• What is Rosehip Oil?

    11th Jul 2014

    What is Rosehip Oil?

    Rosehip oil is a fruit oil cold-pressed from the hip of a rose. The “hip” is what is left over after a rose has been in bloom and the petals have fallen off. The oil extracted from it is rich in vitam…

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  • What is Coconut Oil?

    6th May 2014

    What is Coconut Oil?

    As the name suggests, coconut oil comes from the coconut, a seed from tropical palm trees. The oil is sourced from the dried whole coconut and is used in a wide range of skincare products, as well…

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  • What is hemp seed oil?

    14th Apr 2014

    What is hemp seed oil?

    Hemp seed oil is a carrier oil that is made from the Cannabis sativa plant’s seeds. Carrier oils are considered to be “base” oils as they are used as the foundation to an aromatherapy oil, typicall…

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  • Moroccan Oil versus Argan Oil

    21st Mar 2014

    Moroccan Oil versus Argan Oil

    What is Argan Oil?Sourced from argan trees, this is the purest form of argan oil you can get. Extracted from the nut of the trees, it is well known for its deep hydrating qualities. The oil can cleans…

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  • What is Almond Oil?

    11th Mar 2014

    What is Almond Oil?

    The purpose of a carrier oil is to act as a base for essential oils and are used to “carry” the essential oil onto the skin. Essential oils are volatile and will evaporate or “fly away” and as such…

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  • Do It Yourself Lip Products

    25th Feb 2014

    Do It Yourself Lip Products

    Beauty products are a very personal thing. However, what you see in the shops isn’t quite as unique as you are. Sometimes all you want to do is make your own products with your own personal touches. W…

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  • What is Shea Butter?

    6th Dec 2013

    What is Shea Butter?

    Shea Butter comes from the nuts of a tree, called the Karite Nut tree, which is found in the semi-arid savannah regions of West and Central Africa. The solid fatty oil is extracted from the nut throug…

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