Festive Aromas: Essential Oils to Get You in the Christmas Spirit

Festive Aromas: Essential Oils to Get You in the Christmas Spirit

Published by N-Essentials Team on 7th Nov 2023

Sleigh bells are ringing, children are singing, and people are decorating their homes for Christmas. Everything is perfect, other than the fact that it doesn’t quite smell like the festive season. Why? Because you haven’t got any Christmas essential oils yet!

If you’re itching to get in the Christmas spirit, making your home smell the part is an essential step. Here is N-Essentials’ guide to festive aromas and which essential oils you need to bring the North Pole into your home.

A History of Christmas Scents

The scents of Christmas have a rich history, dating back centuries. They evoke a sense of tradition and nostalgia, instantly transporting us to the holiday season. From the warm and spicy notes of cinnamon and clove to the fresh and uplifting aroma of pine, these scents have been used in various cultures to celebrate the festive season. Incorporating Christmas essential oils into your home not only enhances the ambience but also connects you to the time-honoured customs of holiday cheer.

Top Essential Oils for Christmas

Here are our favourite Christmas essential oils that remind us of the most wonderful time of the year:


Cedarwood essential oil is a quintessential Christmas scent. Its warm, woody aroma evokes images of cosy family gatherings, making it a perfect choice for infusing your home with the pleasant and festive ambience of the holiday season.


Cinnamon essential oil is another classic Christmas scent. Evocative of all of the delicious festive treats, like cinnamon shortbread and spiced mince pies.


This scent is spicy and aromatic. Clove essential oil has a rich, warm scent reminiscent of baking spices and brings a festive feel to any space.


Frankincense essential oil, with its sweet, woody, and slightly fruity fragrance, holds a special place in the heart of Christmas traditions. It's one of the gifts that the Wise Men brought to the baby Jesus, symbolising reverence and spiritual connection.


Like frankincense, myrrh essential oil is a traditional Christmas scent as it is another of the gifts the three Wise Men brought baby Jesus. Myrrh has a warm, resinous, and slightly sweet, and it is a popular choice for enhancing the atmosphere of Christmas gatherings and religious ceremonies.


When you think of Christmas, one of the first things to come to mind is the traditional red and white candy cane with its peppermint taste. With peppermint essential oil, you can bring the pleasant minty aroma out of the candy cane and into your home.

DIY Christmas Essential Oil Blends to Try

Christmas Wonderland

If you want to turn your home into a Christmas wonderland, give this essential oil mix a try:

Christmas Spice

You can make your home smell like freshly baked mince pie, minus the baking! Here’s how:

Silent Night

A pleasant scent to go perfectly with a calm, quiet night in. Mix these essential oils together:

Festive Cheer

The perfect blend for a summer Christmas day, these three essential oils help spread the festive spirit:

When creating these Christmas scents with essential oils, always ensure to dilute the essential oil in an adequate amount of your chosen carrier oil. Never apply essential oils directly to your skin without diluting them first.

Creative Ways to Incorporate Christmas Essential Oils

Now that you know about all the perfect essential oil blends, it’s time to actually use them! Here are some creative ways to spread the festive spirit:

Scented Christmas Ornaments

Crafting scented Christmas ornaments is a creative way to infuse your home with the enchanting aromas of the holiday season. You can start with unfinished clay or wooden ornaments in festive shapes, such as snowflakes or Christmas trees. Afterwards, apply a few drops of Christmas essential oils like cedarwood, clove, frankincense, or myrrh onto the ornaments to imbue them with the delightful scents of the season.

These scented ornaments not only enhance your holiday decor but also establish a festive atmosphere. Hang them on your Christmas tree, in garlands, or around your home to create a festive and aromatic ambience.

Diffuser Blends

One of the simplest ways to make your home or office space smell festive is by putting the above blends in your diffuser. Simply pick your favourite combination (or try them all out during the lead-up to Christmas), and dilute the essential oils in water. The amount of water you use in your diffuser will depend on the manufacturer, so always ensure to follow your diffuser’s specific instructions.

Scented Gift Wraps

Infusing your gift wraps with enticing scents is a charming way to enhance the holiday gifting experience. Start with plain wrapping paper or gift bags and select Christmas essential oils like pine, cinnamon, or peppermint. Apply a few drops of these oils onto cotton balls or pads, and then place them inside the gift packaging. As you seal the gift, the aromatic essence is trapped inside, waiting to greet the recipient with a delightful surprise. Finish it off with decorative ribbons or ornaments for a festive touch. Scented gift wraps not only look festive but also engage multiple senses, making the act of unwrapping a gift even more magical.

Keep in mind that if you’re sending a gift, do not send scents via post or a courier. Postal delivery services have policies to not deliver parcels that have a strong smell.

Festival Room Sprays

Crafting festival room sprays are a delightful way to envelop your home in the delightful scents of the holiday season. You'll need empty spray bottles, essential oils like orange, cinnamon, and fir, along with distilled water and an emulsifier like witch hazel. Fill the spray bottle with water, add a few drops of your chosen essential oils, and a touch of emulsifier. Give it a gentle shake, and you'll have a room spray ready to transform any room into a festive wonderland. A few spritzes can instantly evoke the spirit of the season, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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