How to Make Your Own Bath Bomb

How to Make Your Own Bath Bomb

Published by N-essentials Team on 15th Jan 2021

We all love baths. Nowadays, what everyone needs after a long hectic day is a good and restful bath. Who doesn’t want a warm and calming quiet time in a tub complete with an aromatic, invigorating and moisturising bath bomb? Hands here! But before we take the dip, there are a number of ways you can enjoy bath bombs without spending too much.

You might have already seen bath bombs pop all over stores and online but the prices make you cringe. Here at N-essentials, we provide you with ways on how to cut back expenses on your DIY recipes and make sure to care for your skin with only quality raw materials.

What are bath bombs?

These fizzy and fun bath bombs are palm size spheres mixed with ingredients such as oils, salts, colourants, dried herbs, and many others. When placed in water, sodium bicarbonate responds to citric acid, releasing carbon dioxide gas. This is what creates the fizz in bath bombs. In the process, the bath bombs start to break apart, releasing with it the aromatic fragrances, mind-blowing blend of colourants and skin nourishing ingredients.

But as far as your skin is concerned, it's basically no different when adding a splash of bath oil or salt to the water. However, with bath bombs, you can mix these ingredients together to not only make your bath water look more vibrant but also help moisturise and care for your skin. In contrast, some of the ingredients may be irritating, particularly the fragrances and colourants. Not to mention selecting glitters to add more sparkle.

So, if you have sensitive skin, you may think of avoiding the bath bomb altogether. But fear not! There are countless and harmless ways to get the dreamy fizzy baths you’ve been thinking about. Although you might think that bath bombs fall into the ‘less about purpose and more about sensory experience’ category, here in this blog, you’ll learn that it can offer more depending on what ingredients you use. 

Read through to pick up tips on how to make your own bath bomb with skin-loving and refreshing ingredients at a lesser price! Not to mention, once you gather all your bathbomb making supplies, you can create as many as you like for yourself and for your friends and family! It won’t feel like watching your money fizzle down the drain. 

Do homemade bathbombs actually do anything?

What makes a DIY bath bomb different from store-bought bath bombs? Apart from the price, handmade bathbombs allow you to harness your creativity by experimenting on the different ingredients handpicked by yourself. By preparing your own DIY bath bomb mixture, you are sure that your bath experience is safe and skin-friendly. Also, regular bath bombs may contain artificial or synthetic ingredients. The cosmetics industry is known for using materials which have been found to cause skin problems and other skin complications. So, it’s very important to know that your bath bomb is made from genuine and quality ingredients to avoid that from occurring. 

In general, we bathe to cleanse our bodies. However, there are two types of baths. The first form is practical and built to get you clean. The second form is luxurious and aimed at creating an experience. It is always an excellent idea to unwind at the end of a long day or start a busy week with a relaxing bath instead of a hurried shower.

Adding homemade bathbombs to your bathing experience, will help you elevate the mood of your space as it creates an aura of opulence and luxury. Bath bombs are valued by most people for their aromatherapy benefits when essential oils are used. The fragrance lingers on your skin and remains with you throughout the day. Did you know that the different scents in bathbombs have varying functions? You'll want to go for an energising aroma like citrus if you're taking your bath in the morning. In evening baths, consider choosing soothing and stimulating scents like  lavender essential oil. The way it helps you calm your senses and drift off to dreamland will make you want to bathe in it every day.

Also, with DIY bath bombs, you are well aware that your ingredients are skin-friendly and chemical free unlike other bath products that rely on harsh skincare ingredients. By creating your very own handmade bath bomb, you'll definitely love the safe and refreshing ingredients added in them once you see your immaculately glowing skin.

DIY bath bomb supplies

Baking soda – This material is one of the primary ingredients in bathbomb making. It works well with citric acid to create the fizzing reaction you see in your tub. Plus, it also helps calm and soothe skin irritations!

Citric Acid – Another top ingredient responsible for the fizzing characteristics of bath bombs is citric acid. It’s one of the reasons why you see fabulous explosion of colours in your handmade bathbombs.

Cornstarch – From cornstarch comes the rich, luxurious feel of bath bombs. You might also try arrowroot, but the cornstarch's skin-enlivening properties is like nothing else. Plus, you may be able to find this ingredient lying around in your pantry.

Essential oils – For a more aromatic scent and sure-fire moisturising effect, you can add your favourite essential oils in the mixture. Get creative and play with scents you think will work best for the kind of homemade bath bomb you are making. There are different combinations of essential oils to choose from. If you plan to gift a friend with your DIY bath bomb, choose an essential oil that you know is safe for them especially if you are making bath bombs for children.

Salt - For an even healthier wellness treat, add salt to your DIY bath bombs. You can choose from the simple salt or amplify your experience with Epsom salt or Himalayan pink salt.

Liquid - Basic water is good, but Witch hazel is favoured by many people for its skin smoothing properties.

Colours – When looking to add colour to your homemade bath bomb recipe, opt for safer ingredients you know will not harm the skin. For a more fabulously colourful experience, apply natural pigments. At N-essentials, we stock a wide variety of colourants for many different applications. If you are fond of naturally strong and bright colours, you can use mica pigments. Mica pearlescent pigments such as glitter gold, sparkle pearl and flash bronze are here to add more style and elegance to your handmade bathbombs. Also, keep in mind to use colourants that are approved for cosmetic use. We highly discourage the use of food colouring for DIY bath bombs.

Moulds – Having the correct DIY bath bomb mould is a common issue in bathbomb making, especially for first timers. For others who want to use their handmade bath bomb for themselves, they would just go the simple route and use their hands to form shapes. However, if you plan to give your homemade bathbombs as gifts then using a mould is great to get that perfect shape. Depending on your preference, you can use silicone, metal or tin moulds. If you are creating bath bombs with children, have fun and look for moulds with different shapes. You can use ice cube trays, cupcake tins, biscuit cutters, pudding pots and more!

Bath bomb making recipe

Once you have secured all bathbomb supplies needed to create your DIY bath bombs, take a look at the recipe below to help you get started.

Bath bomb ingredients


    • Combine the baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch and salt in a bowl. Mix well.
    • In a different bowl, add witch hazel and vanilla extract. Stir ingredients well and add essential oils according to your preference.
    • Combine the dry and liquid ingredients by pouring the latter in drops. Mix well and add dried herbs if you wish to amplify the texture of your homemade bath bomb
    • While mixing, see to it that your bath bomb mixture binds just right and does not fall apart.
    • Gradually add witch hazel if needed to get your desired consistency. You may use a spray bottle to do this
    • Place the mixture into greased moulds. Press firmly and allow to harden for at least 24 to 48 hours.
    • Once dry, transfer in a jar or any dry container and use within two weeks.

Different types of bath bombs you can make

Citrus Bath Bombs

If you love citrusy and refreshing scents, then this type of bath bomb is perfect for you. Citrus bath bombs typically contain a mixture of orange and lemon, two of the most citrusy ingredients we know of.

This type of bath bomb typically contains baking soda, cornstarch, lemon or orange essential oils, citric acid, and Epsom salts. To give you the most sensual citrusy bathing experience, you may even add a dash of orange or yellow colourants to the mixture.

Your bathroom will start smelling like oranges and lemons the minute you drop a homemade citrus bath bomb into your bathtub!

Cosmic Bath Bombs

True to their name, Cosmic Bath Bombs promise to make you dreamy and starry-eyed. In your bathtub, they make a big bang, just as you would expect them to. As opposed to most other bath bombs, they are very small in size, so they are perfect for all those who have an average-sized tub or want a smaller fizzy mess.

Cosmic bath bombs are formulated with a mixture of baking soda, citric acid, epsom salts, sea salt and also often contain a mixture of various essential oils. You can also create your very own collection of cosmic bath bombs designed to resemble the universe's different celestial bodies. Try playing around with different colourants to achieve your desired colour combination. Do this with your kids at home!

If you are looking to transform your bath into an enjoyable stellar experience, cosmic bath bombs should get your hands busy and be transported to a whole new galaxy!

Lavender Bath Bombs

Need some time to unwind? Lavender bath bombs are here for you. With its soothing properties and mesmerizing fragrance, it will help you liven up your atmosphere from a long busy day at work. Not only that, it can help maintain healthy and glowing skin as well!

Lavender bath bomb is one of the most popular type of bath bomb mainly because they look absolutely beautiful in water and also because lavender has such a beautifully calming aroma. Mixtures with baking soda, cornstarch, citric acid, and lavender essential oil are commonly made from these homemade bath bombs. Take your DIY lavender bath bomb to a whole new stage by adding dried lavender flowers to the mixture.

Peppermint Bath Bombs

With summer around the corner, why not try a cool peppermint bath bomb to help you chill out? With peppermint’s strong minty aroma, this type of bath bomb will help you cool your skin down and help preserve healthy-looking, radiant skin at the same time.

Recipe for this bath bomb may include ingredients such as peppermint essential oil, baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch and Epsom salt. Drop this ball of coolness into your warm bath water and enjoy a refreshing splash!

Shelf life of bath bombs

Bath bomb ingredients have a recommended shelf life with expiration dates much like food. For longer shelf life, store your homemade bathbombs in an airtight and moisture-free jar or container. We also recommend storing these containers in a cool, dry place.

Bath bombs have an average shelf life of about six months but we suggest you check your homemade bathbombs from time to time to ensure they are dry and secure. The best way to enjoy your homemade bathbombs is when they are still fresh taking into consideration the essential oils and dried herbs you added as they can lose scents and deteriorate when in storage for a long time.

Start making your own bath bombs

Keep trying various scents and ingredients to find the right and safer mix for you if you're new to bathbomb making or even when you’re already a DIY bath bomb fan. Experiment with colours and learn new and less harmful ingredients to add to your homemade bath bomb mixture. If you’re the type of person to ‘shower and run’, then try only one opulent bath with a calming and soothing homemade bath bomb.

From your first soak to the next, you are sure to get bath bomb hangovers for the decadent experience. Build your preferred mood and ambiance with the addition of aromatic fragrances to your homemade bathbombs. Whether you're trying to relax, get energised, or just yearn to soak away the worries of the day, your DIY bath bombs will provide you no less than these. Plus, you get velvety and youthful-looking skin!

Buy bath bomb supplies

If you’re eager to create your own version of handmade bathbombs, look no further as N-essentials have all your DIY needs covered! We supply you with just the best and quality raw ingredients necessary to help you get started with your bathbomb making journey, including all other beauty and eco-household DIY products.

Contact us at if you would like more information.

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