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Infused oils are the result of permeating a carrier oil with plant matter such as a herb or flower. One of the many benefits of infused oil is that it contains the properties of the carrier oil and the plant matter that were infused in it. Common oil bases used for creating infused oil include sunflower, safflower, olive, and almond oil. Infused oils are gentle enough to be applied to bare skin. Natural remedies can be made using herbs such as St John’s Wort which can be used to effectively soothe itchy or sensitive skin. Common types of infused oils such as calendula oil are also known for their soothing properties. Infused oils can be used in a number of beauty products including soaps and moisturisers. These oils can be added to your homemade skincare creams and lotions to create intensive overnight treatments. Infused oils can also be used as a soothing massage oil or for aromatherapy depending on the ingredients used to create it. At N-essentials we only stock high quality Infused oils for our customers.

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