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DIY Whipped Body Butter Recipe Using Cocoa Butter

DIY Whipped Body Butter Recipe Using Cocoa Butter

Published by N-essentials Team on 20th Mar 2019

Reviewed By: Kacie La

What is body butter?

A hydrating skin ingredient, plant-based body butter is basically an extract of nuts, beans or seeds. A body butter does not contain any water and is comparatively much thicker than a regular lotion . With a profile rich in fatty acids, body butter is sold at room temperature. Even though a body butter is definitely more emollient than a lotion, it easily penetrates the skin and offers a great way to hydrate it. You can even use body butter to reduce the appearance of fine lines and nurture severely dry skin. A hydrating body elixir, the body butter recipe in this article is one that you will surely love.

Want to nourish your skin with a luxurious homemade DIY body butter?

There is nothing more pampering than a rich creamy body butter, prepared from the purest natural ingredients. A body butter makes a great addition to your skincare routine and offers the perfect way to intensively hydrate it. Prepared by combining oils with butters, it makes the ultimate moisturiser, leaving your skin looking smoother and softer .

You may wonder what makes a homemade-DIY body butter a better alternative to store bought lotions and creams. With a homemade body butter, you know exactly what your ingredients are and can customise the recipe to suit your unique needs. From choosing the butter to adding essential oils, a DIY body butter recipe can be completely personalised.

Are you daunted by the thought of making your own body butter?

Body butter is not hard to make at all! Why not try the following whipped body butter recipe with cocoa butter? Great for beginners, this recipe is fun to make and extremely nourishing for your skin.

Benefits of homemade body butter

Whipping up your version of body butter is an excellent way of cutting down your overall cosmetic expenses. Apart from that, homemade body butter can also help your skin appear soft and moisturised. As we all know, we are exposed to many kinds of harmful properties around us on the daily and we tend to realise that skincare essentials such as body butters can be a great help. This is because body butters are often packed with powerful antioxidants like vitamin A, C, and E that work altogether to bring out your best look. 

Create your DIY body butter today!



Melt the cocoa butter in a bain-marie. It is always better to melt it over steam than on direct heat. Depending on the temperature, you may even require to melt the coconut oil . Melt it gently along with the cocoa butter until it turns into liquid completely. Then, place the melted butter and oil in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes. To prevent condensation drips, cover the container.

Freeze the cocoa butter until it is semi-solid. It must neither be too hard nor too soft. It must be soft enough so that you are able to press it with your finger and create a dent. If required, place it back in the freezer to harden further. Following this, make use of an electric whisk to whip it. You can even use a food processor that has a whisk attachment. Whisk for about 5 minutes until you notice that there are fluffy white clouds in the blend.

Then, transfer the content into a clean container. Since there is no water used in the recipe, you don’t need to add preservatives. The shelf life of body butter is relatively long and the blend will last for 3 months. To enrich your body butter with a gorgeous fragrance, you may want to add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. However, this is optional.

This indulgent body butter prevents the escape of the skin’s moisture and makes it appear supple. Marvelously moisturising, the body butter is great for the skin. It melts easily and is quickly absorbed by it. In fact, this natural blend is a great alternative to chemical-laden store-bought lotions.

The homemade body butter blend also makes a wonderful gift and you even have the option to personalise it with custom natural fragrances. You can transfer the blend into a cute jar with ribbons to make a gift that will be cherished.

Choosing the right ingredients for the recipe

With homemade beauty products, you have the freedom to get creative and use ingredients that best work for your skin. To make the most of your body butter blend, it is best to use only organic and pure ingredients. By opting for ingredients that are free of chemicals, you can perfectly nourish your skin. The presence of additives in coconut oil or cocoa butter can immensely reduce the efficacy of your blend.

Want to pamper your skin with a rich and delicious smelling body butter?

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