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Wholesale Oils

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Make your own sprays, fragrances and soaps with our universal collection of wholesale essential oils in Australia. Here at N-Essentials, we curate a variety of natural fragrant, essential, infused, absolute and carrier oils for your everyday use. 

N-Essentials is an Australian-owned and operated brand dedicated to bringing you products that improve the quality of your everyday life. Treat yourself to one of our rich, premium-grade oils.  

A Wide Range of Wholesale Essential Oils

Our experts curate a versatile selection of oils to ensure you have access to high-quality products that are pure and/or natural.

At N-Essentials, we carry: 

Essential Oils: 

Our essential oils are concentrated extracts from plant sources. Their unique characteristics, such as the smell and colour of each essential oil, come from their natural source. 

Generally created through mechanical processes such as steam distillation, essential oils are one of our specialities at N-Essentials. These oils are completely natural and are either 100% pure essential oils or are natural essential oils that are a manufacturer's blend of natural constituents that can be found in the botanical.

Our essential oils do not contain any synthetic materials, making them perfect for an eco-friendly household. 

Types of Wholesale Essential Oils: 

When diluted, these oils can be used in and around your home for several purposes. Some of our most popular essential oils are: 

Absolute Oils: 

Absolute oils differ from essential oils by way of their differing extraction methods and the botanical part used to extract the oil. Absolute oils typically come from the flowers or blossoms of plants that can't be steam-distilled or cold pressed. Examples are rose absolute and jasmine absolute. Absolute oils are extracted via a solvent extraction method involving an abundant amount of flower petals, hence the oils' immense cost. The resulting absolute oil is viscous and highly concentrated.On top of being more viscous, they also have a stronger scent. Unlike essential oils that have numerous applications, it is recommended that absolute oil only be used only for diffusing and making perfumes. 

Types of Wholesale Absolute Oils: 

Good things come in small packages, and N-essential’s absolute oils are one of them! Here are some of our favourites: 

Fragrance Oils: 

Fragrance oils are typically produced using synthetic components. However, at N-essentials, we source premium quality fragrance oils that are primarily created with a blend of both natural and synthetic components, from such oils as essential oils, resin and other natural extracts. These manufactured oils contain scents of their natural fragrance. There are a few differences between essential and fragrance oils. If you’re looking for an inexpensive but effective way to bring fresh smells into your home, we recommend trying our fragrance oil!

Types of Wholesale Fragrance Oils: 

With the use of disposable pipettes, you can add drops of fragrance oils to your homemade cleaning products, candles and air fresheners. Some of the most popular ones are: 

Natural base carrier:   

Carrier oils, otherwise known as vegetable or base oils in certain cases, are used to dilute concentrated essential oils before applying to the skin. Essential oils are diluted as they are too potent to be used directly, so carrier oils basically help “carry” the essential oils onto your skin. 


With natural carrier oils, you can also create infused oils. You can infuse them with herbs such as arnica or calendula to create useful applications. 

Types of Wholesale Natural Base Carrier: 

Find your ideal natural base for your next home project and create your own household items with N-essentials carrier oils. Some of our most popular natural carrier oils are: 

What Is the Difference Between Essential Oils and Natural Base Carrier Oils or Fragrance Oils?

While there are many chemical differences between the three oils, there is one main trait that differentiates essential types from natural base carrier and fragrance products. 


While natural base carriers and fragrance oils can be applied to the skin directly, essential oils require dilution to effectively serve their purpose. This is mainly due to the potent nature of the essential oil - they are too strong to apply directly to your skin. 

At N-essentials, we carry all kinds of useful oils that will allow you to create your own products with ease. Check out the full collection of our essential, fragrance and natural base carriers now!  

Uses of Wholesale Essential Oils

Depending on what types of oils you choose to work with, you can work on the following DIY projects from your home. Make your own homemade products and enjoy the benefits of using N-Essential oils in your own space! Here are a few things you can do with our products: 

  • Soap-Making

Using melt-and-pour bases paired with essential oils is a foolproof way to make soaps easily. Adding dried botanical flowers and colours gives them a bright appearance and makes perfect gifts for friends and family!

  • Adding Into Diffusers

Using oils is a popular way to scent a room and make it smell fresh throughout the day. For example, if you have a space in the house that’s prone to smelling musty or if you have guests coming over, adding a few drops of lavender oil can make your home smell floral, herbal and clean. 

  • Cleaning Products

SImilar to adding it to diffusers, putting drops of oil in your homemade  cleaning products can make cleaning a delightful errand! Please your senses by adding a couple of drops of citronella essential oil, you can have your cleaning products smelling citrusy and light.

Wholesale Essential Oil Suppliers for All

Find the essential oils you need and more for your next home project with the N-essential wholesale collection. Explore our extensive catalogue at even better prices today. For any queries, feel free to contact us today.