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Something about fragrance oil is truly magical. More and more people are buying this liquid gold today. With just one smell, it can replicate a scent that inspires a similar smell from nature. However, with the variety of scents sold in the market, it can sometimes be difficult to find a quality oil. In this article, let us probe what are the best qualities to consider when looking for trustworthy fragrance oil suppliers.


Other than its obvious purpose to scent certain products, fragrance oils are often used for the following three (3) main advantages:

  • They last longer. The fixatives in this oil make the synthetic notes last up to 5 years. It gives the fragrance vitality to last longer. It does not sour and wanes as quickly as natural perfumes. This is the main highlight that natural fragrances can’t achieve.
  • Their scents are stronger. The fragrance oil has an intense scent. For comparison, observe a drop of essential oil and fragrance oil each in a different candle. Between the two candles, the scent of the fragrant oil is significantly more intense compared to that of the essential oil.
  • They are less expensive. Unsurprisingly, there is no need for an expensive process of extraction. This is why they are considered cheaper than essential oils.


Fragrance oils generally have two broad types — natural and synthetic. Understanding them will further shed light on why they are useful especially to manufacturers. We will differentiate each below in brief.

Natural fragrance oils. These oils are created in laboratories by isolating natural aromatic components from plants and animals. However, its natural fragrance can be inconsistent — considering that it was uprooted from the same source. With this drawback, synthetic fragrance oil comes in.

Synthetic fragrance oils. These oils are purely developed in laboratories. Instead of sourcing the notes through forestry and animals, manufacturers try to replicate its natural accords thereby being unable to affect the environment. It is a man-made process that can allow for the reproduction of forestry and the protection of animals (like civets and musk deer) where the extracts are used in popular fragrances.


Of course, it is only normal for the consumers to want their fragrance oil worthy of every scent. With that said, we have narrowed down below important factors you should consider when looking for trustworthy fragrance oil suppliers:

  • Allergen declaration. The industry would know that millions of people have fragrance sensitivities. It is helpful when a supplier discloses the allergens of its product for the awareness of its prospective customers. Trustworthy fragrance oil suppliers are regardful in terms of safety standards. On that note, those who have allergies and skin sensitivities should always perform a patch test for precautionary measures.
  • Flashpoint is noted. With candle making, in particular, the flashpoint is a very important detail. By general definition, a flashpoint is when the temperature of any fluid gives off enough vapour that an open flame could easily ignite. Knowing your flashpoint is a precautionary measure which is why a dependable fragrance oil supplier provides this information.
  • Longevity of your fragrance oil. When scouting for a credible fragrance oil supplier, this fragrant oil is worth its price if its longevity is laudable. Usually, these suppliers offer a competitive price for their fragrance oil as they know their products’ worth. They also offer the best prices for their client base and offer bulk orders as they have gained credibility throughout the years.
  • Suggested Dosages. Not many have it, but trustworthy suppliers will deliberately oblige themselves to provide suggested dosages to specific applications. They go out of their way to guide their customers. In the long run, this establishes a sense of trust with their clients.

That looks like a lot to ask from only a scent application, or is it? The fragrance is, indeed, powerful. These factors are crucial to weigh in your options when looking out for a trustworthy fragrance oil supplier. With that said, let us go deeper into the various applications of these oils and what is the role of the fragrance oil supplier in some of these applications.



Other than essential oil, these oils also greatly contribute to soap making. Look through our list below of available fragrance oils that do not disappoint with curing and saponification. Additionally, these are not weak scents, especially for cold processed soaps. With trustworthy fragrance oil suppliers, they will provide details of flashpoints and discolouration caused by the fragrance oil because such details are crucial in the soap making process. This will manage the expectations of DIY crafters and soap makers when using the oil.

Popular Fragrances for Handmade Soaps:

  • Very Vanilla fragrance oil — N-essentials’ Very Vanilla is a top choice for soap making with its creamy vanilla scent. In soaps, the oil’s Vanillin causes discolouration of the end product, giving the soap a dark brownish colour. The discolouring complements the hint of an almond aroma alongside its creamy scent being a middle note.
  • Almond Milk fragrance oil — This oil has similarities with Very Vanilla oil. The sweet fragrance suggests milky honey paired with an almond aroma for a harmonious scent.
  • Lavender Clean fragrance oil — Like most lavender aromas, this oil gives a fresh and charming scent. For consumers, these descriptions always come to mind when talking about lavender. It is probably the reason why it is considered the most-used fragrance not only in soaps but in other products, too.
  • Lemongrass and Ginger fragrance oil — N-essential’s Lemongrass and Ginger is a fresh, clean and alluring citrusy-smelling fragrance that is a favourite when it comes to soaps and other body care products.
  • Ocean Breeze fragrance oil — This amazing scent inspires an ocean breeze. Many are trying to capture a scent similar to an ocean-fresh scent but this fragrance is one of the best. 


For candle making, fragrance oils release stronger scents when burned. And because they are usually cheaper than essential oils and come with a variety of scent options, they are frequently used for homemade scented candles. Read here about high quality candle supplies and candle scent. Go over the list below of popular fragrances for homemade candles. You might already be familiar with some of these fragrances.

Popular Fragrances for Homemade Candles:

  • Lotus flower fragrance oil — This floral fragrance in homemade candles are a crowd’s favourite. It fits perfectly for intimate dinners at cozy restaurants or evenings by the fire because of its sweet fragrance.
  • Coco Mango fragrance oil — With a hint of coconut alongside its fruity mango for homemade candles, this fragrant oil is popular with resorts, beach restaurants, and other vacation spots.
  • Fresh Aussie Sea Salt fragrance oil —Talk about the marine smell, this fragrance oil makes an admirable middle note. With just one whiff, the aroma inspires a beach vibe with a hint of fresh and salty sea air. It is suitable as a masculine fragrance.
  • Frangipani fragrance oil — For homemade candles, this fragrance is a great alternative popular for those who are fond of a fresh, slightly sweet and floral smell. It is also a middle note with a creamy and woodsy hint of smell.
  • Cinnamon & Vanilla fragrance oil — The sweet and soft notes of vanilla extract is a fragrance that is always a crowd favourite. This fragrance first gives off a hint of warm and spicy cinnamon. As the candle burns longer, the soft vanilla scent strongly becomes visible. Homemade candles infused with this scent fares well with offices as the scent fairly attracts olfactory senses. 


If you are a fan of good smelling clothes, the application of fragrance oils in your linen and laundered clothes is a great way to add scent. For application, just place a few drops in a paper towel. Use these scented paper towels and place them in between sheets of your clean clothes as you keep them. Once you use them, you will notice that the scented paper towels have influenced your clothes.

Similarly, during laundry, add several drops of your preferred fragrance oil to your washing machine. Whilst for dryer application, there are two options, you either use another scented cloth or a scented wool dryer ball which you will include in the dryer.


Fragrance oils are also good diffuser oils if you have a certain favourite scent. Reed diffusers are basically these small, aesthetic containers with rattan reeds placed into the mixture of the oils to draw the solution out. The aroma of the oil then evaporates into the air leaving your room with the aroma molecules for you to smell.

One advantage when using reed diffusers is that they are non-combustible. Reed diffusers are a safer alternative to burning scented candles. They have no flames, soot, and smoke — which is convenient for smaller spaces at home. With reed diffusers, the more reeds you use the more powerful the fragrance. On top of this, you can flip as often as you’d like so that the reed diffuses more aroma.

Favourite Fragrances for Reed Diffusers:

  • Kakadu Strawberry Lime fragrance oil — This fragrance, when used as a reed diffuser, has a well-balanced composition that is both sweet (coming from the strawberry and plum aroma) and citrusy fresh (all thanks to its lime top note). It is a peculiar combination that works thereby it also sells to consumers. This is a favourite for those looking for a sweet-smelling fragrance that is not too strong.
  • Lemon Myrtle and Verbena fragrance oil — If you are especially keen on invigorating, citrusy fragrances, this fragrant oil for reed diffuser is the one for you. It begins with a fresh lemon top note that blends and balances well with the aromatic verbena middle note and lemon myrtle base note. The phthalate-free fragrance of the oil fills the room and is suitable almost in any setting.
  • Spicy Pear fragrance oil — This fragrance used in reed diffusers is a good alternative for air freshener sprays with its scent complimenting your household cleaning products. The synthesised juicy pear fruit gives a rich yet sweet and musky scent that spices up any space. Additionally, it can blend well with other natural oils such as lime oil, lemon oil, and bergamot oil, and fir needle oil to balance out the scent.


One might wonder about the importance of fragrance in beauty products. However, its fragrance actually gives an impact on a consumer to purchase an item. It is also a contributing factor for a brand to be a success.

Similar to the function of colours in beauty products, fragrance in cosmetics is also basically psychological but is not limited to that reason alone. In fact, many are inclined to buy a product that triumphantly incorporates an aroma that befits its beauty benefits. Other than its cosmetic benefits and price, consumers rely upon their judgment using their sensory qualities — packaging and its colour (visual), the viscosity (tactile), and of course, how it smells (olfactory).

On that note, beauty products can be created without using too many synthetic ingredients. For instance, just a few drops of your favourite fragrance oil added to your leave-on products will already do great. This is where the suggested dosages are conveniently provided by reliable fragrance oil suppliers.


The most credible and trustworthy fragrance oil suppliers today are the hope of those who wish to reap the incredible benefits of fragrance oils. More importantly, they make a better choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies. They become comfortable using their products.

When you know the appropriate way to make use of your fragrance oils, and with the guidance of your most trusted fragrance oil suppliers, these oils are very convenient and versatile. Stock up on your favourite aroma today.


Here at N-essentials, we bring you the finest scents of our fragrance oils you can indulge in. N-essentials Australia is your trusted fragrance oil supplier. The business is fully dedicated to offering an exclusive line of premium quality fragrance oils at a competitive price. When sourcing out for fragrance oils, always check the description as it is a contributing factor to the results of your usage later on.

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