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One would think clays are only for potteries. But guess what? They are great for skincare too — especially  Bentonite clay. This very old, rich in mineral clay has been benefited all over the world throughout the years. Ever wondered why? Today, you will get to know more about this clay. Learn how you can use it for an indulging relaxation as you binge-watch Netflix at home!


Bentonite clay is made from volcanic ash that has been aged and mined from the earth. The ingredient is, indeed, literally ancient. The natural substance once was exposed to seawater; thus, it has absorbed lots of minerals. Its nutrients are beneficial as it gets rid of toxins from our body (more on this in a minute).

Moreover, bentonite clay belongs to a group of clay that can expand when immersed in liquid. Once combined with water, its broad surface area stretches open throughout our skin. This happens because “adsorption” takes place and thereby drawing toxins out and eliminating them from our skin.


Scientists explain that bentonite clay works effectively in our skin through a process called adsorption. Now you may ask, what is adsorption? Is it the same thing with absorption or how are they any different?

Although adsorption and absorption have similarities, they differ in many ways. In brief, we will help you differentiate the very sense of both.

  • Absorption — (a.k.a. “drawing in”) Absorption is the process of taking an absorbate to a surface. Like a sponge is to water. The water (absorbate) is being soaked up by a substance known as the sponge (absorbent).
  • Adsorption — (a.k.a. “sticking to”) On the other hand, adsorption is more of an “adhesion” process. It is a surface phenomenon wherein the molecules (a.k.a. toxins in this topic) simply attached to the surface of our absorbent — the Bentonite clay.

Now that these two definitions are clear to us, it is simpler to understand each benefit. We will be discussing them next.


History has shown us that the advantages of this multi-purposed powder predominantly point to cosmetic and topical applications. Let us delve into each:


The bentonite clay’s calling card is really its detoxifying properties. It is the main highlight among all the proposed benefits of this clay. We already know that the clay is highly adsorptive. The clay particles are the negative electric charges whilst the toxins and free radicals are the components to carry a positive charge. When applied topically, the clay attracts positively charged particles like a magnet.

For a case in point, we have been aware that lead as a make-up ingredient has a long and alarming history. However, based on research, bentonite clay is helpful at removing lead ions as they are positively charged metals.


Because the clay can sop up excess oil effectively, it becomes ideal for those having acne-prone skin. Applying the clay for such skin types can therefore help minimise the appearance of prominent pores.

That being said, other skin types can benefit from this clay but with minimal application. Note that it can be too drying especially for those having a dryer complexion already. It is advisable to have an application only once or twice a week. Later on, you will learn how your skin reacts. By that time, you can tell how often or as little you will use the clay.


This is one of the undeniable perks of our clay — it can beautify our skin!

Research had claimed that bentonite has skin-clarifying benefits. It effectively removes dirt and other skin saboteurs. The reason behind this is that bentonite has high levels of the mineral silica. The abundance of minerals will help maintain healthy-looking skin.

Furthermore, bentonite can revitalise the look of your hair. Many beauty gurus swear by the hair masks made from this clay. As it happens, the clay is also capable of moisturising whilst simultaneously cleaning the scalp.


There are several ways this nourishing clay can be incorporated for topical applications. A quick google search might overwhelm you as there are many ways to do it. Don’t sweat it, we have rounded up the list for you. Before anything else, please remember that bentonite clay reacts with metal. The natural feature of the clay will be affected. It is best to use a glass or ceramic bowl with a wooden or plastic spoon.

Now, give yourself a lockdown spa day with some DIY Bentonite Clay skincare routine:


Simply combining a ratio of 1:1 tablespoon each of bentonite and water can already work as an effective face mask. But to add a boost of hydration, add to the mixture another 1 teaspoon of Manuka honey. Once blended, gently apply the mixture to your face and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Start removing when it starts to feel tight. Do not allow the mixture to dry on your skin. Discard any unused portions after a few days.

Read this article to learn more about the advantages of using clay face masks.


This might seem odd, but this clay can effectively detoxify your armpit. Most of the conventional deodorants available today are loaded with aluminium which is harmful to the natural state of your armpit. You can use the face mask mixture discussed earlier but to be applied for your underarms. If you intend to switch to using natural deodorants, we recommend this underarm mask.

You see, there’s been this rumour that switching to natural deodorants make you stink. This is a misconception. Please note that the odour doesn’t come from the sweating and it’s only a “transitional phase.” It smells at first. Probably for the first two weeks, at least. The reason behind this is that the natural deodorant is fighting the bad odour caused by conventional products. So, it is all for the good. The bad odour will be gone over time all thanks to your natural detoxifying armpit mask.


This is one of the simplest applications for natural hair care. For hair strands that tend to be oilier, consider applying this homemade bentonite hair mask twice a week to attain best results. Simply combine 1 cup of bentonite clay, 1 cup of water, and half a cup of apple cider vinegar. Mix well then gently slather the mixture on your strands from root to tip. Discard any unused portions after a few days.


Treat your whole body with an indulging bath using bentonite clay. Add the following into your warm bath water: a quarter cup of the bentonite powder, 1 cup of  Epsom salts, and a few drops of your favourite  essential oil. The combination of the relaxing warm water and the detoxifying clay is a simple yet effective way to be pampered. However, this DIY bath can be intense so make sure to hydrate and listen to your body to gauge how long you are going to bathe.

Is it just us, or is there always a benefit to reap from this clay from head down to toe? Clearly, this explains why it is the perfect ingredient for your pampering session. On that note, read further below to know what natural ingredients blend well with bentonite and is suitable for your skin.


Okay, we admit, the homemade skincare recipes above might have been too simple. We don’t want to bore you, so here is another take to spice things up. These are other helpful, natural ingredients that can team up well with bentonite clay. This way, however you mix and match these recipes, you can expect a synergy effect. These ingredients are also great for starters in skincare.

  • Jojoba Carrier oil — As a clay mask, mixing one part of bentonite to two parts jojoba oil is good for dry skin. This carrier oil is one of the commonly used oils for skincare. Blending it with bentonite gives an added moisturisation benefit. This combination will leave your skin looking soft and supple.
  • Kaolin White Clay powder — Bentonite and kaolin clay combined create a very creamy paste as they are both clays. You can use ½ tsp lemon juice, ½ tsp manuka honey, and just 1 tsp of water to be your liquid ingredients. Such creamy paste will indeed leave your skin looking tightened and refreshed. Not only that, this improvised mask is suitable for acne-prone skin types. Its cleansing properties will ward off breakouts for you.
  • Activated Charcoal— These two multi-purposed powders both have important attributes in common. Mixing these two is like amplifying their adsorptive abilities. However, you will need to add apple cider vinegar to balance out the mask. Since both activated charcoal and bentonite have a high PH level, the apple cider will work by toning it down and therefore makes a good skin application. Take note that when both powders are hydrated, they can easily swell up to a much larger size.
  • Natural Green Tea extract — Green tea combined with our clay is suitable for normal skin. One way to keep your skin looking beautiful is having this pair together. It will effectively fend off dirt for you and other external factors that can contribute to signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines. Green tea extract, in itself, has great benefits to the skin and all the more when combined with our clay.
  • Rose Floral water— Both bentonite and rose floral water are effective natural ingredients in balancing excess oil. Knowing this, we can tell that it is ideal for those having combination skin types. Unlike other skin types, this one can get a little bit tricky. It is a good thing to combine Bentonite and Rosewater as they work hand in hand. They simultaneously moisturise the dry areas whilst balancing the excess oil production. For topical applications, just add one part clay and two parts rose water then blend well.
  • Essential oils — The essential oils that are popularly added to a bentonite clay concoction are Lavender, Frankincense, Geranium, Tea Tree, Rosemary, and Peppermint essential oils. Every oil is unique on its own. The bottom line, however, they will do your skin good. With several essential oils available in the market, it is now a matter of personal preference so pick one that best suits you. Click on each link of the essential oils to know more about their benefits and uses.

PRECAUTION: Topical use of bentonite clay is generally safe. However, it is best practice to perform a patch test to avoid skin sensitivities.


The best part is, your choices are never limited in DIY skincare. You can always try and blend all your favourite ingredients with bentonite clay. Skincare is a journey — and a fun one at that if you let it! Always make your research and experimentation adventurous with precautionary measures intact. In the long run, you will improve your skin issues, whatever they may be.

Finally, like the clay itself, the benefits of bentonite clay are age-old. And, it is still widely used today. If you have only heard about it now, odds are you’ve already used it in your skincare routine without realising it. With bentonite clay, a perfect spa day is very possible straight from your home!


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