Uses and Benefits of Borage Carrier Oil

Uses and Benefits of Borage Carrier Oil

Published by N-Essentials Team on 17th Apr 2020

Hydrating your skin and making sure you provide the nourishment it needs are just one of the basic things to consider in taking care of your skin. Whether it’s winter or summer, protecting your skin may be difficult if you don’t have the right essentials especially for those who struggle with skin conditions. However, one essential that we admire in keeping our skin to appear moisturised is Borage carrier oil. It is packed with nourishing properties that are extremely good for the skin.

What is Borage Carrier Oil?

Borage (Borago officinalis), better known as the Star Flower, is a flowering herb that is enriched with healthful elements. It is the main source of Borage carrier oil that is extracted through cold-pressing from the seeds of the Borage plant. Carrier oils are base oils that must be diluted with essential oils to protect the skin from possible sensitisation, irritation, or facial redness.

In Aromatherapy Massage, Borage carrier oil has a light viscosity which makes it ideal to use for the hands to move smoothly over the skin. Likewise, Borage carrier oil has also proven to be valuable in Cosmetics as it can be added to enhance the effects of your beauty essentials such as body creams, lotions, and lip balms. It helps to restore the balance of the skin by reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation, correcting dark spots, and even skin tone.

Want to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles? No worries! Borage carrier oil can help improve the aging process by diminishing the visibility of skin imperfections by tightening the skin for firmer and younger look.

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  • Thoroughly mix borage and argan oil in a glass bottle. Then, add in all the essential oils. Shake the bottle for 1-2 minutes.

Although it is generally mild and suitable for all skin types, it is advised to perform a skin patch test first before using it.

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