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Published by N-essential Teams on 25th Sep 2023

Reviewed By: Kacie La

One common thought we have about patchouli is that they have this musky, sweet, yet spicy scent. It is a base note that is commonly used in modern perfumery. With that said, not many would know that patchouli oils are also valuable in the beauty and cosmetic industry. These nourishing oils have impressive, skin-friendly properties — especially for massage treatments! Keep reading if you have been wondering what benefits you will reap if you add this oil to your wellness toolbox. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about patchouli oils! From all of its wonderful benefits, versatile applications, and synergised blends — we have got you covered!


Patchouli oils are extracted from the leaves of Pogostemon cablin. It is a tropical perennial plant that is a member of the Labiatae family that includes other known plants such as Lavender, Rosemary, and Sage. Once extracted, patchouli oils are well known for their long-lasting fixative properties alongside their musky scent. Furthermore, it is an invigorating oil suitable to use in massage treatments. This is because the oil is imbued with several skin-friendly properties including, but is not limited to, insecticidal, astringent, and antibacterial properties, among others. Such properties are, indeed, valuable when added to your beauty and personal care products. More of these benefits will be elaborated on further below.


Just like its leaves where it was extracted, patchouli oils’ aroma profile has a strong yet strikingly sweet and enchanting scent. Going deeper on its notes, it boasts of its dark, musky and earthy aroma. In general, its aroma is very much a reminder of wet soil. Because of its strikingly sweet aroma, every single drop of patchouli oil requires dilution. For blends suitable for patchouli oils, suggestions will be given below.


Cleanses the skin effectively: Patchouli oil does an antibacterial activity when topically applied on skin and hair. It is a powerful deep cleanser that will remove stagnant dirt on your skin. Furthermore, it also works effectively as a dandruff remover — thereby improving the texture of your scalp. For haircare, using patchouli oils for pre-shampoo treatment is highly recommended. It can remove dandruff flakes and excess grime that is making your hair oily and unhealthy-looking.

Rejuvenate the dull skin: Patchouli oils help improve dry and dull skin when added to your skincare routine. It is suitable to be added in nightly routines as it will deeply penetrate the skin when left overnight. Eventually, soft skin is brought back when rejuvenated.

Exfoliates the dull skin: In addition to its rejuvenating abilities, patchouli oils are also effective in exfoliating the skin. There is a need to exfoliate if we find that there’s excess gunk and too much dullness of our skin. When reinforced with physical particles, such as cosmetic powders and or bath salts, patchouli oils work their magic by removing a lot of dirt, debris and dead skin cells. When we exfoliate our skin, say once a week, we give in an extra hand to our cleansing routines — thereby leading to more visible results. With that said, make sure to use gentle exfoliators if you happen to also have sensitive skin.

Prevents signs of ageing: Patchouli oils have active compounds that help prevent and minimise the signs of ageing in the skin. Moreover, its astringent properties help prevent the early appearance of sagging skin. As for haircare, it also retains the plumpness and volume of hair thereby preventing hair thinning.

Prevents the skin against the drying effects of the sun : Patchouli oils are endowed with properties that protects the skin against the harmful and drying effects of the sun. There is research indicating that patchouli oils minimise the effects of the sun on the skin when exposed to it. This, therefore, proves that patchouli oils have, indeed, protective abilities when it comes to skincare.


There are several advantages to blending patchouli oils with many other essential oils. Primarily, the rich and spicy aroma of patchouli oil is always considered when choosing what oil to blend. On that note, there are several options to explore when considering what to blend with this oil. Here are top 10 essential oils on our list:

Cedarwood essential oil — Cedarwood oil is considered a good blend for patchouli essential oil. Both of these oils are deemed key notes for most fragrances. Together, they enhance a blend into a rich fragrance due to its warm properties. This is also true when used as a massage oil blend.

Sweet Orange essential oil — Sweet orange and patchouli essential oil diffusion is a good blend to look forward to. It gives a pleasant fragrance with a citrusy and herbaceous aroma combined. Moreover, the orange is not overpowering when used as a blend.

Ylang ylang essential oil — Ylang ylang oil and patchouli oil combined creates another blend with an earthy scent. It is a blend perfectly complementing a balance of each other wherein ylang ylang has a light vibration blending in with the herbaceous, grounding aroma of patchouli oil.

Bergamot essential oil — Bergamot oil has an intense citrus twist when added with patchouli. This scent combination has earthly tones, woodsy, ambery and fresh aroma that is truly an experience for the olfactory senses. More than that, the bergamot has antiseptic properties that are advantageous for the skin.

Geranium essential oil — Not only is geranium essential oil amazing for your skin. It is also considered one of the floral fragrant oils that is loved by many. No wonder it makes a good pair to blend with patchouli oil, having an earthly fragrance. With that said, geranium is actually a love-hate relationship with other blends. It just doesn’t go well with any oil that is why it can’t be tolerated in certain blends. It is a good thing though that it perfectly blends well with patchouli.

Lavender essential oil — Lavender oil and patchouli oil combined is a very satisfying blend to use during night time. Its combination creates a serene yet brightening and cooling aroma perfect to use when you are about to sleep.

Neroli essential oil — The delicate, subtle scent of neroli oil is something to love! With patchouli oil combined, fragrance is now more refreshed and toned down to a softer blend. More than that, neroli oil is abundant with vitamin D, A, and E — all of which are beneficial for hair and skin. Such a combination provides instant nourishment to the skin.

Palmarosa essential oil — Palmarosa oil and patchouli oil combined is a good massage oil blend. Palmarosa oil has this sweet, rosy scent. However, just to be clear, palmarosa oil does not belong to the rose family but is part of the lemongrass family. When blended, it is another alternative to create a festive, floral twist to savour. Furthermore, both nourishing, fragrant oils are effective in rejuvenating back tired-looking skin.

Vetiver essential oil — Vetiver oil has always been one of the best choices to choose for a men’s fragrance. But besides this fact, vetiver oil is a good addition to most blends — including massage oils. Patchouli oil and vetiver oil combined is a perfect blend to use especially for a foot massage blend. The antiseptic properties of the vetiver oil will assist our feet in keeping them clean and free from bad odour. This is especially true during hot and humid conditions. Massage application of vetiver and patchouli massage oil blend is, indeed, advantageous for our feet.

Cypress essential oil — Cypress essential oil is an added boost for your beauty routine. Blend it with patchouli oil to create an effective moisturising massage blend. With cypress oil used as a massage oil, dark spots are reduced from the face. This gives an instant boost of hydration for the skin. Additionally, cypress oil is another herbaceous oil that is complementary to blend with patchouli oil. Both blends will be perfect to use either as an aromatic blend or massage oil.



For skincare, patchouli oils are considerably good for normal skin. With that said, these oils are particularly beneficial for mature and damaged skin types based on their great skincare properties. As mentioned above, the gentle cleansing properties of patchouli oil makes it a good massage oil, especially for a full body massage treatment. When diluted and applied topically, this nourishing oil could actually give you back that smooth, glowing complexion. Additionally, the appearance of blemishes and other skin imperfections are minimised.


For haircare, patchouli oils are also a good source of nourishment to improve the look of our hair. Through hair and scalp massage treatment, hair strands receive a significant amount of nourishment — making it healthy-looking and lustrous once again. Furthermore, patchouli oils are an advantage for those who have dandruff and oily scalp problems. This is because such nourishing oil can effectively remove pesky dandruff flakes and improve the texture of our scalp. When applied regularly, hair problems relating to either dryness or oiliness are both improved.


Patchouli oils have known pesticide properties that are useful when used during a massage treatment. Several studies have reported that patchouli oils, as natural insecticides, affect different species of insects. This is advantageous when patchouli oils are used regularly during a massage treatment, either as a massage oil or for aromatherapy. Moreover, this method is significantly less harmful than when using man-made pesticides.



An oil diffuser is a common way to use patchouli oils aromatically. Diffusing this oil will eventually disperse its unique, herbaceous aroma which is harmonious to have simultaneously with a massage therapy treatment. However, just as with any topical application of essential oils, patchouli oil is required to be diluted appropriately when used for aromatic purposes.


Patchouli oils are a favourite to be used in incense. Although by tradition, it is commonly used for religious practices and group rituals, patchouli oils are now integrated into incense during a massage therapy treatment for aromatherapy purposes. On that note, patchouli oil is capable of eliminating unpleasant odours on certain areas if used aromatically — whatever the method may be.

Precaution: Patchouli essential oil is considered generally safe to apply topically on the skin once diluted. However, to avoid skin reactions, always perform a skin patch test. Once there are no sensitivities found, apply regularly to attain the best results possible.


Finally, when diluted properly, patchouli essential oils have several benefits when used for massage therapy treatments. It can fight off bad body odour, moisturise and deeply hydrate the skin, improve the look of chapped skin, and many more. Furthermore, patchouli oil is also advantageous for those with mature skin types as it can improve the onset of sagging skin. The advantages are, indeed, limitless when patchouli oils are added to your skincare and body care routine. Over time, it will certainly leave your skin satisfyingly soft and supple!


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