Honey Beauty Secrets

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Delight your senses with these 30 recipes that showcase the main ingredient - honey - in combination with only the freshest of natural ingredients to make skincare remedies such as facial scrubs, skin balms and lotions, milk baths, hair conditioners, body scrubs and much more.

Contents of this eBook:

1. Aloha honey hawaiian delight
2. Simply sweet honey face scrub
3. Zesty lemon honey gommage
4. Yin and yang honey whip
5. Sweethearts' chocolate honey scrub
6. Soothing honey balancing balm
7. Smoothing skin lotion
8. Skin softening bath
9. Rosemary honey sorbet mask
10. Rosemary honey hair conditioner
11. Rose oil and honey facial mask
12. Peppermint honey feet treat
13. Morning buzz body scrub
14. Moisture mask
15. Lavender honey milk bath
16. Honey-kissed lip balm
17. Honey almond scrub
18. Honey peanut polish
19. Honey cleansing scrub
20. Harvest pumpkin exfoliating mask
21. Hair shine
22. Hair conditioner
23. Green honey glow mask
24. Gentle honey cleanser
25. Foaming vanilla honey bath
26. Firming face mask
27. Facial toner
28. Cucumber honey toner
29. Cucumber honey eye nourisher
30. Cranberry lip gloss

9 pages

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