Five Essential Oil Blends for Winter’s Dry Skin

Five Essential Oil Blends for Winter’s Dry Skin

Published by N-essentials Team on 20th Jul 2022

The winter months have begun to descend on us in Australia’s southern states. Some of us are already fully engulfed by shorter, cooler days and nights that border on the perilous. Further north, the downward trend is reaching its apex, and this means that it is shortly time to break out the space heater or twist the dial on the wall.

Colder air cannot carry the same level of moisture as warmer air, and by nature (pun intended), the winter months tend to be drier. This is exacerbated by the dry heat being pumped out by many central heating systems, in particular, in our office buildings and workplaces. All of this adds up to a tough time for our skin.

Hot, dry air does little to encourage our skin’s natural oils. We may notice more flaky, scaly areas of skin, in particular in places that are constantly exposed, such as our faces and hands. In extreme cases, rawness and cracking can result, a painful reminder that our best friend in the winter is our moisturising blend.


First, it is important to remember that essential oils are not meant to be used in their pure form. These oils are highly concentrated, and without the diluting action of a carrier oil, or water, in the case of your diffuser, you could be subjecting your skin to far tougher times than heat and dryness. Irritation, and in extreme cases, chemical burns and permanent sensitivity can be the end result, so make sure that you mix with carrier oils properly, and keep these oils out of reach of the little ones.

Decisions, Decisions 

The sheer number of different carrier oils and essential oils can be overwhelming, at first glance. The sheer variety begs the question - what will work for me? Factor in the different combinations available, along with the variances from different ratios of each ingredient, and you have a nigh-endless number of options.

We all must start somewhere. So, as we descend in to the winter months, here are some of N-essentials favourite blends to combat dry skin.

The All-Rounder 

First, taking stock of your skin type is important. If you tend to have drier skin, you want a more moisturising concoction. If you are prone to oily skin, or more sensitive skin, you might want something that suits you, and doesn’t irritate you. Experimentation is key, and part of the fun.

With that said, one of our favourite all-round oils comes courtesy of lavendergeranium, and ylang-ylang. The soft tones and mixes make it ideal for a variety of skin types. Don’t, however, use more than ten drops of lavender - as tempting as it may seem - or you might find your skin becoming irritated. A good mix is:

Dry skin 

If you are like many of us, winter time is the time for dry skin. Pumped in air, and the tendency to spend much of our time indoors, means we can often be found reaching for a moisturising agent.

Our dry skin mix combines:

As a carrier oil choice, jojoba and coconut have been known to reduce the signs of ageing and the appearance of wrinkles, and work very well in this mix.

Sensitive skin 

Do you struggle with irritable skin? The agent of irritation is as varied as we are, but being cooped up next to our heaters can put us in closer proximity to them. Indoors, they can include such things as pet hair, mould spores, mildew, dust, or insulation. Even certain winter clothing can create issues.

Give this unique mix a try, if you have found your skin suffering this winter.


We know what you’re saying - is this just a sneaky way of including another dry skin recipe? Well, not exactly (although variety is the spice of life). Dehydrated skin needs more than just moisturising, it needs replenishment. Give this recipe a try:


Without a doubt, the winter months can cause a bit of the doldrums. Between the cooler weather and the shorter days, we can be blamed if we don’t always jump out of bed, ready to tackle the day.

But, an energising scent, riotously screaming ‘action’, can serve as a welcome change in our morning routine, and can get our day moving in the right direction. Try this fruity, aromatic offering, for a nice change of pace:

Remember, the winter months are only a downer if you let them be so. Try out these unique blends and put a spin on your skin care routine this year, with essential oils and your friends at N-essentials. We provide essential oils that we believe walk this line, through trusted providers, known for their good processes and upright business model.

Have a look at them today.

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