Fragrance Oils


N-essentials stock a range of fragrance oils that are suitable for use in soap making, candle making, skincare and cleaning products. Over the coming months, we’ll be broadening our range of fragrance oils so that customers can consider us to be a one-stop shop for personal care and household supplies in Australia online.

Differences between fragrance oils and essential oils

A fragrance oil typically is made up of blended synthetic aromatic compounds but the majority of our range contains a mix of both natural isolates as well as synthetic compounds. A fragrance oil is specially designed to imitate the scent of a natural product, fruits are usually popular, that is hard or that is not physically possible to extract. Fragrance oils are also created to call on a feeling or personify a state of mind such as “ocean breeze” or “sea salt spray”. Essential oils on the other hand, have been extracted from natural botanical sources, usually steam-distilled from different parts of a plant such as leaves, bark, stem, wood or resin, to create concentrated oils that have many beneficial properties that fragrance oils do not have. For the reason that fragrance oils are not 100% natural, they are usually less expensive than essential oils and are easily more obtainable as they can be chemically engineered. The end-to-end process of essential oil extraction is expensive as it firstly involves many years of growing the botanical plant in the right environment, harvesting and cultivating in the right climate and then extracting the oils via steam distillation or solvent extraction.

Why buy fragrance oils online in Australia from N-essentials?

We stock a range of fragrance oils online that are specially made for making soap or candles and offer many other complimentary products that cater for soapmakers and candlemakers. No more need to buy from many different suppliers to save on postage costs!

Want to know more?

If you’d like to find out more about our range of fragrance oils online in Australia, feel free to contact us.

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