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We know why you're not sold on body oils. It's grease, isn't it? The only thing you can think of is grease. And frankly, who would want grease on their skin? Definitely, not you. Well, wait just yet, Those oils sold in store? They are on the shelves for a reason. But you're probably here you are curious to know why. You came to the right place.

You might often wonder why the market would sell oil for skincare when oil is something you would want removed, not added. It just seems odd. Although it is true that an oily complexion isn’t exactly desired, the presence of oil in your skin is actually necessary. Oil, or sometimes called sebum, is vital for your skin to function properly. Wanting it completely removed is not good advice for skincare at all. Instead, keep reading to understand why they are relevant and why they would benefit you. We feel fairly certain that once you closely get to know them, you’ll give them a go.


Body oils are concentrated liquids that can do everything your moisturising lotion can do – and also more. Similar to face oils, they offer the same benefits intended for your neck down to toes. You may have heard about “uncut” body oil but don’t know what it means. Simply, an uncut body oil is a natural oil that has no added alcohol or water in them. An ‘uncut’ body oil did not go through dilution using solvents to weaken its strength.

Furthermore, these liquids are extracted from roots, fruits, flowers and leaves. The best are usually organic and free from chemicals. But the more important question is, what makes them any better?



There is nothing much we can do about what causes oily skin as it is largely determined by genetics and hormonal fluctuations. Environmental and lifestyle factors may need to be considered, as well. However, there are effective ways we can use to control our skin’s natural oil content thereby preventing acne and other skin conditions.

Although we know how frustrating it can be to have excessive oil, remember that our skin depends on it to be healthy. Besides, allowing your skin to be extremely dry might only trigger the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. That will spell disaster for you. Rather, focus on your skincare routine and incorporate steps that will help manage your skin type.


One way to help manage your skin type is through the use of body oils. Instead of drying out your skin to rid the excess oil, use body oils to attract another oil. Now you may ask, what does this mean?

It simply means that you will use another oil, body oils, to remove the excess oil in your skin. We know how seemingly counterintuitive the idea of adding oil to an already oily skin is. It sounds rather off. But then again, and we will put more “emphasis” this time since it is the main concern, oil is actually better for you than you think. Simply put, like attracts like. A body oil is a good option because it will act as the cleansing oil – dissolving and helping cut through the oils in your make-up, sunscreen, and including the sebum on your skin. More importantly, it will retain the skin’s natural moisture, leaving your skin extra clean and feeling a little less greasy. Therefore, avoiding oil-based skincare products is only a myth.

You can make use of double cleansing without actually drying out your skin because you know better now what application to use. Not many would recommend double cleansing but we think it’s only because they are not aware enough that the benefits are actually plentiful. For application, use a gentle oil to get rid of all the grim that sits on top of your skin. After which, use a cleanser suitable for your skin type to finish the job.


Preservatives used today in the industry are improving. Thankfully, parabens are seldom used among green brands. As you may know, “parabens” are one of those names that make it to skincare’s naughty list and are infamously linked to breast cancer and reproductive issues. Knowing that they are now seldom used is indeed good news.

That said, no preservative systems are perfect. You ought to be careful because some may be allergenic.With uncut body oils, however, preservatives are not needed. What they need are antioxidants, like Vitamin E or Rosemary extract, to increase shelf life and protect the formula from smelling awful.


While lotions are equally effective and great for skincare, they would need an emulsifier to hold both oil and water together. Organic emulsifiers are some of the trickiest ingredients to work with if you are trying to achieve natural skincare formulations. On the other hand, body oils don’t need them so you can save yourself the effort of dealing with emulsifiers.

That said, we would not downplay lotions either just because they need emulsifiers. Many are comparing which is better. But our verdict is this: it would be wrong to say one is better than the other because each has its own ideal use. Although both body oils and lotions function similarly and are great moisturisers, let them do an excellent job by optimising when and how they are best used. They can even be used together.


When comparing both in terms of budget, we have to say, body oils are more economical for application. You might not believe this to be true considering that these high-quality body oils are undeniably expensive. Whilst this may be true, consider how little you will need for daily application. That little bottle of oil will certainly go a long way.


Last on the list, but certainly not the least, body oils are surprisingly known as an alternative for moisturisers. The best advantage of body oil when compared to body lotion is that you will worry less about the product’s formulation. Unlike body lotions, organic body oil seldom contains chemicals. If you don’t have time for DIY skincare products and would rather buy, you will need to make it a habit to read labels. This way you can identify harmful chemicals and prevent them from getting on your skin. Choosing body oils will save you time since they are formulated with natural ingredients.

Furthermore, body oils will give you that healthy sheen that no other moisturising product can. It is one of the standout benefits. Being a good moisturising product and more, body oils can brighten up a dull complexion, enhance uneven skin tone and deeply hydrate dry skin without leaving a trace of slick residue.

To wrap up the benefits, these beneficent oils are the best-kept beauty secrets of famous celebrities. But not anymore.


Technically, there is no wrong way to use them. Nevertheless, it’s best to know when and how to apply body oil to maximise its benefits. Timing is your key. The best time to do this is right after hopping out of the shower. Oils are naturally occlusive. They have this locking and protective nature and we can make use of that by locking in moisture. First, pat yourself dry. Doesn’t have to be bone-dry. You can leave some moisture on your skin since the body oil, which you will slather next, will seal that in. Moreover, they will be your skin remedy during the cold winter months. You will contemplate giving them a try once your dry skin starts to bother you.


You already know what makes a DIY skincare product better from the commercial ones. They are the natural ingredients formed into a clean curation. With that, why don’t we create our very own DIY Body oil blend?

For DIY Body oils, you are basically looking at 97% carrier oils, 1-2% essential oils and 1% antioxidant if required. No need to fret. We are only one to two steps away. Here we have rounded up a few effective DIY body oils for most skin types.

  • SUNFLOWER OIL – Sunflower oil is very soothing to the skin. It has several nourishing properties that will improve dry skin. You can blend it with a few drops of Lavender oil to enhance such properties and create a divine fragrance.
  • GRAPESEED OIL – Grapeseed oil, naturally abundant with vitamins, makes a popular ingredient to many skincare products. It is lightweight and is safe to apply on skin susceptible to breakouts. Boost your grapeseed oil with a few drops of Sandalwood to promote that soft skin free from wrinkles.
  • SWEET ALMOND OIL - Sweet Almond oil, on its own, makes a safe body oil. It is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types because of its gentleness. Once skin is improved, try to mix it with some brown sugar to create that homemade cleansing body scrub. This oil can blend well with Rose and Lavender oil for that sweet-smelling blend.
  • OLIVE OIL – Olive oil is one of those natural oils used both in pantry and skincare. They are convenient because you probably already have them in your kitchen now. Use this oil as a make-up remover and it shall double as a moisturiser to dry skin. If you want to apply it to your hair, boost your olive oil by blending it with Rosemary essential oil.
  • JOJOBA OIL – Lastly, Jojoba oil is another pantry staple that doubles as an effective skincare ingredient. It has moisturising and protective qualities that will better your skin into looking supple. For application, you may add a small amount of sugar and lemon to create a natural lip scrub that is best applied after being out in the sun. The oil is odourless and ideal for those looking for unscented body oils.

Remember to target your skin concern. Ensuring you get to pick the right oil suitable for your skin type is the secret to successfully optimising the oil’s benefits.

WARNING: It is highly recommended to perform patch test before use as a precaution.


There is really no need to stress about oils leaving you that unwanted greasy after-feel anymore. Most of the body oils available today are lightweight and incredibly hydrating. You can even make one easily yourself. Try any of the DIY body oils mentioned above and see for yourself why they are a great deal.

Like many aspects concerning health, a carefully thought-out skincare routine is important. Picking out and applying the body oil suitable for your skin will help attain that goal. It prevents you from possibly obtaining skin problems whilst keeping your skin deeply hydrated and younger-looking. Generally, they are these dainty bottles, sometimes sprays, packed with nourishing goodness – ready to offer you the most desirable sheen. Need we say more?


Not many of these premium quality oils and natural ingredients are readily available in retail stores. If you can find a physical shop near you then good. However, why bother when you can find the best ones online and are just one checkout-click away, right? Easiest and rather more convenient.

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