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N-Essentials takes delight in providing you with a wide selection of colourants to be used in your desired application. Having added to your products, soap colours and mica colours play a great deal in attracting customers especially if you are a manufacturer or a product maker. This is why we stock Australia’s finest colourants all for one reason - to give you convenient and easy shopping experience. 
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Colourants are storming today’s market and are greatly available in different options whether you are planning to add colours to your paintings, clothes, photographs, and many others. Colourants have been in use for decades for countless reasons and at the present time, they have been massively used in the cosmetic industry with the obvious purpose of adding distinctive shades to any skincare and body care products.

As it is known, colourants can either be dyes or pigments. Dyes are water-soluble substances that impart or transfer colours from a solution in water. Pigments, on the other hand, are water-insoluble substances that are applied not as solutions but mixed with a liquid. They provide colour, shine, and opacity, and are mainly used in paints, ink, cosmetic products, and many others. 

Our colourants are composed of pigments including activated charcoal, fluorescent pigments, iron oxides, mica pigments and pearlescent pigments. 

Inorganic pigments like our iron oxides are highly-refined pigments that have been neutralised for cosmetic use. They come in various colours to be used in different cosmetic formulations. 

Organic pigments, as opposed to inorganic pigments, are more intense in colour. An example of this is our mica pearlescent pigments that are an excellent substitute for makeup colours, eyeshadows, lipsticks, and creams. It can also be used in making homemade liquid soaps, cold process soaps, and bath bombs. 

However, not all organic pigments are suitable for use in cosmetics. 

Mica colours are pigments that have been naturally extracted from stone minerals with shiny flakes. What gives mica colours its distinctive shine is its multi-sided colour that is partly due to titanium dioxide. Regarded as the most used colourant, mica colours are enormously used in cosmetic or body care applications such as making bath bombs, soaps, and eye shadows. 

In soapmaking, mica works best in clear melt and pour soap applications. It does not clump, however, it tends to be unstable at times in cold process soap. To prevent this, titanium dioxide is added to permit a level of stability not feasible with mica. Titanium dioxide is an ideal ingredient as it also has brightening, thickening, and lubricating properties that help protect the skin.


N-Essentials stocks effective colourants to buy online that are ready to be distributed within Australia and across the globe. We have all the colours you need for any of your desired applications – may it be soap colours or makeup colours. 

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