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To keep our skin looking healthy and supple,we need to load it with tonnes of nourishment. It would certainly be convenient if we find just one fully packed ingredient. Luckily, we have this tiny yet phenomenal berry! It is a storehouse — immensely rich in vitamins and nutrients. Its oil is the bearer of all these nourishments.

Today, let us explore the Seabuckthorn oil. You will learn more about this so-called “holy fruit” as we provide you with an insight into its complicated nature. By the end of this read, you will have uncovered why, although a little under the radar, its mysterious allure is still sought-after up to the present.


Isn’t it a fun name to pronounce? You might associate this oil with the ocean. However, the origin of this oil springs forth from drought-prone areas.

N-essentials’ Seabuckthorn oil is a deep red oil extracted from the fruit berries, seeds and leaves of the sea buckthorn plant , Hippophae Rhamnoides. Before the extraction method, harvesting the fruit is actually an arduous process. Still, it is well worth the effort.

The chemical constituents of this oil are quite intense. It comes heavily laden with at least 190 bioactive substances — broken down into 60 potent antioxidants, 20 minerals, and Vitamins B1, B2, A, K, C and E, among others. On top of that, the vitamins present in the oil have a higher concentration compared to other plants or fruits. For instance, its Vitamin C is 12 times more of an orange and its Vitamin A is thrice as that of carrots.

If you must know, this is an overflowing abundance of natural goodness when applied to our skin — which leads us to a plethora of benefits in a short while.


There is a history of the generic Latin name “Hippophae”. It literally translates to “shiny horse”. And you are about to know why.

Approximately 200 years A.C., the seabuckthorn fruits started to gain recognition. This was around the time of Alexander the Great’s military expedition. When warriors were exhausted, they took notice of their horses feeding on berry-like fruit from unknown trees. Because of exhaustion and lack of resources, the warriors also tried and ate them. In several days, both the warriors and the horses were able to sustain their strength.

Since then, the plant has been named “hippophae” in Latin, which means bright or shiny horses. As the plant gained recognition, Alexander the Great cultivated the trees to Europe. Today, this wildlife food and dense shrub are widespread from all over the world.



It prevents breakouts. The nourishing oil is a boon for acne sufferers. The use of the oil helps fade acne scars and removes blemishes, giving you a smooth skin texture. This is because Vitamin E and C combined works effectively to reduce scarring.

It is an anti-ageing skin ingredient. For anti-ageing skin care products, sea buckthorn oil is also a crowd favourite. The way it hydrates the skin and assists in the production of collagen results in rejuvenated skin. Thereby, it can prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is also a strong antioxidant. With ageing, our skin gets weaker and more prone to stress, environmental pollution, and dehydration, among others. However, with these strong antioxidants, our skin is protected from said factors.

And as if that wasn’t all enough, it can brighten pigmentation. With the boost of collagen production, the oil can also brighten skin spots and pigmentation. Vitamin C is a true delight for those wanting some skin glow.

When it comes to skin benefits, sea buckthorn oil is your total performer. It is still widely used today as a key ingredient for skin care products. After all, it has greatly contributed to the continual and rapid growth of the beauty sector. With consistent use, you are bound to reap healthy-looking skin and a radiant complexion.


The impressive nutrients of the natural oil do not also shy away from improving the look of our hair. Indeed, it can be a makeshift hair oil for anyone who wants to restore the lustre and plump of their hair.

Furthermore, seabuckthorn oil is a common ingredient incorporated in shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products. This is because, throughout the years, the oil itself has shown effectiveness in keeping our hair healthy-looking and plump. For instance, hairstylists prefer this natural oil because of its rejuvenating properties and is an important source for hair treatment.

Finally, the oil’s anti-ageing properties assist in delaying grey hair colour. It can also make our hair look thicker all thanks to the oxidative effect of the oil.


The richest source of the most coveted and elusive Omega 7 is found in the pulps of sea buckthorn berries. This incredible fatty acid is very rare yet powerful for personal care. It is considered a boon for our skin, hair, and nails. No wonder many would refer to it as the “Beauty Omega”.

Omega-7 is a monosaturated fatty acid that is known to support and moisturise the skin, hair and nails. Users of this oil report that they have experienced glowing skin, shiny hair and strong nails all with its topical application. Because it is a rather rare omega fatty acid, the world took notice and garnered widespread attention. This is where the epitome of the allure is coming from — giving sea buckthorn a moniker of “Miracle Berry”.


As you may know, N-essential’s  Sea buckthorn oil underwent a method called Supercritical CO2 extraction.

Supercritical CO2 is a method of extraction that is clean and most environmentally-friendly. It is an efficient method to extract the nourishing oil whilst best preserving the fruit’s nutrients. Any natural product that undergoes this process means that the purest plant extracts are made possible.

Furthermore, the method doesn’t have any toxic chemicals involved. The procedure is applied whereby CO2 passes through raw plant material. It is then cooled and pressurized to 30 degrees Celsius. During this step, the gas changes to a supercritical state leading to liquid. The said liquid is now our natural oil.


Let us now go deeper into what other healthy doses we can add to our sea buckthorn oil. Give these combinations a try to boost your skincare routine. For a basic blend, simply combine two drops of Sea Buckthorn pure oil and 2 drops of another oil or extract.

  • Lavender Essential Oil— Seabuckthorn oil combined with lavender oil is good for cleansing our skin. After every face wash, gently massage this blend into your entire face to further the cleansing effect. At the same time, it can be a good makeshift moisturiser for you. You may also apply the blend all over your body.
  • Moroccan Argan Oil — If you wish to control the sebum in your face, either because it is too much or too little, the Moroccan Argan oil combined with sea buckthorn oil is the perfect combination. Both of these healthy ingredients deeply moisturise dry skin. Simultaneously, it regulates sebum production thereby resulting in a healthier-looking complexion. Give this combo a try for a combination of balance and glow.
  • Rosehip Carrier Oil — This combination befits matured skin. It is the ultimate blend you can have if you want to have a nourishing and glowing effect. Both of these nourishing oils work together to amplify the myriad of anti-ageing nutrients. Considering mature skin, this combination will leave you with rejuvenated skin that is plump and glowing. The blend deliberately smooths skin, reduces fine lines and help remove skin impurities.
  • Grapeseed Carrier Oil — For dry and uneven skin tone, grapeseed oil and sea buckthorn oil combined is a perfect pair to brighten and glow. Grapeseed oil, in itself, is effective in brightening our skin’s complexion and curbing blemishes. Together, these two powerhouses can further improve their effectiveness. It works together for brightening purposes and, at the same time, reduce pigmentation in our skin.
  • Tamanu Carrier Oil — Tamanu and sea buckthorn oil are both exotic oils. When combined, it creates an effective blend that balances and clears up the skin. This combination befits oily and acne-prone skin. Indeed, combining two of the most incredible skin clearing and conditioning oils have better chances of preventing breakouts. If you want to achieve a clearer complexion, this potent combo is for you.
  • Natural Green Tea Extract — Both green tea extract and sea buckthorn oil are loaded with antioxidants. Together, you can create a synergy blend that can equally protect you from external aggressors whilst helping your skin achieve its glow.

There we have it. Listed above are only some of the commonly used blends paired with our nourishing oil. However, you can always be adventurous with your blends. You may try to experiment with their aroma and find the bespoke fragrance that suits you. You can also explore other natural ingredients that are specific to your skin type.

With that said, the suitability of seabuckthorn oil is generally for all skin types. All thanks to the unbelievable abundance of nutrients and numerous benefits it has, it is safe to use neat on the skin.


There are several ways that you can incorporate this nourishing oil alone into your skin care routine. But as a basis for the first-time users, follow the recommended ratios below and from then on, you can add or lessen the drops as needed:

  • For face oils — add 1 drop for every 30 ml container of your preferred face oil
  • For face creams — add 3 drops for every 30 ml container of face cream
  • Fresh from the bath — apply a few drops and massage it to your body once done in your shower
  • As skin toner — combine 2 drops of sea buckthorn oil, 1 tsp of honey, and a ¼ cup of milk. Apply this recipe to your face and neck and leave for 20 minutes. After which, wash your wash with water.

In addition to this, we want you to remember that this nourishing oil is reddish in colour. You can always be careful when applying them. However, to avoid unwanted oil stains especially with white clothes, we recommend diluting your oil with grapeseed oil or apricot kernel oil. The starting ratio for your diluted oil is ¼ tsp for your sea buckthorn oil and 5 tsp for your chosen carrier oil.

CAUTION: Always perform a patch test before application to avoid skin sensitivities.


Finally, if you are keeping tabs on the trending oils in the skincare world, you may have come across this funny name once or twice. However, you just ignored it simply because you have no idea what it was. That is alright —this powerhouse is a rare gem after all. There are always good things we first have to be fully acquainted before appreciating them.

Hopefully, by now, you already have an idea of all the sensational wonders the sea buckthorn oil can do for your skin. Up to the present, the popularity it rightfully deserves is still on the rise. Nonetheless, popular or not popular, its plethora of benefits is truly desirable.


Now you know all about the Seabuckthorn oil’s natural goodness, it is time to make a purchase. Choose only the best and premium natural oils for your skin care needs. This bottle of nourishment is available here at N-essentials which you can easily buy today! You have the option to buy through a single purchase or in bulk orders for a wholesale price.

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