How To Use Zinc Oxide Powder In Your Homemade Products

How To Use Zinc Oxide Powder In Your Homemade Products

Published by N-Essentials Team on 30th Jan 2023

Zinc oxide is a versatile product and can be added to everything from cosmetic products to baby powder. The fact it provides protection from the sun is just an added benefit and makes it a natural addition to many powdered sunscreens in Australia.

Continue reading to learn more about zinc oxide powder and what the raw ingredient can be used for.

What is Zinc Oxide Powder?

Zinc oxide powder is a fine, white mineral with a wide variety of applications. It’s found in many cosmetic products and is also often added to creams for additional sun protection.

Zinc oxide does occur naturally in solid mineral form. However, the vast majority of products with zinc oxide contain a synthetic version.

Zinc oxide powder, as available at N-Essentials, is intended for topical application only and should not be ingested. Contact your healthcare professional immediately if the powder is consumed.

Why Do People Use Zinc Instead of Sunscreen?

We all know how important it is to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of UV rays. Applied correctly and regularly, sun protection products can help shield our skin against the development of hyperpigmentation, fine lines and other signs of sun damage.

Zinc and sunscreen are two popular sun protection products. But what’s the difference between them and which should you use?

Zinc oxide is a product with mineral-based ingredients that create a physical barrier between your skin and the sun for long-lasting protection. On the other hand, sunscreen with chemical filters works by absorbing UV radiation before it can penetrate the skin.

Both provide essential protection from the sun's potentially harmful effects, but many people prefer using a combination of both products for maximum benefits.

Is Zinc Oxide Better Than Sunscreen?

It’s not so much a question of one being better than the other than which is better suited to your needs.

Your skin may have specific concerns, which means using a zinc oxide-based product is better than a chemical-based sunscreen. On the other hand, zinc oxide sun protection products often leave behind a thick white cast that people may find irritating.

If you’re concerned about finding the right sunscreen product for your needs and skin type, it’s a good idea to speak with a doctor or dermatologist.

Is Sunscreen With Zinc Oxide Safe?

Whether or not a sunscreen is safe depends on several factors, including whether you are using it in the correct manner and the specific needs and concerns of the individual.

If you are using sunscreen with zinc oxide, be sure to read the instructions carefully. Only apply it externally as advised and spot test before using it for the first time to ensure you don’t suffer any adverse effects.

If irritation occurs, discontinue use and seek advice from a healthcare professional.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Powdered Sunscreen?

Powdered sunscreens offer a unique alternative to traditional liquid sunscreen; they protect against the damage of sun exposure without appearing shiny or greasy.

Unlike liquid sunscreens, which can contain filling agents like waxes and creams that leave buildup on the skin, powdered sunscreens are made from mineral-based ingredients that can offer excellent protection.

Powdered formulas often provide superior coverage without leaving streaks, so it's an ideal sunscreen solution for those with dry skin or those who want even coverage without excessive levels of product.

It’s powerful sun protection in a convenient and non-obtrusive powder form — in other words, it can be whipped out wherever you go for easy application when needed!

What Can Zinc Oxide Powder Be Used for?

Few ingredients are quite as versatile as zinc oxide powder. Not only can it be used as a sun protection product, but it’s an excellent addition to cosmetic products, acting as a bulking agent for powders and creams.

Zinc oxide is often added to mineral makeups, anti-dandruff shampoos, and baby powder.

What Ingredients Blend With Zinc Oxide Powder?

These are the ingredients that blend well with zinc oxide powder.

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