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Moisturiser With Sun Protection

Moisturiser With Sun Protection

Published by N-essentials Team on 29th Oct 2018

Note: The level of sun protection required depends on the weather conditions and as such, this moisturiser may or may not provide adequate suncare. Customers should exercise appropriate suncare by wearing a hat and covered clothing whilst in the sun.

Ingredients (to make 1 x 400g):


  • With the exception of the zinc oxide powder, combine all other ingredients together and mix well.
  • Dispense into a glass jar and close the jar with a lid.
  • Place the jar in a pan of water over a medium flame.
  • Allow to heat up until contents in the jar are completely melted.
  • Add the zinc oxide powder into the jar and stir to combine well.
  • Once completely combined, turn off heat to cool down, and then pour into a cosmetic jar for storage.

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