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The modern way of living today is laced with a daily hustle. Everyone is trying to get by with rapid movement, scattered focus and insufficient rest thereby leading to exhaustion. This is where meditation comes in.

Meditation is incredibly a simple way to practice a little bit of self-care. Nowadays, individuals are looking for ways to enhance their meditative experience, leading many into using essential oils. And since meditation had developed throughout the years, it can be done whenever, wherever, and however you wish.

For those who want to give their well-being some needed attention, this one is for you. Why don’t we delve into the best essential oils for meditation? And maybe mention a few of the crowd’s favourites. From there, you can select one that suits your preference and use it for your next meditation session.


To meditate is just like any other habit — and a good one at that. It is about mindfulness and doing it is rather simple. Anyone at all can use it to their advantage. Truly, it can be a powerful thing to learn. Having a consistent session will promptly foster self-care.

To make things more interesting, you can subtly include it into your usual routine. Even the most mundane activities like sitting at a coffee shop or walking in the park, you can meditate by simply paying attention to your breathing.


Although there is no need for you to practice meditation, many would believe that it improves the way we live our life. It goes to say that essential oils, meditation and aromatherapy are deeply interconnected.

The natural, pleasant aromas present in essential oils are reputed to be instrumental for meditation. The ideal essential oil depends on personal preference. However, several of these oils and their resulting blends are specific to good intentions due to their distinctive aroma.

We will delve more into these nourishing oils below.


Besides skincare, some of the best essential oils are popular thanks to their aromatherapy use. They can therefore be applied topically — functioning both as a skin essential and as an aroma diffuser.

When applying oils directly to your skin, make sure to dilute essential oils with carrier oils. Dilute 2 to 3 drops in a tablespoon of carrier oil. In a dilution, it is best to start small and eventually increase to the dilution ratio as desired. Make sure also to perform a patch test before application. If the blend shows no reaction to your skin, rub a drop on the pulse points such as the wrist and inner elbow. Then slowly massage it into your skin.

Learn more about the best carrier oils to dilute your essential oils .


This is the most common method used for meditation. Some create essential oil blends for diffusers. Through steam diffusion, the diffuser oils are dispersed into the air through a mist. In addition to this, an easy solution if you don’t have a diffuser is to manually dilute the essential oils in a sprayer with water to create a room spray.

Precautionary tip: If you have pets at home or in your space intended for meditation, always check your chosen best essential oil. Some diffuser oils may be too potent for your pets’ system and will therefore lead to poisoning. Best to be on the check and choose the milder options. Some examples of essential oils considered as “light” and pet-friendly are Marjoram, Clary Sage , and Ginger essential oil.


Another makeshift diffuser other than the spray bottle mentioned above is simply through boiling water with a few drops of your preferred essential oil. This DIY method is ideal for shorter periods of diffusion. However, it is only convenient if you are in the kitchen or if you’re in a place where a stove is accessible.


Another easy and inexpensive way to apply the best essential oils for meditation is through dry evaporation using tissue or cotton balls. It is an informal yet convenient method to use in almost any space. It can be in offices or public transportations, among others. The unassuming application manner relatively makes it safer from other people or pets around you. In general, the scent remains within the tissue, therefore, only the user is directly affected.

For application, add a few drops of the diffuser oil to your tissue. Allow to permeate and then wave the tissue gently under the nose. This will release its scent. Moreover, you may simply set the tissue diffuser aside and allow the scent to naturally waft.


Candle diffusers, or sometimes called aroma candles, are very popular for meditation. For centuries, many cultures across the globe are using aroma candles. Even today, homemade scented candles are once again a thing. By definition, these are candles that contain a substantial amount of essential oils intended for aromatherapy.

As you light the candle, the essential oils warm up and its aroma is then diffused. What’s more, the candle itself makes a visually appealing addition, sprucing up the space during meditation. If you wish to create your handmade candle,  read this article for guidance.


If you are new to meditation, you’ve probably come across essential oils and their use during sessions. Occasionally, people refer to them as volatile oils, ethereal oils, or “oil of the plant”.

Now, you might ask, is it safe to use essential oils? More importantly, can any of these essential oils be used with an oil diffuser? Answers: Yes, and yes. We understand these are underlying questions broadly asked by newcomers. Such queries indicate you have your speculations and that is fairly a good thing. We don’t want you using natural products you are not familiar with. The link of the articles are provided to learn more.

Below is a quick overview of some of the best essential oils beneficial for meditation. If unsure of what to pick, it would be best to sniff and get an idea of how they smell. However, we will do our best to describe their smell imaginably. Let us begin.

  • Sandalwood essential oil — This diffuser oil comes from a very fragrant wood. Since ancient times, it has been helpful for spiritual purposes across different religions. As expected, it produces a woodsy aroma with a hint of sweetness.
  • Patchouli essential oil — You may be familiar with patchouli being widely used as an East Asian incense. It inspires a smell that keeps meditators grounded. Similar with wine, the oil’s scent is known to improve with age.
  • Frankincense essential oil — Similar to sandalwood, this aroma diffuser oil has been used during spiritual practices across different cultures. Indeed, they remain a popular option for meditation even today. Its aroma is described to have a balance of sweet, spicy, warm and cool, with a pine-like associated scent that can enkindle tranquillity.
  • Myrrh essential oil — Myrrh is widely known across the globe as it has origins in the biblical lore. Similar to frankincense, its scent also inspires a calm space. This aroma diffuser is characterised by a clean, earthy smell with a hint of liquorice.
  • Neroli essential oil — This natural oil is extracted from the fragrant white flowers of the bitter orange tree native to Asia. When used for aromatherapy, the neroli oil is ideal to complement a relaxing vibe. The neroli oil emits a citrusy, floral fragrance.
  • Vetiver essential oil — Originating from the perennial grasses that are native to India, Vetiver oil is an exotic aroma that encourages balance. Its aroma inspires calmness and quietude being described as an earthy and smoky smell. This fragrant oil is suitable for a masculine fragrance.
  • Sage essential oil — The sage leaves are not only useful in the kitchen; they can also be extracted to produce this nourishing sage essential oil. The scent of sage oil is relatable to soft, exuding floral and nutty tones with a fruity nuance.
  • Lavender essential oil — Lavender oil is a sweet and reassuring essential oil. Perhaps, it is the most well-known essential oil and a crowd-favourite at that. Its scent inspires gentleness and enlightenment as it encourages compassion. The aroma is detailed to be mildly floral and sweet with an herbal note.
  • Chamomile essential oil (Roman) — Chamomile is one of the oldest essential oils and a constant favourite. Its oil is an extract from the daisy-like chamomile flowers. The benefits of this oil have some solid research behind it. If you notice, the chamomile oil is usually used in relaxation blends because of its calming scent. It has a herbaceous and slightly milky fragrance.
  • Cedarwood essential oil — Cedarwood oil is one of the favourites when it comes to meditation because of its gentle, warm aroma. It inspires a sense of warmth with its earthy fragrance that is reminiscent of the outdoors.


Using diluted essential oils alone is a traditional and classic manner to produce an aroma diffuser. However, their benefits are heightened once combined with one or more nourishing oils. With this, experimentation is encouraged to create a custom-made aromatic blend suitable for your preference. We have listed down some of the popular blends that are intentional to a certain meditative state. You can refer to some of these blends during meditation.

The “Stay Present” Synergy Blend

  • 3 drops of Vetiver essential oil
  • 2 drops of Frankincense essential oil
  • 2 drops of Sage essential oil

The “Slow Down” Synergy Blend

The “Unwind” Synergy Blend

The “Clarity” Synergy Blend

Simply blend the listed ingredients above to create a bespoke aroma diffuser for your meditation. All of these blends can be diffused, or applied through the different methods mentioned above. Furthermore, check out our  6 Diffuser blends to try for the 4 seasons.


If you are now more convinced with the idea of meditation practice, the best essential oils will do you wonder. Get creative with the blends or simply choose an essential oil to your liking. Either way, they will still greatly benefit you.

Finally, regular meditation reaps long-lasting benefits into our lives. Isn’t that the kindest thing we can do to ourselves? Make meditation a daily habit and apply the methods and heed the suggested essential oils we have shared above. Among else, just simply enjoy the journey of taking care of yourself. Trust us, it’ll be worth it.

We hope we gave you a glimpse of the good life. Until next reading!


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