry ingredients except for citric acid.
  • In a container, pour all the liquid ingredients. This container must have a cover.
  • Close the container firmly and shake well.
  • Combine the liquid mixture into the bowl of dry ingredients and blend together. (The consistency usually expected should be similar to that of wet sand.)
  • Once blended, add the citric acid. (At this point, the slight fizzing reaction is normal.)
  • Tightly mash the mixture into the mold to form a shape.
  • Press as tightly as possible to leave voids.
  • Loosen the mixture from the mold onto wax paper.
  • Leave to dry overnight (may take a day or two).
  • Pack the bombs once completely dry.

You can try a few batches in different colours and maybe using another essential oil to add some variety. As long as the handmade finish products are properly packed, they can typically last about six months. The best thing to remember about storing your bath bombs is keeping them away from moisture. Additionally, homemade bathbombs are most effective when they are freshly made.

Keep experimenting on the ingredients until you figure out what goes perfectly into your definition of an impressive bath bomb. Soon enough, you will find the perfect combination for you. Besides, it will get better with constant practice as the procedure gets easier if not perfect. Doing so proves progress and lessens a few more attempts. Make sure to read our guide to making your own bath bombs.


The steps seem so simple and straightforward, and yet, we would never know what could possibly go wrong when you are already doing it. These potential problems might just frustrate you. That said, we laid out a few helpful tips so that your DIY bathbomb will be close to success.

  • Moisture is your key to keep your handmade bathbomb intact. Although our supply is complete, the percentage of liquid ingredients we have may not be enough to bind the mixture. At this point, don’t add water as this will create a fizz that might ruin the mixture. Try using witch hazel instead. Too little won’t hold and too much moisture might make the blend be difficult to loosen in its mold. Drying might also be a problem.
  • When blending both wet and dry ingredients, blend them a little longer than usual. See to it that most dry ingredients will absorb the liquids. Observe and try achieving that damped mixture consistency.
  • When adding colour to the mixture, a spatula or a spoon might not be enough to blend. At this point, you can make use of your hands with the protection of gloves to blend the mixture properly.
  • Blend really well that the mixture won’t stick on the bowl anymore. The damped consistency will keep the form firm when pressed down hard.
  • Tapping the mold a few times on the table may be helpful to get the shape of the product in one piece.
  • A good starting point if you are just a beginner is to read a few hacks and tricks online from DIY crafters and learning from their mistakes so you can also avoid those mistakes yourself. It solves most of the questions you have and probably already has the solutions needed.
  • The preferable day to craft DIY bathbombs is when the humidity is under 40%. It is not advisable to make them when it is raining because the mixture might absorb moisture out of the air.


Although this activity is undeniably fun, the rule of “safety first” still has to be observed. This DIY project is entirely safe only if you follow the right safety precautions. More importantly, since bubbles are an expected chemical reaction in this activity, wear your goggles at all times especially when observing the mixture from a closer look. This will prevent the bubbling reaction from getting into your eyes. Furthermore, some ingredients used for bathbombs can be harmful once swallowed so it is important to keep them out of reach of children.


Do not just leave the area untidy once you are done. Keep your working area clean and don’t forget to sanitise the utensils you have used once done with the process.


Indeed, these bathbombs are such a wonder. They are mainly about function than just about the experience. The reasons discussed above are enough to know that this skincare essential is greatly beneficial. It will give you that, mostly taken for granted, tender loving self care. No wonder why they are becoming a crowd favourite.

Generally, homemade bathbombs are really mild. Nothing in it will cause irritations compared to store bought bathbombs. You wouldn’t have to worry much if you plan to give them as gifts. If you do plan on making them for gifts, go ahead and give it a try. We will be honest with you that it does take a little practice to achieve perfection. However, the craft is truly enjoyable and worth your try.

Finally, when you get them done right, don’t forget to indulge yourself with that calming warm bath time. It would be a wonderful way to reward yourself for a craft well done.


The bathbomb supplies are readily available for you here at N-essentials.

N-essentials Australia is your supplier and distributor that brings you only premium, natural and organic ingredients. Everything you will need for your bathbomb making, whether intended for personal hobby or for business, we can provide for you. More than that, we understand the true essence of why people are dedicated to using and making handmade products, that is why you can trust that we only bring you safe products to use.

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