How to create your own skincare products using a natural lotion base

How to create your own skincare products using a natural lotion base

Published by N-Essentials Team on 12th Nov 2019

Homemade products are something that are becoming very popular.

Not only is it something that you can turn into a hobby, you are able to create products that suit you and your needs. It also means that you know exactly what is going into your product and when it comes to skincare products this is something that is very important.

Many store-bought products contain a long list of ingredients, some of which you cannot even pronounce, and they can be full of different chemicals. By creating your own you are able to keep your products eco-friendly, healthy on your skin and steer clear of all the nasties.

To make things a little bit quicker and easier on you (especially if you are just starting out with making your own products) you can use a pre-made lotion base for many of your products.

Our unscented lotion base is made up of naturally derived ingredients and includes fractionated coconut oilcocoa butteraloe Vera and vitamin E. All you need to do with the lotion base is add your own essential oils, herbal extracts or colour pigments in order to create your customised products.

Why add products to a lotion base?

You do not have to add anything to our unscented lotion base. It is already full of natural ingredients that are great for your skin, however if you are looking for something that is tailored to a certain skin condition or requirement that you have such as, a tinted product or simply want something that has a nice smell to it, then adding additional ingredients is the way to go.

Adding ingredients is not something that has to be done, it is more of a personal preference. There may be a product in the shops that you love the smell of, but you are wary of the ingredients listed on it. By purchasing our unscented lotion base, you are able to then make a natural product that smells similar and is fully customised to your personal needs.

What can I add to the lotion base?

There are a range of different things that you can add to a lotion base in order to make your own product from it. These things can include:

Essentials Oils – Essential oils can be added to the lotion base for a scented lotion or because you are looking to work on a certain skin concern that you have. There are a range of amazing benefits to essential oils and different oils cover different things. Find the oil that not only smells amazing but is a fit for what you want to achieve.

Natural Extracts – Natural extracts are another great thing that you can add to your lotion base to make it more personalized or to focus on a certain skin concern. You can add things such as natural green tea extract or natural chamomile extract to your lotion base to add a bit of extra flare.

Powdered Mica Colours: If you are looking to make a tinted moisturiser then using a powdered mica colour is the way to go. It is a good idea to first add the powdered mica colour to liquid glycerin to help it disperse through the lotion properly.

What should I not add to the lotion base?

Adding high amounts of liquid to the unscented lotion base can make the lotion become too thin and unable to be spread properly.

Avoid adding additional carrier oils in large amounts, goats’ milk or high acidity ingredients.

Stick to small amounts of oils or powdered products to keep the consistency of your lotion. The suggested usage rate is 0.5% - 1% of your own additives into the lotion base to make a facial lotion and 1% - 2% to make a body lotion or a foot butter.

Check out the simple recipe below on how to make a lotion suitable for oily skin using our unscented lotion base.

For Oily Skin:



Add the essential oils to the lotion base and mix well so that the fragrance permeates throughout the whole lotion base.

Pour into a container or bottle with an airtight lid.

Use daily to help with reducing oil production and minimizing pores.

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