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Body butter is a lot like the butter you eat — rich and thick! Except, they are these precious tubs meant for skin nourishment. Considered also practical, scooping a dollop goes a long way. And no matter how tempting, please don’t eat it because it’s not edible.

Today, we are delving into easy-peasy DIY body butter recipes. Think also of today’s article as a fun crash course in DIY body butter. By the end of this read, you will be more passionate to slather this natural goodness as much as you would smear it into your toast.


Body butter is a creamy concoction that effectively moisturises and soothes the skin. It typically contains about 2 to 3 natural main ingredients — yes, that simple. The best ones are whipped straight from the kitchen and are free from unnecessary toxic and chemical processes. This cream is notably thicker compared to body lotions and moisturisers. This is the reason why you often find them in a jar or tub rather than in a bottle. That way, you can easily scoop out your desired amount. It’s an ideal option for those who suffer from extremely dry skin and those who have a few problem areas (we’re aiming for your elbows and knees). With that said, it also has several benefits for other skin types. Keep reading to know more.


What’s great about homemade DIY body butter is that once you understand and is satisfied with a simple formula, it becomes easy to customise a butter to your liking. On that note, let’s go through each of these basic ingredients:


  • SHEA BUTTER — Since shea butter is naturally soft, it is commonly used as the main ingredient in DIY body butter. It makes up ¼ of the entire formula. From there, you can combine it with another ¼ butter to create a custom-made recipe.
  • MANGO BUTTER — This butter is extracted from the seeds of mango fruit. It is a natural emollient that will keep your skin soft all day. Similar to shea butter, mango butter is also naturally soft and has a bit of gritty texture before it is melted down.
  • COCOA BUTTER — Cocoa butter is high in Vitamin E and the natural antioxidants necessary to keep our skin hydrated. That is why it is popularly used as a body butter. However, we discourage making 100% cocoa body butter because the butter itself is naturally hard. Your finished product might come out solid as a rock. It is preferable to have it mixed with a softer butter, either shea or mango, to yield a soft and spreadable cream.

Some customised formulas have tried blending all these three kinds of butter for an even more enhanced skin-rejuvenating action. The best thing to do is select the right butter for your skin to reap the most benefits possible.


The second main ingredient is a carrier oil. With the oil included in the recipe, the nourishing properties of the butter are enhanced. Choosing the oil for your recipe is completely up to you. Various carrier oils possess different qualities so you have the liberty to select the ingredient befitting your requirements. For instance, Jojoba oil is a good pick for acne-prone skin whilst avocado oil is advantageous to those with dry and aging skin. You may browse through our online store and check on the oil that speaks for your needs.


If you find it an issue that body butter is too greasy on the skin, using arrowroot flour might just be the solution. It helps by cutting through the oily texture giving that light and fluffy consistency. Experiment with 1 teaspoon per half a kilogram of butter and try it out on your skin. Continually add 1 teaspoon increments until you like the way it feels.

Additionally, some tubs of butter are infused with essential oils to further add the intended skin benefits. Some essential oils popular for a calming mix are marjoram, lavender, vetiver and sandalwood. For an energising mix, fruity scents are generally considered such as grapefruit and peppermint. On that note, you should check on the recommendations with regards to specific dilution. Just to be safe.

Read more to be fully guided in making your homemade skincare products. Now that we have touched on all the basics needed to make your DIY body butter, we are ready to melt and whip some skin nourishment!


While not all commercial products are created equal, one could not deny that their formula generally has some dubious ingredients. It makes you think twice about buying them, more so, slathering on your body! Going for the natural and sustainable approach is still preferred. If you are looking for some DIY inspiration specific to your skin type, we prepared these recipes to help you get started.



DIY Eucalyptus Body Butter — Besides the moisturising benefits of the body butter, using eucalyptus essential oil will help improve dry skin because of its ceramide content. It is a type of fatty acid that is responsible for simultaneously retaining moisture and maintaining the skin’s barrier. With a rich mixture, it would be ideal for that dry skin from the feet up.



Homemade Geranium Body Butter — Choosing two lightweight oils that are suitable for acne-prone skin such as argan and apricot oil might be your best option for this skin type. Additionally, shea butter doesn’t clog pores or trigger breakouts compared to cocoa. Using geranium essential oil will also regulate skin sebum levels and will curb blemishes. With just the suitable ingredient to use, an all-natural DIY body butter particularly intended for oily skin is possible.



Homemade Grapefruit Body Butter — Not on the dry side but still in deep need of moisture? This DIY Body butter is tweaked for you. For normal skin, essential oils with a citrus aroma can be an advantage. Due to its energising properties, these homemade body butter can be a good application to get your day started on a good note.



Honey and Almond Oil DIY Body Butter — We know just the small trick for that ever-demanding sensitive skin. Sweet almond oil is almost the default beneficent oil to people prone to skin sensitivities. This is because the said nourishing oil is known to be extremely mild. With that said, it has to be avoided by people allergic to tree nuts. You may opt for other milder oils like Apricot oil and Jojoba oil.



  • Except for the essential oils, place the solid and liquid ingredients together in a heat-resistant container.
  • Place that container in a pot that has about 5 centimetres height of water. Using a double boiler, melt and blend the ingredients.
  • Boil and allow the ingredients to melt completely. It usually takes around 5 minutes with medium heat on the stove. Ideally, cocoa butter is the last ingredient to liquefy.
  • Use a whisk during the melting process to blend the ingredients.
  • Once liquified, remove from heat and set aside.
  • When the temperature drops, add the essential oils and other optional ingredients to get the most out of them.
  • Refrigerate and keep the container frozen for an hour.
  • Once solidified, take the frozen mixture out and allow it to thaw for about 30 minutes at room temperature.
  • Whip the mixture until the consistency is good. You may whisk manually but to save effort and time, use a blender in a medium-high for about 10 mins for the right consistency.
  • Finally, secure your finished product in a sterilized tub and your DIY body butter is ready to use.

If you plan on tweaking some of the recipes mentioned above, that’s alright, too. In general, plan on making your butter with the basic ratio of 75% solid to 25% liquid ingredients. From there, have fun experimenting with your preferred ingredients. You can alter whatever essential oils you like depending on your preferred scent and nourishment needed. On that note, we strongly encourage you to do your research.

Once again, you are whipping an all-natural skincare product. And it is 100% oil-based. If it melts, don’t fret. That is normal and you’ve probably left it in an area warm enough for it to melt. Just store it back in the fridge and you are good to go.


Body butter is an anhydrous product. This means its content is free from water and it doesn’t require a preservative to keep it from spoiling. For this reason, your DIY finished product has a longer shelf life. It’s one of the features that distinguish it from body creams and lotions. But, more importantly, DIY body butter is the best solution to address chronic dryness and similar skin problems better than other skincare products.

After bathing when your skin is slightly damp, apply a small amount and spread evenly to your body, particularly to rough body parts. In this manner, the butter will permeate easily into the skin feeling less sticky. Plus, the whipped texture feels delectable on the skin. Another good option is applying a fair amount of the cream before bedtime. This allows the butter to fully penetrate through the skin layers whilst sleeping the entire time. Remember, your finished product can only be as nourishing as the ingredients you made it with. Isn’t that fact pleasantly gratifying at all?

Furthermore, DIY body butter with highly concentrated ingredients means a small amount applied is enough for nourishment. Besides being beneficial, it is practical and long-lasting at the same time.


In summary, your tubs of homemade body butter are your nourishing creams — leaving you healthy-looking, radiant skin. They are the ultimate treat for your skin that yearns for extra love! Moreover, making them on your own is not complicated at all. Just source out the befitting ingredients ideal for your skin type. Once you whip that decadent DIY body butter perfect for you and use it daily, who’s to stop you from achieving and maintaining that most coveted gorgeous skin throughout the whole year?

If you want to learn more about homemade skincare products, we encourage you to skim through our blog section and read the article that evokes your interest. We can be certain, you’ll never run out of ideas about natural goodness! From the beginning, our intentions have always been clear. N-essentials give utmost importance and support to using safe, nourishing ingredients on our skin.


Are you ready to indulge in your decadent DIY body butter? If you are, you must be thrilled to scout the best all-natural ingredients in town.

As you are responsible for your skin, aim only for the healthiest and nourishing skincare routines possible. If you can easily make it at home, you probably should so you can carefully attend to the nutrients that go into your skin as much as you can to avoid the harmful chemicals. N-essentials can make that happen for you. We only offer top-quality body butter supplies. Browse through our online store, and buy online today!

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