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Purchasing inexpensive wholesale fragrance oils and selling the final product at a higher price is one of the world's oldest and most well-known strategies for businesses. Although online shopping is slowly dominating the market and dropshipping is thriving, wholesalers are still a part of the top supply chain. Aside from that, multiple brands would purchase wholesale fragrance oils because of their notable benefits. Before you know these perks, let us know more about fragrance oils.


There are two types of fragrance oils: Natural and synthetic. Natural fragrance oils are made up of natural aromatic components, while synthetic fragrance oils are created in laboratories to avoid damaging nature. They provide aromas to cosmetics, candles, perfumes, and many more. Wholesale fragrance oils are much less expensive than those sold in retail stores with the same quality. You can choose different scents and purchase them from a supplier near you or online at an affordable price.


In the economic world, some businesses are making more money than others. However, it is not rocket science that choosing the fragrance niche is part of the big earners. Here's why:

  • Flexibility: You can create different lines of products with wholesale fragrance oils, from perfumes to scented soaps to room diffusers. There are plenty of options for you to choose from because of its versatility. It can add aroma to any applicable product, and it is up to you on how you present your brand as a whole.
  • Long-Lasting: It is advantageous to infuse wholesale fragrance oils into your products because their scents linger for a long time and have a lengthier life span, compared to essential oils.
  • Creates an edge: You can step up your game and separate your product from the rest by using wholesale fragrance oils. You can add unique aromas that other competitors haven't thought of adding.
  • Higher marketability: Some people love fragrances, some people do not. Despite that, there are still plenty of individuals that fall under the former. The reason is that we are drawn to pleasant smells and that we associate them with good things. Many people would put on perfume or cologne to smell nice or take a whiff from scented candles for recreation. Hence, there is a market to add wholesale fragrance oils to your end-use product.
  • High profit: As stated previously, plenty of people love to smell good and want products with lovely scents. Identify who your target market is and determine their needs. Then, you can use that to maximise your sales. Moreover, compared to retail fragrance oils, you can save more money from wholesale fragrance oils due to their affordability. Thus, an opportunity to utilise the product price.


As a business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, making sure that the supplies fit your budget and product quality is one of the tricky things. Buying from wholesalers is the best way to receive the resources you need. To elaborate further, here are notable advantages of buying wholesale fragrance oils:


Evidently, it is one of the advantages of purchasing wholesale fragrance oils. When comparing retailers from wholesalers, you can save thousands of dollars on the latter. It implies that you can charge the same or less than your competitors and still profit nicely. Additionally, customers who buy affordable quality items are often more active in purchasing from your store and are happier. To achieve such customer satisfaction, make sure to find a reliable wholesaler that offers high-grade low-cost products. You can find high-quality wholesale fragrance oils at N-Essentials.


One of the main advantages of purchasing wholesale fragrance oils is accessing a large selection of products. You can find products under different categories in one place. It is beneficial for your business because it means you can purchase at one time, save the burden of going from one retail store to another, and have the freedom to create more.

When purchasing wholesale fragrance oils, check the list of all the things in store and choose items that meet your niche. With the rise of wholesale online stores, it is now a breeze to skim through different products.


Unlike years ago, we are now in a more technologically advanced era. You can now find and purchase from wholesalers online without the hassle of visiting their warehouse. You can order wholesale fragrance oils directly from their website in the quantity you desire, and your order will arrive at your address in a few days, given that you are not that far from the supplier. Purchasing wholesale fragrance oils online saves you time and effort with a faster and safer approach.


As a business owner, you want low-cost supplies for your products, but the high shipping cost would hinder you from hitting the checkout button. However, you can counterattack this dilemma by purchasing wholesale fragrance oils. Ordering in bulk can save you an ample amount of money on the shipment fee, and you can even negotiate with your supplier on packaging and bulk prices. Furthermore, lower shipping costs equate to having more savings, a benefit that your business needs.


Not only do wholesalers provide the most inexpensive pricing to their customers, but they also supply top-quality items. When you order wholesale fragrance oils from a supplier, like N-Essentials, you can be confident that all products come directly from trusted manufacturers. As a result, you can immediately tell that it has excellent quality once you have it on hand.


When you buy wholesale fragrance oils, you buy them less frequently. Bulk orders allow you to save time and effort while also improving the assertiveness and organisation of your inventory management. It will surely free you from the tension of running out of supplies!

If you buy what you need one at a time, the tendency is you will have to return repeatedly to replenish your supplies. Time is as valuable as money, and you can squander it by rushing back and forth to the store. Thus, proving that buying wholesale fragrance oils is super helpful and a time saver.


Perhaps you are still running a small business right now, which means you have a limited budget for purchasing things to sell. However, when you buy wholesale fragrance oils from a reputable supplier, you will find it much easier to compete with big businesses with the same niche. Although it depends on your effort and how you market your brand, having an affordable variety of products will attract many customers. Hence, ordering wholesale fragrance oils is more affordable and can help with the overall item price.


You can have the best time while purchasing wholesale fragrance oils. It is due to suppliers establishing excellent customer service as a part of their way of making you comfortable and order with ease. They constantly improve to set up their game, including quality products, easy access to their services, and ensuring that you are well-catered.


Purchasing from a trustworthy supplier means that you will receive safe and high-grade products. They source their fragrance oils from reputable manufacturers that produce distinctive aromas. When acquired from a certified provider, wholesale fragrance oils are safe for massage oils, cosmetics, laundry detergents, and other products.

Precautions: Fragrance oils are very concentrated. Thus, make sure to dilute them with a carrier oil. If you run a skincare business, always inform your customers to do a patch test before fully applying your products to avoid any unwanted skin reactions, or let them consult a medical doctor. It also applies to homemade product makers, alongside to adhering safety measures.


Finding a business idea that works for you is the first step towards becoming a successful entrepreneur. This section will provide you with wholesale fragrance oils business ideas. You can now start from home and build up as your clientele grows.

1.  Perfumes: It is the perfect niche if you are passionate about mixing scents and love to smell nice. However, business mastery and artistic statement should come hand-in-hand when starting your perfume business, and it can result in a high-profit margin if done effectively. It is not necessary to have an extensive understanding of chemistry and science. All that is required is a desire to experiment with different wholesale fragrance oils, the capacity to locate suppliers of the necessary ingredients, and the willingness to exert effort for the remaining parts.

2. Scented soaps: Handmade soaps have become increasingly popular in recent years. You will enjoy running a homemade soap business if you are fond of blending things. It has an affordable initial investment, and it only requires minimal experience. Moreover, you can create a wide range of soaps with different shapes and colours, add a touch of aroma with wholesale fragrance oils, and voilà! You can now start building your community and market your homemade scented soaps.

3. Scented candles: Be your own boss and ditch the tiring nine-to-five office life by starting your scented candle business with wholesale fragrance oils. Many people are now into burning scented candles for various reasons, and you can provide them with your signature scents. There are a lot of great resources on the internet, making it easy for candle-making. You can start making it in the comfort of your home.

4. Air fresheners: The fragrance market is now booming in the business world, and it may rise higher in the years to come. With this, you can now grab the opportunity and profit from it. Starting an air freshener business with wholesale fragrance oils has the potential for high revenue and a quick return on investment. The best thing is that you can start your business at home! Although beneficial, it is unnecessary to have a physical store in this generation when you can now market and sell your products online.

5. Cosmetics: Homemade cosmetic lines are slowly dominating the market, and they appear to have the edge over commercial brands. If you are a small business owner, do not be intimidated by the competition because there are plenty of benefits that you can acquire from it. You can create a makeup or skincare line that is helpful on certain types of skin, and you can buy wholesale fragrance oils to add scent to it. Furthermore, you can personalise your customer service into something unique and professional at the same time. The sky is the limit when it comes to marketing your products!


Are you still deciding on what scents to add to your products? Here are several delectable wholesale fragrance oils to help you out:

Stroll through a field of flowers: Frangipani, Lavender clean, Lotus flowers

Spice things up: Spicy pear, Cinnamon and vanilla, Green tea, Lemongrass and ginger

Have a treat with something sweet: Almond milk, Coco mango, Cocoa therapy, Honey Manuka, Vanilla panna cotta, Very vanilla, Vanilla caramel

A time for summer: Ocean breeze, Fresh Aussie sea salt, Kaffir lime & coco, Pina colada, Nectarine and yuzu, Lemon myrtle & verbena

Fruity galore: Kakadu strawberry lime, Passionfruit, Peach, Watermelon


As you can see, when you buy wholesale fragrance oils online for your business, you can get a lot of great perks and advantages. Whether you are still starting your business or own multiple brands already, take your time finding the best supplier if you want to save time and money, make a higher profit, and free yourself from the hassle.


Start earning more by paying less with wholesale fragrance oils brought to you by N-Essentials. We are a supplier of natural oils, raw ingredients, and many more! All our products are sure to fit your business standards as they are high-quality and affordable. Order through our online shop and choose among different fragrance oils and other products. You can also check out our FAQs section to learn more. Buy from us now to receive our benefits and feel the ease of online shopping.

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