• Citrus Massage Oil

    14th Oct 2015

    Citrus Massage Oil

    Freshen yourself up with this sweet-smelling, citrusy massage oil straight after an early morning shower or before going on a night-out.Ingredients: ¼ cup apricot kernel oil 15 drops bergamot ess…

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  • Daily Facial Foaming Cleanser

    14th Oct 2015

    Daily Facial Foaming Cleanser

    This foaming cleanser recipe is great for oily to normal skins and is mild enough to use as a daily natural skincare regimen. Ingredients: 1 part organic castile liquid soap 4 parts distilled/dem…

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  • Make Your Own Beeswax Candles

    23rd Sep 2015

    Make Your Own Beeswax Candles

    Candles add fragrance, ambiance, warmth and light to any room. Who doesn’t enjoy a conversation, drink or meal by candlelight? What if you could easily make the candles yourself and choose only the…

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  • Bathroom Cleaner

    14th Sep 2015

    Bathroom Cleaner

    This natural bathroom cleaner is designed to potentially remove tough stains from all bathroom surfaces. You can also use this to clean your tiles, kitchen area, and even floors! A very simple,…

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  • Mould Remover

    13th Sep 2015

    Mould Remover

    Ingredients: Ingredients for cleaning off affected surface: half tablespoon sodium bicarbonate quarter cup vinegar 2 litres hot water Ingredients for getting rid of the mould: half teaspoon cl…

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  • Proven Ways to be Happier

    23rd Jul 2015

    Proven Ways to be Happier

    Recent times have seen a dramatic surge in the number of studies based on ‘positive psychology’ and the science of happiness. As a result, science has guided us to specific ways of thinking and acting…

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  • 15 Natural Beauty Recipes

    8th Jun 2015

    15 Natural Beauty Recipes

    Zesty Lemon Honey GommagéBenefits: This exfoliating and antibacterial cream will leave skin clean, polished, soft and smooth.Recipe:Makes 4 Treatments Ingredients: 4 tbsp. bentonite or kaolin cla…

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